And then it arrived. Quick Shop. The spring is torqued or "loaded" when the knife is closed. While the internals of a pocket knife are not overly complicated, the function of the knife can impeded… 18 Items . I have an Automatic Knife that needs a replacement spring, can you send me this part? $15.99. Section 84 simply states, prohibited weapon means (a) a knife that has a blade that opens automatically by gravity or centrifugal force or by hand pressure applied to a button, spring or other device in or attached to the handle of the knife… Canadian Knife Laws What You Can’t Carry Wanted to put a dinette where the jack knife. The base of the knife is on a hinge at the top of the handle, like all folding knives. I don't think any are particularly prone to failing, but that is just where I am at. An assisted opening knife, sometimes called a spring-assisted knife, is a knife that springs open only after the blade is slightly pushed open with force. Just today found out we can’t do it…or need to come up with some creative solutions. I do wish they didn't have that phoney-baloney diamond grind-the older ones with the single edge were actually practical for many uses. Assisted Opening—The first thing you need to know about assisted opening knives is that they are not automatics. A. This pocket knife features a 3.35 inch blade with a drop point blade. Out of stock. 1 Accordingly, we recommend a conservative and cautious approach to selection of a pocket knife to be carried in North Carolina. Q. I don't like assisted openers for a few reasons. Are Spring-Assisted Knives Legal in California? Perhaps the knife just needs some oiling. Just use it. Properly maintaining your tools is crucial to their longevity and performance. Here are three tricks to get you (and your knife) through the break-in period. Use gentle hand-sanding only at this point. Kathryn. Reply. Today, these iconic pocket-sized knives are world famous for their multi-tool combinations, with specialty blades such as cork screws, nail files and scissors. $15.99. This handle is hollow with a slit down the length of one side. The opening mechanism of the spring-assisted knives is very simple: all you need to… Hold the blade against the Ultra-Tek at the original sharpened angle of 18°–22°. Here you may to know how to take apart a spring assisted knife. Essentially, it is a folding knife with a straight blade and straight handle. Torsion springs are known for exerting a radial force which is needed in the case of a knife such as a switchblade. Whether it’s due to rust blooming under the liners or sand in the bearing pivot, this week’s installment in the Knife Maintenance Month series will help guide you through disassembling (and reassembling) your folding knives. Anything you take apart a lot, unless it was designed to be disassembled frequently, will fall apart in short order. Life is so often unkind. The Smith and Wesson OTF series of knives are rugged and ready to perform at a moment’s notice. Sometimes, that means you’ll need to take them apart. To ensure the Swiss Army Knife meets all … Now this caught me out, when I bought an assisted opening … For all Automatic Knife defects; please print out a completed Waiver and a Warranty Submission Form. February 18, 2019 at 7:49 pm. The spring lever used to assist the open the knife is made of steel so it adds weight to the handle which defeats the purpose of going with titanium for the handles AND it is of very poor quality steel so the knife arrived with spots of rust on the spring lever!! If it's over-stretched or broken in the middle, it needs to be replaced. It contains the folded knife blade, a spring … Sand the blanks and knife body using progressively higher grits. Zero Tolerance and Kershaw are known for their SpeedSafe feature, usually in combination with a flipper, and several of Benchmade's thumb-stud models are spring-assisted … Sort By. The friction folder, peasant knife, farmer knife, or penny knife is the original and most basic design of a folding pocketknife, using a simple pivoted blade that folds in and out of the handle freely, without a backspring, slipjoint, or blade locking mechanism. Manual—A manual folding knife is one that requires you to physically open the blade, using a thumb stud, a cut out, or some other system. Thank you! I'm a knife maker who purchased this to use as a template, the plan was to take it apart and never use it as a knife. USMC Mtech Ballistic Spring Assisted Knife . Hence, those people who own these knives should follow certain steps to take care of … Less can go wrong, easier take apart, clean, fix. I'd like to introduce a new adage: "a dirty knife is a dangerous knife." US Marines Spring Assisted Rescue Knife . Also, many non-assisted knives are just as fast if not faster than assisted or autos. Ellen White says. Beginning at the base of the blade and tip of the sharpener, pull the blade down and toward you across the top of … Unlike the switchblade, nothing holds down the assisted opening knife when it's in the closed position. Assisted-opening technology; 3.35 inch blade; Built-in thumb stud $15.99. You can order a replacement spring from the manufacturer or you can send it back to the manufacturer for them to service. Pocket Knife Maintenance: Cleaning and Lubricating: You've probably heard the old adage "a dull knife is a dangerous knife." We at K2S are committed to providing quality information on preparation for any possible survival situations and advice on your choice of survival knife and survival related products. No. Quick Shop. Take a look at the spring. One, I like simplicity. Knives and survival are what we are passionate about! Cleaning and maintaining your pocket knives, in general, is also very important. I started with 150 and worked up to 600. You can also sharpen your knife with the Kershaw Ultra-Tek Sharpener. It consists of a handle both longer and thicker than the blade itself.