Paku Polypodiaceae 3. Xylocarpus granatum, commonly known as the cannonball mangrove, cedar mangrove,[2] or puzzlenut tree,[3] is a species of mangrove in the mahogany family (Meliaceae). Metode yang digunakan pada penelitian utama adalah metode eksperimen menggunakan rancangan percobaan Rancangan Acak Lengkap (RAL) faktorial dengan dua variabel bebas meliputi jenis pelarut (n-heksan, etil asetat, metanol) dan variasi dosis (31,25 ppm, 62,5 ppm, … Kulit kayu berwarna abu-abu tua dan … Phytochemistry, 65: 13, Pendidikan Tinggi. S. plagyophyllum and 15,95 mg/kg for E. cottonii. Hasil analisis fitokimia ekstrak kasar kulit buah, Keterangan : +: hasil uji positif lemah, ++: hasil u, Senyawa flavonoid dan tanin pada sampel mengindika, Aktivitas inhibisi tirosinase ekstrak kasar. The total phenolics content in seeds increased substantially corresponding to the increase in β-glucosidase but antioxidant activity of phenolic extracts did not change. sebagai Antioksidan dan Antiglikasi . Journal of Society Cosmetic Chemi, hydroxyl positions and numbers. Assays with the methanol extract revealed IC50 values of 784.87 μg mL-1 (monophenolase) and of 1176.66 μg mL-1 (diphenolase), respectively. Resveratrol itself did not inhibit tyrosinase but rather was oxidized by tyrosinase. UV radiation also influences melanogenesis through a paracrine regulation process involving the keratinocytes. This research aim was to explore the novelty bioactive compound from ipomea pes caprae. Akar gantung terdapat pada Rhizophora, Avicennia dan Acanthus. Resveratrol exhibited the inhibitory activity against mushroom tyrosinase (EC1.14.18.1) through a k(cat) inhibition. Dried peel samples were ground to yield a powder (simplicia). The bark is rich in tannins and has been used for strengthening rope and dying cloth. Laing Ngalan; Xylocarpus obovatus Adr. International Union for Conservation of Nature,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 September 2020, at 10:35. Xylocarpus granatum is a small to medium-sized evergreen tree, growing to a maximum height of 12 m (39 ft). Xylocarpus granatum. Vitamin C value in both spesies of seaweed were 212,95 mg/kg for Among these extracts, the methanol extract of Xylocarpus granatum exhibited the most potent activity (4.7\;{\times}\;10^{-3}\;mg/mL) and that of Cuscuta reflexa had the least activity (1.64\;{\times}\;10^{-1}\;mg/mL). Sarang semut (Hydnophytum. They are followed by large, spherical, woody capsules, 9 to 12 cm (4 to 5 in) in diameter, which split open to reveal up to a dozen seeds. The phenolic compounds had a strong effect on the tyrosinase enzymes, inhibiting monophenolases by 97% and diphenolases by 96%, with a positive correlation between the total phenolic content and the inhibition rate in both activities. Xylocarpus minor Ridl. [1], The wood is hard and durable and can be used for boat-building, construction and making furniture, however the trees are twisted and often hollow so large pieces of timber may not be available; the wood is also used for tool handles and other small items, and can be used as firewood but burns rather quickly. The roundish fruits measure up to 11 cm (4 in) in diameter. Bahan tumbuhan yang digunakan adalah daun nyireh (Xylocarpus granatum) yang masih muda yang berasal dari desa Bulang Lintang. After the 30 min of preincubation of tyrosinase and resveratrol, both monophenolase and diphenolase activities of tyrosinase were significantly suppressed. Therefore, new finding of tyrosinase inhibitor agent from green algae Halimeda sppgive the fruitfull information forcosmeceutical industry. Jenis tumbuhan epifit yang menempel di . We predicted the tertiary structure of tyrosinase, simulated the docking with compound MHY1556 and confirmed that the compound strongly interacts with mushroom tyrosinase residues.