Add to shortcuts. lake level conditions The December 4 th predicted water levels on all lakes are at or below water levels of a month ago by 1 to 2 inches. Lake Huron is eight degrees warmer than average at 69 degrees. Ice shoves are unpredictable. Weather Charts Beach postings and algae fouling have been frequent observations, and local media attention to the issue has raised the level of concern." Additional information. Radiofax Hardware Please read our DISCLAIMER. Test Cam . Visit the Detroit/Pontiac, MI Forecast Office which provides links to additional products as well as regionally focused information such as point-specific marine forecasts, predicted tides and buoy observations. Tune back in fall 2020 for more updates. The Lake Michigan and Huron Operational Forecast System (LMHOFS) has been implemented by NOAA's National Ocean Service (NOS) to provide the maritime user community with short-term predictions of water levels, water currents, and water temperatures of the Lake Michigan and Huron. This is especially true after heavy rain, close to river mouths or after long periods of strong offshore winds. All NOAA, Marine, Tropical and Tsunami Services Branch, Open Lake Forecast for Lake Huron   (All Zones - Includes Synopsis and MAFOR), Experimental Modernized Open Lake Forecast for Lake Huron, Great Lakes Marine Weather Portal - Includes point forecasts. Quote from: USACE (2005) Living On the Coast. ** Our new mailing address: PO Box 477, Goderich, ON, N7A 4C7, Charitable Registration Number: 872138938 RR0001, © The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation | Privacy Policy, "what is happening with the lake levels?! GLSEA Statistics, average surface water temps. Toggle menu. December average water temperature in Lake Huron is 5.6°C/42.1°F, the minimum temperature is 2.4°C/36.3°F, and the maximum is 8.4°C/47.1°F. For more information, and up-to-date readings, please refer to: "All the lakes except for Lake Ontario had record high average levels for the month of February, with Lakes Michigan-Huron and Erie topping their previous record by 14 cm and 12 cm, respectively. Waves drive slush ice to shore to form an ice foot. NWS On the Shore of Northern Lake Huron - Cheboygan, MI [Enable JavaScript for live updates] Updated : 05-Dec-2020 10:15pm overcast - mist Temperature: 27.6°F +0.3°F /hr Humidity: 87 % Dew Point: 24.2°F Wind: NNW 0.0 mph Gust: 0.0 mph Barometer: 30.204 inHg Steady Rain Today: 0.00 in UV Index: 0.0 None "The colder air moving over that relatively warm lake surface is the key to evaporation." Waves drive slush ice to shore to form an ice foot. August is the month with the highest water temperature at 73.9°F / 23.3°C. Questions? Recent Updates spring and into the summer", Natural factors:  (MAJOR, changes in metres), Human-caused factors: (MINOR, changes in centimetres), ** The Great Lakes are such a large system, human influences very minimally affect lake levels, - Challenges to shipping and boat transportation (e.g. A July 2 forecast, from National Hydrological Services, indicates it is unlikely Lake Huron will break the all-time water level record in 2020 (it was still outside the 95 per cent confidence level in the forecast). The distance the ice moves onshore depends on whether the ice shove is a pile-up or ride-up event.". The high lake levels have led to higher water levels in connecting inland rivers and streams. This is leading to shoreline erosion and a multitude of different problems. Great Lakes water temperatures as of July 14, 2020. NWS Dissemination Methods US Dept of Commerce Go to the desired page on the site, open the Weather shortcuts menu and click on the "Add to shortcuts" button; Page name will display in the "Add this page" window, the name can be changed by highlighting the text and entering the desired name. Weather Summary. Ice is out on Lake Huron for Spring 2020! More evaporation throughout the winter can contribute to lower lake levels the following year. "Nearshore ice displaces wave energy lakeward, protecting the beach from wave-induced erosion, yet it may also contribute to erosion. January's mean water level on lakes Huron and Michigan was 581.56 feet, surpassing the previous record for January of 581.3 feet set in 1987 (the two lakes are treated as the same lake … Lake Huron is a city close to Great Lakes,lake. H: 64 L: 39. USCG Broadcasts, Items of Interest On the Shore of Northern Lake Huron - Cheboygan, MI [Enable JavaScript for live updates] Updated : 02-Dec-2020 7:50pm overcast - mist Temperature: 32.9°F -0.7°F /hr Humidity: 85 % Dew Point: 28.9°F Wind: SW 1.7 mph Gust: 1.0 mph Barometer: 30.050 inHg Falling slowly Rain Today: 0.00 in UV Index: 0.0 None This page provides you with up-to-date information and forecasted Lake Huron water levels. Water evaporating from Lake Huron's surface in winter contributes to lake level changes. Cell Phone Weather/Marine Page URL: PDA Weather/Marine Page URL: LHZ362-363-060915- Lake Huron from Presque Isle Light to Sturgeon Point MI beyond 5NM off shore- Lake Huron from Sturgeon Point to Alabaster MI beyond 5NM off shore- 944 PM EST Sat Dec 5 2020 REST OF TONIGHT North winds 5 to 10 knots. Forecast Directory U.S. June is the driest at 0in / 0mm and December the wettest month with 3.5in / 88.9mm. Latest News A projection for the next six months is given as a dashed line. Great Lakes Water Level Data. National Marine Forecasts; Forecast Discussion; Water Levels; Printable Forecast; Text Only Forecast; Tabular Forecast; Home ; Hazardous Weather; Waves breaking against grounded ice ridges scour the lakebed. LHZ361-042115- Lake Huron from 5NM east of Mackinac Bridge to Presque Isle Lt beyond 5 NM off shore- 948 AM EST Fri Dec 4 2020 .REST OF TODAY...Northwest winds 10 to 15 knots. In the second chart below, Ice cover on Lake Huron has been monitored since 1973 by NOAA and Environment and Climate Change Canada. The coldest month is March with an average water temperature of 32.2°F / 0.1°C. Resources | Water Quality. Become familiar with and use other means such as, Marine Text Forecasts by Zone - Text Interface, Marine Text Forecast and Products - Complete Listing, Text Product File Server Data Files - File Structure Description for FTP, WeatherFax - The Best Budget Weather Solution for Sailors, Buoy, C-MAN, Ship, Drifters, Gliders, HF Radar, PORTS, Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System, Experimental Marine Graphical Composite Forecast maps - Tropical North Atlantic, Experimental Marine Graphical Composite Forecast maps - Eastern North Pacific, Get Marine Text and Graphic Products via Email, Marine Communications - BoatU.S. Wind. Lake Erie average water temperature this year (red) versus long-term average. Significant evaporation occurs when dry cold air blows over warmer lake water; conditions encountered when air temperatures drop rapidly from above- to below freezing. Foundation, Weather For Boaters - BoatU.S. Ice is shoved up the shore away from the lake. Foundation, Saved by the Beacon - Safe Boating Council, Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking, (All Zones - Includes Synopsis and MAFOR), Global Maritime Distress and Safety System, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Zone Area Forecast for Port Sanilac to Port Huron MI Mobile Version. The sustained record-breaking lake levels have forced the National Weather Service to … Water levels for the previous year and the current year to date are shown as a solid line on the hydrographs. This year (2020), Lake Huron reached its highest water level, on record, for the month of July. Conditions, Publications Links WEATHER UNDERGROUND Lakes Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake St. Clair Lake Ontario Lake Superior These sites contain near-shore and off-shore marine weather - current conditions and forecasts. Most questions can be answered by your Sea Grant Agent or on our CoastWatch Help Pages. Air. The lakebed may be gouged by contact with the keels of ice ridges or “ice islands” moved by the wind... An ice shove or ice push occurs when lake ice, moved by water currents or by wind (blowing over miles of ice), comes into contact with the shore. By December 27th, water levels for Lakes Superior, Michigan-Huron, and St. Clair are forecast to be 1 to 3 inches below their November 27thprojected levels. Water temperature in Lake Huron is expected to drop to 5.9°C/42.6°F in the next 10 days. Radiofax Charts, Dissemination A system will bring a few inches of snow in west Texas. Coastal Storm in the Northeast; Critical Fire Weather Threats in Southern California.