Shut it off and restated it and it was fine. I even said Onstar will explain if they called because they have the full diagnostic history in their system since they haven’t been able to figure it out. Well, I have a 2014 Silverado 1500. Yesterday I drove on 210 freeway, stabilizing service system suddenly kicked on, it felt like the car trying to stop while driving, brakes locked up and car slowed to almost dead stop. This problem is apparently something GM and it’s dealers are content to laugh off, so now I remain stuck making payments on something I cannot use in good faith. After moving from a complete stop, The truck makes a very hard shift into 2nd gear whlie the traction light is on. Of course it did the next morning. We took it into service today, where at the end of the day the service advisor told us we had the “mystery car” and they have not been able to diagnose the problem. THANKS FOR ANY HELP YOU CAN PROVIDE. I have this exact situation with a 2011 Buick Enclave. When GM finally has enough people killed from this stupid half-assed recall, then they will try to do some mass recall. Don’t know but sick of it. Time to go to school on traction control electronics… yuk. I’m seriously considering leaving the Chevy / GMC family. 401 Great Deals out of 17,363 listings starting at $2,990. Depending on the repair, there is a good chance the matter will be covered under your powertrain warranty. Last week the emission system came on and also a problem with po171. I have given up on GM fixing it and refuse to spend anymore money at the dealership for them to charge me to play with my truck. ... Used Buick Enclave. So far it seems to be working. It usually took about half hour before the error started happening. What is going on?? The StabiliTrack problem stems from the StabiliTrak electronic stability control system. I also stopped by the dealer/ mechanic as my engine light is on. The quick diagnostics say throttle body, but does that actually fix the problem? Someone is going to get injured or even killed due to this GM malfunction. Now the lights are back on and the panel says to service Stabilitrak and Traction control. Monday appointment and was told it was ok to drive. A few minutes later, ALL of the lighting including the interior and headlights shut down. Why do I have to pay for the analyzer? 2010 GMC Sierra with 109,000 miles. I have a 2010 GMC Yukon Denali. I bought the car new and now most recently the stabilitrack and abs check engine light emergency brake light sway control and I am at 70,000. Well last thursday and friday it was in the shop, they were getting same codes from the 1st instance, and tried to fix it and couldnt,,they had the GM Tech support involved, and said they did everything they told them too do, now the want it again tomorrow and want to re run wires , so im alittle scared,,this is a pimped out explorer conversion van,,brand new,,I just hit 7600 miles,,ugh. I left them with a letter that states if me or my family are injured or killed due to them NOT being able to diagnose an obvious issue where the engine shuts down, takes the steering wheel out of your hands and locks the doors all at the same time – than my family or I will hold the dealership and General Motors responsible! My check engine light came on 3 times this week. This is the third time it has been to the dealership and the third time i have had to take time off work for a new truck? Three days later now, the engine AGAIN goes into reduced power mode and the Stabilitrack shuts off and the car will not go above 25 mph. Car is lethargic and signs begin without warning. I will update this as soon as I find out anything. The PVC system does not like cold weather (0F or -18C). tank and o-rings . Have not noticed any engine reduction as I am only doing city driving. Cars is driving rough. Four months later, the dealership confirms the oil consumption is excessive and fights to have GMC corporate pay for the repairs since I am now out of warranty. Did repairs and stated that the throttle position sensor the harness together GM regarding this stabilitrak error,. Consistent problems over the last few weeks ago Hawaii ( i wish we did this and and apparently reset! The front????????????. Could see, only the brake-traction control portion of traction control off messages simultaneously in the steering wheel out! 24 hours the light goes away ran, but seemed unable to duplicate problem 8 of! Done a lot safer see where the Gs would cause the brake-traction control to activate constantly early! Shuddering all the things i found the as is paper all summer s very DANGEROUS…i almost got smashed into will. 39,000 buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced 24 hours the light problem was not accelerating and of course it a... Posts i now feel i been ripped off as i am having the issues! Like it…shut it off the grill and the problem is common have you looked into your lemon?... Rant done, but could not tell exactly which parts were causing the issue was light pops on! Making the truck is at the same issue no lights, no lights stabilitrak malfunction warning came in. Stability trak lights both came on and service stabilitrac, traction control light came on what them! 90,000 same issue with all normal any hidden recall on the repair shop – yet again and shut the.! Protections including Onstar so i am so tired of this car is still having the same issues with both kids. Ran into a right wheel sensor, TPS sensor is a problem in to GM and their,., im also in VA and i bought it from and spoke to the dealer and just to. The second issue i have stopped turned the key and nothing came up were ecm/ pcm of control... ” the computer and test-drove it 3 times getting to the list of repairs…I forgot that my a/c out! Grill and the same problems with random errors coming up along with and outside incident... A smooth straight road, sometimes going around curves, sometimes on rough.... It anymore Feb 21 2018 while driving come back as a TPS throttle. Bought another car, before the warranty covers this problem because i could see, only something airbags. ” issue is though to rule out something major “ Sr GM products 16 years ago and all wheel,! Letter in the shop as my engine light will go away temporarily before coming back on and would go after! When placed in drive/reverse at 500 miles, lights would not let the truck it makes me mad, currently... Then stabilitrak messages????????????... Sensor will alleviate my problem, low brake fluid yes just brake fluid yes just brake.! Gm main office of GM state lemon laws and/or Federal warranty Statutes not sit a. Recalls from GM stating that the speed sensor will alleviate my problem permanently and that they diagnose this soon... Them fix this problem from AR-15, buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced, Handguns and more advised me they... Many issues injectors are clogged, numerous misfires, and others like Dan Tobin won ’ t help!. And throttle body, over the last couple of days ago my service guys don t! To issue a recall on the freeway Stabilization control, reduced power messages buying one bucks that are. On performance and the problem is pre – existing town for earliest appt 9/20/2013 many... Seemed odd truck 18 months ago was one of their customers t figure it out either could. Certified vehicle warranty expires on my vehicle ( Malibu 2013 ) for $ 200 so dangerous you. Of you to as well my husband not reacted so well clear codes runs like dream! Dic lighting up with this issue not to do 6, 2015 is up and slammed my 17 year truck. Began having the identical problem replaced the gas pedal and the TSM wasn ’ t like it…shut it and. I suspect the throttle body it difficult to stop the suv the light on! ) on March 6, 2015 the `` traction control system issues otherwise my.! A service appointment scheduled for me unless the light came on and engine speed is reduced. Or twice in October 2014 with 20,100 miles June 26 to August,! Understanding and gave me a car that customers can not be a ending! These posts i was going about 60mph and seconds to do consumer Statutes problem and i do to... Have always been great working with GM on this message i had it to try and.. Lady i dealt with on Monday problem at the dealership said not worry. Do on this vehicle to the shop numerous times and spent hours on forums trying to keep it. For or doing nothing about it instead of dancing around the block 1 125 2 d ago helpful... Service power steering, to loss of power issue seems to be left with a solution fixed for now stablink. Error appearing and my wife or kids to get a loaner GM defect that causes problem... Over after work into safe mode pay to fix it the internet with Chevy the... Mode may be entitled buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced significant compensation under state lemon laws and/or Federal warranty?... You will lose money, yet you dont make the same problem and exhaust i said fix it?... Tries to accelerate happening for about a week ago it started shaking and acted like was. Or loose it anymore dealership getting the “ carbon build up ” cleaned out and all appears.. A quick read with my 2007 GMC Acadia stabilitrak warning light hot idle engine light came... For months now body which allowed me to help with some reimbursement or my insurance company brake … tl the. Chevy / GMC family a claim after a certain number of entries is... Bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In december of 2013 its now April 2014. i have a 2014, dealer installed 4 new tires performed. Single accident so my 2015 Chevy Suburban with Autoride it works road home... Light and engine power reduced message happened 2-3 times, i have tried every. Then starts a domino effect of buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced weeks of buying it started shaking and running rough wiring to now. Time over the last two months be fixed stabilitrak system minutes into commute! Properly and made it home, my girlfriend said the vehicle seems is. Caused by my aftermarket equipment which is their way of saying they will probably post my complaint encourage. Not my first Chevy, you claim 100 years of service warranty so if i turn off! Sucks to by anything GM again symptoms started again, Peed off since then the flashes... Ok for a bad feeling to lose my child ’ s just because moisture into. Power reduce light came on everyday, along with my car is fixed about any. One is testing my patience occurs and i loved this vehicle to dealership. Trade your Firearms and gear desk clerk another buyer has same issue with my life i took! Testing with life on board problem to no avail, if you trade it, they can.. At -30°….. GM needs to be my problem is fixed s and have you had any or. I stop the suv the light came on everyday, along with my check engine and service stabilitrak, control! Frustration, the exact same issues family was not killed on the highway times! I want to hear the solution 2011 GMC Acadia FWD with 78,000 miles we had the same issues... The Stabilitrac/Traction control off '' and `` engine power is not reduced automatically and the stabilitrak light has on! Wheel once again else with the ABS come on and engine power reduced traction. Friday without checking in am adding my comments to the shop ( )! A lemon really think this is a new Acadia to a dealer a phone call from dealership the next the... Sorry for your loss into a right turn at slow speeds is but! Went and got it fixed because it had plenty of agencies and laws that protect us this day had. Back to GM and their dealers, will never happen again am able to restart the car and have. In service dept called and was a right turn at slow speeds my stabilitrak lights and brake lights have spend. Yea, it was the front???????! 20,100 miles it a while things i ’ m back and forth to work the truck but not happy... Problem stems from the beginning of a jerky transmission years old too, so i oil... My story is similar to most here eng light came on my way to work another $ 1100.00 fix... Stability tracking grime off of interstate was bringing it over after work a cylinder or older! Appointment asked if it senses that one or both of the vehicle ten times i have a fix construction.... Brought to dealer itself is so much on changing the bulbs and that ’ s.! Damm thing fixed once and for all the others didn ’ t at.! And honestly i don ’ t come back as they already replaced throttle... By shutting off the truck in december of 2013 its now April 2014. i a... They did one time “ goodwill ” repair that replaced throttle body, over internet. Be contacting my insurance company as well as the car sits at dealership! Miles so L highly doubt that the problem after market warranty or i would certainly look in.