Receive our weekly newsletter containing the latest specials, up-coming events and seminars. The maple may also have better fall and spring color, but the fall color with both trees will depend on our fall temperatures. Japanese maples can tolerate a variety of soil conditions as long as they aren’t exposed to long periods of either standing water or extended drought. Too much afternoon sun will also put too much pressure on the plants.The ideal location for a Japanese maple is under the high shade of larger trees on a north or northeast exposure. It is very popular and can be seen in a lot of backyards. Crape Myrtle. There are a number of factors that can challenge the success of a maple in our area, such as soil composition, pH and drainage. Other native Texas maples having potential in Houston include Sugar Maple, A. saccharum; Chalk Maple, A. leucoderme, and Big-tooth Maple, A. grandidentatum, from the Uvalde area. You can successfully grow Japanese maples if you can provide them with some shade from the afternoon west sun and make sure they have consistent moisture. One of the best is the ‘Drummond’ red maple (Acer rubrum var. If you need something a bit more compact, ‘Crimson Queen’ is a dwarf maple with delicate weeping branches. Print This Page Maple - Drummond Red. Some years fall foliage color is golden yellow, while other years it may provide some orange and red. The Drummond, however, can live in this climate, and it produces gorgeous autumn color if cool temperatures hit at just the right time of year. Click on image for full screen view. Japanese Maple Tree Houston Texas 7 Jun 2018 Jessica One of the best is the ‘Drummond’ red maple (Acer rubrum var. With 20 acres inside Houston, we are known for BIG Trees & Palms & and are widely known for our Medjool Palms! 63 red-eyed vireo. The Red Maple, also known by its botanical name Acer rubrum 'Autumn Blaze', is an aptly named deciduous tree that puts on a spectacular show in the fall thanks to its blazing orange-red foliage that is sure to impress anyone in your neighborhood! One of the most abundant trees in America's forests, red maple (Acer rubrum) makes a statement in the garden with its big canopy of wide, hand-shaped leaves. Emperor maple (Acer palmatum ‘Wolff’) provides dark red foliage that turns a bright scarlet in fall. The Shantung maple … drummondii), which is a vigorous, fast-growing native maple.This variety makes an excellent shade tree and puts on vibrant fall color. 713-861-5702 Open to the public. I would wait to plant until this fall when conditions are more favorable. Leaf color in Japanese maples is impacted by the amount of direct sun, moisture and nutrients provided. Try these maples for your Houston landscape. Flower female. Maple Foliage. 06-11-2008, 11:47 AM citizen_jane : Location: Houston. Deciduous Sun Height 60 - 90 feet Spread 30 - 40 feet Spacing 20 - 40 feet. Because these maples are not large and have fairly shallow root systems, they can be inter-planted in existing landscapes or co-mingled with other shrubs and trees. Drummond red maple (acer rubrum var. When it comes to the red maple family (Acer rubrum), there are a handful of species and varieties that will perform the best in the Houston area.One of the best is the ‘Drummond’ red maple (Acer rubrum var. Remember, selection at the garden center changes daily so feel free to give us a call if you’d like to check on specific availability. Treesearch Farms. View our Inventory They can get fairly tall, with many reaching 60-70 feet at maturity. BIG install experts. 30G : Login Req'd : FL Becker Tree Farm & Nursery. Open Every Day – Monday – Sunday. Its leaves may be mostly golden yellow some years, but it offers broader splashes of red other years. It seemed to adjust fine until August, when the leaves turned brown around edges, and began to fall off. 84. We watered it heavily when first planted. Canopy spread width can reach as much as 60 feet, making the Drummond red maple a good shade tree choice for his part of the state. We respect your privacy, and your email address will not be shared. It provides heavy shade and its leaves look beautiful in the fall. According to Texas A&M, the Drummond red maple is the most common to the southeastern portion of Texas but doesn't handle drought very well. They are poorly adapted to Central and West Texas, becoming chlorotic on alkaline or neutral soils and not adapted to drought. Drummond Red Maple. In any season, red maple exhibits bright crimsons and scarlets: small red spring flowers, sometimes red samaras, and on certain individuals flaming red fall color underlie the common name. Acer rubrum, the red maple, also known as swamp, water or soft maple, is one of the most common and widespread deciduous trees of eastern and central North America.The U.S. Forest service recognizes it as the most abundant native tree in eastern North America. Striking, colorful fall foliage. Family Owned and Operated Since 1999. drummondii), which is a vigorous, fast-growing native maple. Pros & Cons of Red Maple Trees. 32 european starling. Houston, Texas 77008 The bark is also an interesting dark black/red color. Drummondii 70’H X 40’W One of the better fast growing trees with flowers and seed that provide red color in early spring. Re: Russ to Chicago, both Love and Drummond to Houston Post #14 » by jbk1234 » Sat Nov 14, 2020 4:06 pm HotelVitale wrote: Confused about the Cavs' reservations--this looks like you're giving up nothing and getting back some pretty nice pieces. Once established, they are fairly drought tolerant. Hobe Sound, FL. One of the most common hardwood tree species in North America, the red maple (Acer rubrum) is a favorite landscape tree due to its brilliant reddish-orange foliage in autumn. But growing maples in our hot and humid Houston climate can be a bit of a challenge. Known best for its tasty syrups, building furniture and much more, the Maple Tree is the perfect option for a guaranteed showstopper during the fall. This variety makes an excellent shade tree and puts on vibrant fall color. During times of high heat and drought, always provide Japanese maples with supplemental watering. MAPLE, DRUMMOND RED Red Maple Acer rubrum (A-sir ROO-brum). My parents have several in their yard. Coral Bark maple provides beautiful golden fall color. Crape Myrtle, Tuscarora Red 45 G. Cypress, Bald 25/30 G. Cypress, Bald 45 G. Cypress, Bald 65 G. Cypress, Bald 95/100 G. Elm, Cedar 25/30 G. Elm, Cedar 45 G. Elm, Cedar 65 G. Little Gem Magnolia 25/30 G. Little Gem Magnolia 45 G. Sweetbay Magnolia - Tree Form 25/30 G. Sweetbay Magnolia - Tree Form 45 G. Maple, Drummond Red 25/30 G. Pyrus calleryana 'Bradford' (Bradford Pear) Small tree with symmetric branching. Many different maple tree species exist in addition to the red maple, including the Norway maple, silver maple, sugar maple and black maple. Drummond maples can be grown in a full sun exposure or tolerate some shade from adjacent buildings or larger trees. There are several varieties of red maple, according to some authors. HABIT: Medium to large trees with upright oval crowns. Filed under:  At The Nursery, Native Plants, Trees & Shrubs Tagged with:  Fall Color, Gardening, Houston, Maples, Shade Trees. swamp maple, trident maple, Drummond red maple Leaf Type: Deciduous Texas Native: Firewise: Tree Description: A medium sized, fast-growing tree that reaches 90 feet tall and a trunk to 2 feet in diameter, red maple has a somewhat narrow, rounded crown. 5 of 5 A Mexican plum greets visitors to the Houston Arboretum & … Want fall color? It’s hard to beat the fall color show put on by red maples, or the season-long color of many Japanese maples. We were told too much water, so we backed off, afraid we had lost our tree. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 Buchanan's Native Plants, All Rights Reserved. Q: Why won't maples grow in Houston? City-Data Forum > U.S. Forums > Texas > Houston: Red Maple Trees in Houston (Sugar Land) (Tomball, Center: new house, live) User Name: Remember Me: Password Please ... Look for Drummond Red Maples, they do quite well. Red Maple, Drummond. Additional Comments: Fall color development is not always reliable in Texas' autumn conditions. An excellent red maple cultivar called ‘Autumn Blaze’ is also fast growing and quicker to establish than some of the other maples. Form and Fall Color The Drummond red maple mentioned above easily qualifies as a large tree, but there are other options as well. If you’ve got your heart set on a Japanese maple then you definitely need to consider growing conditions. Red leafed varieties are actually more sensitive to too much sun, while the smaller green-leafed varieties tolerate a bit more sun. The native Drummond maple is a good one for Houston. Verdant Tree Farm and Landscape is the largest independently owned nursery and tree farm in Houston. 61 red-bellied woodpecker. Houston's favorite garden center devoted to Texas native plants and organic gardening. Hours: 10 am – 6 pm large tree, Fruit Characteristics: Pairs of pink and red samaras joined at the base with curved membranous wings, Height: 50' to 70' in landscape settings, to 100'+ in wild. The leaves of most trident red maples turn golden yellow in the fall, not red, as is typical of other red maples. Southern sugar maple (Acer barbatum) Chalk maple (Acer leucoderme) Drummond red maple (Acer rubrum var. ‘Autumn Fantasy’ and ‘Autumn Flame’ are also excellent choices. 6 4 r e d -w i n g e d blackbird. The foliage is a dark burgundy color that persists for most of the summer depending on sun exposure. 31. Large Trees for the Houston Area (Not recommended for planting near or under power lines) Common Name Beneits Comments Scientiic Name Red maple Spring & fall color Rapid growth; Drummond is an excellent variety Acer rubrum Katy, Texas (281) 391-1835. New growth red, hardening off to a bright green with possibility of fall color depending on conditions. Both will do well here in Houston. This shade tree can reach between 50 to 70 feet (100 feet in the wild). This maple is also an excellent urban shade tree. However, if you choose the right maple variety you can successfully grow them in your landscape. Seeds Durham Co., NC 5/3/08. The leaves of most trident red maples turn golden yellow in the fall, not red, as is typical of other red maples. One year ago, we planted a 20' Drummond Red Maple. Coral Bark maple (Acer palmatum ‘Sangokaku’) is a beautiful small tree with brilliant coral colored bark on the new growth and green foliage. Acer rubrum 'drummondii' (Drummond Red Maple) Beautiful native tree with narrow, rounded crown. Too much shade or fertilizer can turn red-leafed varieties green, as can a dry winter. 62 red -tailed hawk 81. Buchanan’s Native Plants # moonshine... sansvieria # plants # houseplants # patioplants # tropicalplants # shadyporch # groovyplants # greenhouseplants # houston # texas # easyplants # tgiff @ Treesearch Farms See More. Drummond Red Maple, Acer rubrum drummondii 'San Felipe' Florida Cranberry, ... Houston, TX. 4 of 5 Winged sumac, left, and red maple are among the native plants showing beautiful fall colors this season. Plant Habit or Use: medium tree They are medium to large trees with upright oval crowns, native to the eastern half of the country, including the wetter areas of east Texas. 611 East 11th Street Leaves are usually … Drummondii), which is a vigorous, fast-growing native maple. They do prefer more acidic soils, but it is one of the maples tolerant of different soil conditions and lackluster drainage. Here is a link with information on both trees. Drummond red maple is another native shade tree Houston loves! They are usually golden yellow, but sometimes they display broader splashes of red. Come visit us at the garden center and we’ll help you choose the best maple for your landscape! It differs from the other varieties of Red Maple (rubrum and trilobum) in having longer samaras (3-5 cm vs. 1.5-3 cm) and leaves that are densely white felty-pubescent beneath. June 10 at 10:24 AM ... Drummond Red Maple 'San Felipe' English (US) Español; Français (France) Maple Trees have vibrant hues of fiery red, electric orange, and calming yellow. 50. Bur oaks are native to Houston and can spread their limbs about 50 feet wide while reaching 80 feet tall. Andre Drummond profile page, biographical information, injury history and news Drummond Red Maple, Acer rubrum var. Cedar Elm; Lacebark Elm - Allee Drummond Red Maple (Acer Rubrum) The most common maple is the silver leaf maple, which should not be planted here. Residential & Commercial projects. When it comes to the red maple family (Acer rubrum), there are a handful of species and varieties that will perform the best in the Houston area. Crape Myrtle - Natches; Crape Myrtle - Red Rocket; Crape Myrtle - Royal Velvet; Crape Myrtle - Tuscarora; Elm. It has spade shaped leaves that will give exciting fall color. Courtesy of Steve George Show More Show Less 3 of 3 Drummond red maple John Everett/For the Chronicle Show More Show Less. Drummond Red Maple, Acer rubrum drummondii. 15g – $85 30g – $225 45g – $495 100g – $950 Now, in February it … Drummond red maple, common in southeastern Texas, and trident red maple, which has 3-lobed leaves and is especially attractive in northeastern Texas, are probably the most frequently encountered red maples in Texas. The red maple will grow a bit faster than the oak. 34 great blue heron. New trees should be provided with supplemental hand watering at least once per week until they are established. Some of our favorite Japanese maple cultivars and varieties include ‘Bloodgood’, which has a round shape and a height and width of about 20-ft. Foliage is a deep crimson color throughout the season and through fall. They are also known for producing large … If you’re looking for a shock of red fall color, which is sometimes hard to achieve in the Houston climate, ‘Autumn Blaze’ fits the bill.
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