document.write(FormatPrices(0)); Moving from 3/8" to ½ " thickness adds 20% to 30% to the price. 4.5 - Center the glass panel and slide it in the handrail, then rest it on the bottom rail. Use the clips with normal glass, or secure them to pre-drilled glass with a bolt for extra strength. document.write(getCartItem(1)); That sums it up! 3 Packs of 24x36x0.03’’ PET/Plexiglass Panels | Unbreakable and Lightweight Substitute for Glasse… White obscure glass and many other patterned glasses are available to create privacy screens. InvisiRail™ has the longest railing span in the industry! The outer surface of glass panels is better suited to tolerate temperature extremes. web: You might not realize what a glass railing can do to open up and enhance the living space of your residential home or place of business, but it’s amazing. All rights reserved. This is to meet safety requirements and to comply with building codes. This makes glass railings as sturdy and safe as wood or purely metal based railings. For many people, the glass deck handrails are considered the “gold standard” when it comes to visual appeal. Blocking of the external view is a major issue with metal/wood railings. Fax: 01952 228679 Stairplan Ltd - Tradestairs.comHortonwood 1,Telford,Shropshire,TF1 7GN, United Kingdom. The glass infill kits are perfect for installing your locally-sourced glass. CVGR Hercules Glass Panels are 13mm thick and are test proven to hold an amazing 2,520# vertical load and a 820# horizontal load. Awesome! Customize your glass staircase enclosure or contact our specialists who will help you choose the options that will suit your home and business best. CVGR Hercules Glass Panels are 13mm thick and are test proven to hold an amazing 2,520# vertical load and a 820# horizontal load. This is true as long as the glass you are ha… About Glass Railing Glass Railing is smooth and the panels are fewer than 2” from the posts, making the system safe for young children and pets. Using anything less than tempered glass poses a hazard if someone bumps into the glass and it shatters, leaving sharp edges. Best of all, our stainless steel posts and glass clips for Glass Railing are designed to make installation simple. Yes, we offer 6” wide angled glass panels for stair railing that will work on most standard staircases. We do have a measuring service available for the vision glass staircase and landing balustrade panels. Neither glass nor the 316 stainless steel solid core spigots corrode when exposed to water. Below you'll find some of the main features of Clearview Glass Railings. Glass railings offer a contemporary look and trump any other deck railing system used today. NOPTEG 35" Glass Railing Hardware -【Mid Post】 304 Stainless-Steel Railing Post Glass Clamp Post Glass Panels Deck Railing System Glass Fence Panels Glass Stair Railing System¡¾Mid-Post-90CM¡¿ 3.7 out of 5 stars 8 The glass post railing system is made up of metal posts and glass clips. Hear what our customers are saying about their panels! Most glass railings are made from 1/4″ thick tempered glass. Glass railing systems allow for an uninterrupted view with a stylish, upscale look that is sure to impress. High quality toughened glass balustrade panels by award winning Made2Measure. Each clip is made from 2205 duplex stainless steel. Glass railings require very little maintenance, typical cleaning intervals is every 2 or 3 years. ClearView Glass Railings are simply awesome! They are made with two layers of 6mm tempered glass that is laminated together with a 1.5mm layer of a PVB plastic glass panel. } Therefore, if you have an elevated deck or screened porch, glass decking product by ClearView Glass Railings will eliminate the inconvenience of losing your view while providing safe barrier. Here are a few examples: Sample Drawing One, Sample Drawing Two. Either way, you get ultimate safety and timeless aesthetics. 4.6 - If the space between the post and the edge of the glass panel exceeds 4", you must install bars. // -->, Tradestairs online  | Glass Balustrades |  Vision Glass Online Planner, Admaston 41mm Oak Contemporary Spindle 895mm, Craftsmans Pine 6 Riser Straight Staircase, Select Oak 90mm Square Newel Post Custom Cut Length, Craftsmans Pine 8 Riser Straight Staircase, Horton 41mm Oak Square Twisted Spindle 895mm, Fusion Chrome Storey Newel Connector MMSNS, Apley 41mm Oak Contemporary Spindle 895mm. Love ... Love ... Love these. We know how important it is to stay in close communication throughout each stage of engineering. Glass railing for staircase Stylish and durable glass railing systems for staircases of every configuration. } It has over 20 standard panel sizes to accommodate virtually any deck. Best Match. It grips the glass panels from both sides using rubber pads in between steel plates. View our selection of Glass Balustrade Brackets and Adapters. InvisiRail™ is tempered and heat soaked 10mm glass. Unlike other handrails for decks, glass creates a solid barrier between the 316 stainless steel spigots and the ground below. Neither glass nor the 316 stainless steel solid core spigots corrode when exposed to water. Glass Railings. Installing stainless steel railings and glass. There is no disruption of your over view!" 100% view from our deck with nothing to block our view. Make the most of your view with the only railing system on the market that can span up to 6 feet. When friends come to visit they walk right out to the deck and go "Wow! Glass railing delivers a modern and high-end look and blends in with any interior design. Installing ClearView Glass Railings may require a rail frame be built to fasten the spigots to. Tempered glass railing systems are made out of a number of glass panels that have been hardened using heat. Almost all residential railings are made from 3/8 or ½". Glass railings have an elegant, modern look that adds value to your property. Glass Panel Railing Available in a number of tints, they create the perfect windbreak without any loss of view. Trex Transcend Glass Panel Railing Trex Transcend is a low-maintenance composite system available in a variety of colors. // --> Etched glass panels take it a step further than ordinary railing systems. Please complete the following form, providing as much detail as possible so we can best serve you. For more detailed spec information, please visit our Testing Data page. What is the spacing between pickets? The Vision glass bsalustrade looks great with or without brackets. Thanks to its innovative moveable glass pin, you can use Easy Glass MOD 0763 as either a glass clamp or a glass adapter. Falcon Railings is the premier manufacturer of glass railings for both residential and commercial construction. Longevity Glass Railings offer sturdy, low maintenance vinyl construction that combine the durability and strength of aluminum with the reliability of meeting nationwide building codes. Glass Panel Railing and Glass Baluster Deck Railing - DecksDirect JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Hercules Glass and the Hercules Logo are trademarks of ClearView Glass Railings. For custom Deminishing panels these cannot currently be ordered online but if we can have your dimensions we can raise a quotaion for you. The glass is held in by continous horizontal stops on both the top and bottom of the… Modern Staircase Railing House Staircase Stair Railing Design Modern Stairs Glass Stair Railing Railing Ideas Stair Treads Glass Handrail Hand Railing Always use tempered glass for glass deck railing panels, or better yet, laminated tempered glass for added safety. We also supply a stunning range of complete balustrade systems from frameless channel systems to popular post and rail glass balustrades at unbeatable prices. Absolutely love them! Unobstructed Views If you have a deck, veranda or patio that looks out onto a nice view, installing glass offers a great way to make sure this view is preserved and that it remains unobstructed. Stairplan Ltd - Hortonwood 1, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 7GN, United Kingdom. Glass Clamps Glass clips and clamps are crucial components for keeping glass infills solid and sturdy within a railing system. Glass Balustrade panels can be ordered online through our new online glass stair balustrading planner the staircase rake glass panles can be ordered simply with dial in sizes put in the pitch of your staircase the vertical height of the glass panel and the length of your handrail between the newel posts. Spacing between pickets is typically 3 7/8” as building codes typically ask for a space not exceeding 4”. document.write(getCartItem(3)); This gives you more versatility and options when it comes to the actual design of your outdoor space. if (getCartItem(3) == 0) { Items:  Clear View Glass Railings 316 stainless steel solid core spigots are suitable for salt water installations. The systems permit easy glass panel installation and … Our enclosures provide an excellent wind barrier without obstructing views. staircases get transformed with glass banister panels We just built a beautiful new home on the St Croix River with ClearView Glass Railings on all of our decks. is operated by Stairplan Ltd - Leaders in the UK Staircase Industry - Minimum Order Levels Apply, © 2014 - 2020 Stairplan Ltd - Exterior Railings & Gates; Glass Railing; Glass Railing (10) Sort By: Best Match. For many, ClearView Glass Railings constitute the design gold standard and provide the most visual appeal. Glass panel deck railings also provide an immediate custom, high-end look for your home. The space between glass panels can be 1/2″ to 4″ which allows for flexibility of glass panel placement. “6 LAYER” CARVED GLASS MIRROR.” This 40” diameter round mirror is made with six pieces of carved glass of various thickness that were stacked and glued to the mirror. We are a diversified group of individuals, supplying a vast array of innovative products throughout Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. if (getCartItem(3) > 1) { It makes my view of the river so much better, Clear View Glass Railings are just incredible! It requires a great deal of quality control and attention to detail. Glass panels are excellent for exterior decks, balconies and stairs, yet sleek and elegant for interior railings. Panels are available in widths of 60″, 54″, 48″, 42″, 36″, 30′, 24″, 18″ and 12″. Click here to go to the New Online Glass Planner. Cleaning glass deck railings can be as simple as wiping the glass down with a squeegee or spraying it with a hose. A single panel of tempered glass costs anywhere from $15 to $30 per square foot or more.