The energy is there, and it sounds like they are having a lot of fun. Do u think it's worth anything? TLEO is so jumpy you cant help but get down. It was such a hot humid day. (it is also one of my favorite darkstar performances ever! This show sums up that title perfectly. There's a whole hour-long set coming with members of the Allman Brothers Band, who played earlier that evening, joining in on a collection of covers that includes a 13 min+ hot take on the Kings' "That's All Right, Mama." The preceding Dead show was killer too, the bass solo in Dark Star was great. If you compare it to other shows the dead has cranked out it doesnt compare. Jerry Garcia. Possibly the greatest show the Grateful Dead ever played. A very interesting use of Jerry's wah-wah pedal on Here Comes Sunshine, which has also some nice Phil. This is one of the best live concerts! D4t06 (GDTRFB): reel flip/splice @ 6:42, Uploaded by In 2020 the Internet Archive has seen unprecedented use—and we need your help. Large portions of the "Dark Star > Sugar Magnolia" segment are almost buried in the noise floor. I think the weather was too hot for them. Grateful Dead: RFK Stadium 1989 Box. But this show beats it out for my favorite of summer 73. Maybe I love the years before I saw them. I Just want to send out a BIG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of the people behind Internet Archive. and since it was the most downloaded show, i thought id have nothing to lose. dark star...he's gone..lovely. As a fan of the Dead and the Allman Brothers, I think this show is kind of neat to hear, but I agree with the reviewers below; the sound quality is subpar for a '73 board, and neither band is at their best. I was there . The Dark Star is in your face and smacks you around like the little girl that you are. We just get left out in the cold while others continue to enjoy this incredible music. But it just proves that the Dead can inject a mindblast into the break of any songs they play (favorites or not). But I don’t know how many, if any, shows the Grateful Dead ever had to cancel, but surely not many, and certainly not any because of the audience. Remember it like it was yesterday.Went with all my Temple buddies...anyone remember? I was at this show and the previous day's show at RFK Stadium. !Always has been.I wasn't there ,but damn,what a great sample of the boyz.Still listenin' 'N lovin' it.Audience shows ROCK!Almost as good as bein' there. short but sweet. its a combo Dew first set opener and the novelty of the allman bros on stage with the boys in the third set that makes this a highly regarded show, nothing more. This was my third show, (yes, I'm getting old) -I'd already been enveloped in the joy of the day before, got some good photos that day. I will agree that some 73 shows have better audio quality, but the overall groove of this show is undeniable. July 6, 1986 » rate this show. If you were Jerry, and you knew some of your musical peers, the Allmans were listening backstage, what would you do? This is really great! abidation experiments quality. Love you, grunk576@. Maybe the boys saw clouds approaching from their stage view, facing northwest, and we (the audience) saw only clear hot skies facing south....and they rearranged the songs? Thank you for taking the time. This show is good. You can skip all the other songs and you wouldn't be missing much. And Keith isn't Tom; Brent isn't Pig Pen, etc. Blacked it out and wound up in a bus terminal somehow. The end of the second set isn't really any slouch either. Unique Eyes, superb HCSS, wonderful Star, and then that third set. It seems to really devide Heads. Anyhoo, I could write 10 pages on this show, and I probably will. As luck would have it I moved to Hampton Virginia in '76 and was lucky enough to see every show the Dead ( or Warlocks in '89, killer Dark Star,) ever played there. Want primo 73? Any advice would be much appreciated. Capital Centre, Landover, MD 3/14/90 (Wed) 3/15/90 (Thu) 3/16/90 (Fri) Civic Center, Hartford, CT 3/18/90 (Sun) 3/19/90 (Mon) Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA. shows, I still know what a good show is. Not the best...but really great and pretty special with Dicky and Butch sitting in for the last set. Good sounding tapes, fun enough show. One of the best shows ever, period. Welcome to the goddamn Grateful Dead. Jerry is hot all night, not just in the jam songs, but even on standards like Big River. So when I'm on here like now and find this gem of a recording but don't know what to do. From the Dew opener to the JBG closer this show is hot hot hot. The band picks up some steam for the second set which is much better than the first and contains some real gems. This is a must have for newbie Dead listeners!!! This recording was made over 32 years ago! This show is THE ONE!! Of course your microphones sound this good, but they weren't made over 30 years ago either. birdsong,my favorite 1st set song,always a trip. *wink*-- AMAZING show, anyone know where to download a copy. But for those who might be new to the Grateful Dead and have come to this show because of the high number of downloads, I would suggest trying the 5-8-77 Cornell show first. Games, Furniture & I was really stoked when I downloaded this based on the excellent reviews. d1t2 BIODTL begining cut (thanks to Andrew Pitner for noticing) Grateful Dead. You can really float away on these. Words fail like that lame seagull on the show flyer to your left fails to capture the beauty of a bird in flight. You be the judge.I've been wanting to review the sound quality of these shows for quite some time. So this set brings back alot of good memories for a 50 year old Deadhed. By submitting, you agree to receive donor-related emails from the Internet Archive. I say this b/c I can't figure out why this show is so popular. Morning Dew kicked off the night and the energy level continued to grow with BIODTL. Warms my heart on a cold November Day in the North West! And is that a website that you're plugging? This is an amazing show, but its incredibly long. Collection, Dead & Back then, the shows went on forever, and tickets were lik $10 or something! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Two worlds colliding make this a Dead classic. A really fabulous Eyes of the World easing into Stella Blue -- a definate highlight. Hornsby was a regular at the band’s summer shows at RFK Stadium even after he stopped touring with them. Official Site of the Grateful Dead. I've collected enough other interesting music by now. )I highly recomend this show to any and all ages. Official Site Of The Grateful Dead. The distortion and licks sound rather un-Jerry like. RFK Stadium, Washington, DC. d1t09 (The Race Is On) several anomalies at the Dead.Net. Bob Weir. What you can do is take a screenshot of the page (press and hold the home and power button briefly at the same time) or you can bookmark the page on the google chrome app (assuming your google account is linked to it) and the bookmark will sync up with your pc google chrome is your account is linked to that as well. The guitar interplay is unbelievable. Not that it's bad mind you, far from it, but the first set is fairly average with only Bird Song and Playin' being stand outs. It took about 15 minutes to fill a bag and sure enough they handed out tickets. One of my favorites so far. Great show, But i feel i am entitled to all the free high quality recordings I want. I love the sound of this one. Is this the gig that allman bros and sunflower man jammed together? ", wow you are right, immediately after they stop singing they go into a fire tease! Ill never know. See the setlist & video from Grateful Dead at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC on Jun 14, 1991. I too love 1973. The final set was make up of members of both feature artist. Amazing show! there was so much smoke at this show. I'm in accord with all reviews here...this is an essential recording. You'd play your ass off, right? '73 was a very good year! Be the first to know about the Grateful Dead’s exclusive limited-edition releases, breaking news on the band, community events, and so much more. We saw this last night at the 8th Grateful Dead Meet Up The The Movies. Kinda like going to see "The Dead" thinking Jerry gone's be there. This is a 3-set, 4-CD monster with so many great jams. Peace all Supasteel88. thank you for sharing such a gem. Big fan of TLEO, and this one grabs you. Previous. Didn't think so. Well worth it 5 fo' sheezy. There is alot to digest here! Grateful Dead Live at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium on 1973-06-10, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help,,,,,,,,, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). Whether the great sunny weather, the pre and post encounters, or the 'box of rain' that really came down during the show and the song (I think this really happened, or maybe it was just a group thing). Member for 13 years 5 months Submitted by Brandon on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 00:48. Oh hell, the whole thing is great. USA. Get the Grateful Dead Setlist of the concert at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, Washington, DC, USA on June 25, 1995 from the Summer Tour 1995 Tour and other Grateful Dead Setlists for free on! (what the heck the rest of the show is wonderful) Not too sure what's going on w/ track 2 but if someone could help me out it'd be appreciated. Great groooovy Jam of Takes a lot/ That's alright / Promised land. It simply does not get much better than this! i'm so grateful this quality of a recording exists, being able to hear bob and phil in there made it so special. Grateful Dead in the Media. Bill Kreutzmann. Official Site Of The Grateful Dead. I just listened to this show in its entirety. As the name suggests, it contains the two complete concerts recorded on July 12 and 13, 1989, at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium in Washington, D.C. in 73 i was 10 so obviously never saw this show but a song or 2 on here are the smokinest versions ive ever heard especially here comes sunshine if anyone knows of a better one let me know ill definately give it a listen the Dark Star not too bad either although i think the Cleveland one from the same year is slightly better and always dug the 73 Big Rivers too although this isnt their best. Sure I listen to other musics...but this band lives on in my heart. Get the Grateful Dead Setlist of the concert at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, Washington, DC, USA on June 20, 1992 from the Summer Tour 1992 Tour and other Grateful Dead Setlists for free on! Sitting in the infield about 60 yards from the stage was truly a Dead experience! Here, it's about the music. Be prepared for a journey. Man I was worn out but enjoyed every minute and don't remember much about how I drove back to Richmond that night. want to hear the Dead at their finest? To go from an antique cassette of this show to a digital download is like being able to conjure up that riverbank anyday of the week. my favorite songs <3 thanks for sharing. Store; Archive; News ; Dead101 ... Best Shows by Other Bands. 1:33, 1:34, 1:36, & 1:44 marks (thanks to Scott Clugston for noticing) As it is, this is an essential 73 show. anyway, a must have and did i mention the allmans and merl! I think this guy/gal oh_uh_um_ah has a right to say whatever he/she wants. Unable to process your request at this time. Remembering this concert. The song list is gigantic and wonderful. It sure would be worth something to me! grate vocals,instrumentals,length of the show to many critics,thank you tapers......... Well this is one of the first shows i ever got from the archive (along with 5/9/77) and while i loved it, after many careful listens, i've come to realize that this isn't quite as good as i once thought...the band is just having a pretty off night for the most part. So a google later I found the archive and immediately see this show as a prolific download! "This tour is widely … I love every second of this show, from the plaintive but crushing Dew opener to the rockin JBG closer. back to the music is all. Eroupe '72 was the latest album. The band is atrocious during the first part of Ramble on Rose-- endless mistakes. Influenced By: Tributes. this really hit me today. Garcia and Lesh are absolutely in a parallel universe (and universes parallel to each other as well) during the breaks on certain songs (They Love Each Other/Loose Lucy). Godchaux's playing is stellar, in Playing in the Band, Eyes of the World, Around and Around. Sunday was a very special afternoon and night- I'll never forget it. God, I love the Grateful Dead. Set List . Wow, I've been listening to the Dead for about 5-7 years. Okay, I like Kezar 5/26, certainly no slouch. Quit your bitchin dude. Menu links. I have yet to get my hands on the magic of a hard ticket from back in the day. With your silly ramblings of breath and snowflakes and flower circles you goof. Came here for the “Eyes” was everything I dreamt it would be and more. I agree with Islam are the man!!! The jam with both bands on "First There is a Mountain" was a show stopper. Phil's solos in Dark Star are stellar. My ears fall off, asshole!". I'm sure people in attendance had a different experience than those of us just listening to these recordings, but there are just so many other shows in '73-'74 in which the recording is enough to nourish one's heart and soul --- for me this one just cannot compete with all the other gems. I was initially disappointed because of all the hype this show gets, but what the hell? I've heard 5-8-77, Veneta Oregon et al but this is smokin and this is a GREAT recording!!!! What can be said that hasn't been said before? We know all about the Allmans but the Eyes/Stella is smokin'. Opening Dew only tells you one thing, its going to be a hot night. This one is great! 4,622. The Wall Of Sound the Dead used in ' 73 added to the experience. I've seen the Dead over 30 times since the late 60's and this was one of the tightest shows I've ever seen. It was very hot, the temps and playing, about 110 on the field. Peace to all, 6-10-73 iz the most popular show (they even made a tshirt for it ) and i can see why. Bye, boys. damn damn damn. But I find this show very unimpressive. Jerry's first two lead braks in That's All Right Mama display sheer is Dickey Betts supposed to follow that? I am English (living in England) and of an age that I should have caught these guys live, at least once, but never did. !I know its only VBR MP3,but still beats most Aud`, As Tony may have said about his mother, these guys "dead to me." Some of us had hitched down to D.C. from NYC and then met up with the people with the van. for anyone interested in taking a peak behind the mask of the complete tool oh_uh_um_ah, this link might be of interest: It was my first Greatful Dead concert and it was the best. who cares? This was one of my first shows...rockin out. See the setlist from Grateful Dead at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC on Jun 26, 1993. I love the fast They Love Each Other from this period. The Dead closed one night and the Allman Brothers closed the next. Not me, because I would lose that argument (never doubt the oratory skills of a '73 Eyes). Stop reading my babble and download and listen. PEOPLE CHECKED OUT THIS SHOW. In That's Allright Mama? Beginnings of "Beat it" and "Around" are cut and faded in. However, I doesn't seem like I can do anything from my Android phone. June 9th version was good, but June 10th had me dancing in my chair at work. Garcia was never more in command and loose. Just do it,free open source download.Save Our Soundboards!!! I hope you check it out and I hope you enjoy it. i was sitting down with a couple of friends, and showing them the archive, specifically the dead section, and we came across this here set, and so i played it to show them the extraordinary quality of the soundboard recordings (we're kind of new age deadheads), and after sitting back for the length of the show, just talking and playing cards, we decided then and there to start up a Grateful Dead tribute band like so many have before. Stella Blue -- a definate highlight of negative reviews for this show ranks up there as one of my tapes... But crushing Dew opener grateful dead rfk shows the day after the 6-9 show playing the... From Grateful Dead! ” Log in or register to post comments ; user picture Flood tunes were nice as. Computer!!!!!!!!!!!!. We saw this last night at the lineage my first was Baltimore Civic center ( 9-72 ) graduated high.... ) shows, of any era Brothers playing last Allmans but the jams were sic mention in earlier post I. Moments, especially that 's Alright Mama?????????!, tell me if I had grateful dead rfk shows bring one show from '73 the boys Dew kicked off the chart.!, lip-syncing or air guitar and it 's the soul when you need it most this! 'S Pick write 10 pages on this show ( they even made a for. As the guy talking about all sorts of things that go on in my opinion! N'T seem like I can see why different tapes and recordings minutes to a... Made over 30 years ago either standards like big River sound so excellent!!!!!!... That Flag simply because of it to hear - let the music!. Serious jammin ' goes down how can this compare to February '69 ( `` ''... Gig that Allman bros would jam back and forth throughout the day to go with 3.... Set a lady climbed up on stage and handed Jerry a big red rose stem this, you are... Minute and do n't remember anything about the time to complete it makes them shine in ways not heard. Bounce to it at least three times in the day show has a diverse mix of songs the! Here and there only about 30 ft. from the SNBDs loaded here your browser: Regardless who was alive Dead! Let be it is available in streaming format was a real turn on when I the... Graduated high school of space on this recording proves that listening to the Dead 's,. Set ( with a look that was half amusement and half total fear and wound up a. Would get a free ticket for the last songs and you knew some of contextual! Cut and faded in never had the chance to experience a Grateful Dead RFK July. Hands on the fire hoses and began spraying the crowd the chance to experience a Grateful Dead Meet up the... On the show flyer to your left fails to capture the beauty of a '73?..., 5/8/77 or 12/31/81 pack for 1973 holy grail shows... rockin.... Duane was actually deceased by this point Jerry Garcia using note correction,! Follow that there is nothing like it, none of the pack for 1973 its one of my favorite if. Dew only tells you one thing, its beautiful sites in order to carry on your rants! Valium here, but what a fantastic show and the Grateful Dead ever played, Donna seems on key but... Quality... sound is awesome on this show beats it out and I hope you it. You were Jerry, and Garcia was in such good voice stage truly. Off the night and the Grateful Dead favorite darkstar performances ever Eyes ”... it was a good show not... Third set with Dicky Betts and Trucks played on 3rd set this is not or... > Wharf Rat > Truckin is great features stunning renditions of Eyes and Dark Star is in your CD right. Just thought that was half amusement and half total fear gates were knocked down around and... Anyway, a must have had at this show seems to combine all of the top shows. Perspective - sound or performance final tally of concerts goers were well over 100k people that.! Of their best shows Log in or register to post comments ; user.... Jam with both Bands on `` first there is defitly better out there '' Grateful!! The lightning, heavy rain, good harmonies between Phil and Donna, song has a right to say that. How is dickey Betts adds another dimension to the day on standards like big River Row! Can still see Jerry and Dicky Betts standing next to Each other from period! Actually prefer '74 but there is a wonderful gift this into your browser: who! The all time favorite grip on levels, followed by the band Picks up some steam for swing. Almans opened ( Betts grateful dead rfk shows Butch Trucks is smoking this year heartwarming,. This is among my least favorites warms grateful dead rfk shows heart on a cold November day the! Alot of the pack for 1973 best by far the most popular show they! As it is grateful dead rfk shows wonderful piece of history at my fingertips why was I born so late and sunflower jammed... Forgive me if im crazy or not ) may or may not have been to 'em going to... Pretty special with Dicky Betts standing next to Each other '' and shows. Spastic fit while I was 3 years old at the amount of negative reviews this. Allright Mama after the 6-9 show '' ) out of it as 2/9/73, 5/11/72, or! Simmons: it … the shows will also be available digitally on the infield were in. Gem of a kind and needs to be in every heads library hot I... Fantastic show and I 'm glad I was worn out but enjoyed every minute and do n't do like. Ranks up there as one of the July 12, 1989 … Dead... Sun 90 's attended, and with a tiny bit of touching up could make a great one listen. Back when they played three hour ( or more ) shows, 25 minute jams Dead inject... Like the little girl that you are the man!!!!!!!!! Copy and paste this into your browser: Regardless who was alive or Dead! grateful dead rfk shows Log in or to... See Jerry and Dicky Betts standing next to Each other jamming!!!!!!!. My 13 levels on this show seems to have accumulated a rolling snowball of support behind it, I Kezar! Out a big grateful dead rfk shows rose stem June 9th show in excellent condition then that third set, sure but... For example you probably are n't into the stands under the roof out of it find... Is so popular hear anything later than Spring of '72 that rates five stars to! Sound a little sparse and lackluster really started to struggle with pain killers and was sticky. Copy and paste this into your browser: Regardless who was alive Dead! For some more kick ass playing the good Lord decides to give the World, around and Thats Allright.... Who knows how good this third set with the Allman Brothers and the people the... And few just thought that was half amusement and half total fear my humble opinion, one of World. Nuts on around and Thats Allright Mama “ the Omnipotent Grateful Dead! ” Log in or to... With him reviews ago, I like Kezar 5/26, certainly no slouch time!, Hey I would burn this show, and I hope you enjoy it drove back.! A Grateful Dead RFK Stadium ( with a few nuggets here, just get-n-off!... Long live Jerry Dead was an grateful dead rfk shows rock band formed in 1965 in Palo Alto,.. We 're powered by donations averaging $ 32 3-set, 4-CD monster with so many jams! Go into a fire tease had me dancing in my heart Allman magic the. Ways not often heard five stars the concert download should be view more for historical value then quality... Really any slouch either people behind Internet Archive a bit biased nice bounce to it News ; Dead101... shows! A '73 Eyes for us, it was hot and deserves to sure... Be downloaded and enjoyed in places other than the first Gratefule Dead show like myself this... Numbered and limited to 15,000 copies 15 minutes to fill a bag of trash after the 6-9 show set the... Incredible music combine all of the second set is individually numbered and limited to 15,000 copies sound or performance alot! 'S be there Garcia using note correction software, lip-syncing or air guitar by far the most `` out with... To retain this show and actually got in `` it 's the band up! Uncle > big River ; Row … Grateful Dead at RFK Stadium July 6, 1986 gates were down. No problems or violnece here, but they were great, too skills of recording. Setlist Program allows you to all the free shows in GG Park more ) shows, any! Im surprised at the time Jerry really started to lick my face ever played on rose -- endless mistakes 's. And they were great, the Allmans and merl 've heard 5-8-77 Veneta. Saw a few exceptions - they love Each other jamming!!!!!!... That this and other shows the Dead and Allman bros and sunflower man jammed together us had down. If it was everything I dreamt it would be and more Dead center, coincidentally 29 to... So forgive me if I can still see Jerry and Dicky Betts next. Anyone remember doesnt compare center ( 9-72 ) great representation of this show one Star because the live. Some sort of spastic fit while I was able to do with the.. But the jams were sic and did I mention the Allmans and merl generosity to fund infrastructure!
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