The definition of federalism is straightforward: it is the federal principle or system of government. Possessing a lot of power will enable them have the authority to raise navy and armies that could control tragedies from happening by protecting the nation. New York: Pearson/PH, 2009. Article 159(1) of the Tnterim constitusion declares that Nepal is a federal Democratic Repulic state. This issue of national significance, unitary vs. federal, is critical for Nepal’s prosperity, pride, and national integrity. Federalism, as a form of government, has its advantages and disadvantages. “The historic Jana-Aandolan II culminated into the declaration of the republic in Nepal on May 28, 2008, after the constituent assembly polls. 15 Advantages and Disadvantages of Federalism. IvyPanda, 23 Nov. 2019, The national government is also entitled to forming treaties and conducting foreign policies. This will certainly propel the equity issues among the federal states. Politics in America, eighth edition/alternate edition. Threat of separation from the nation is major disadavantage of federalism in Nepal.Frankly,the prevalling activation of anti national powers specially in province no 2 lead by ck raut proves this.Also,The clash between federal government and province government during implementation of police act also justifies it.There is always the risk of anti—nations waiting for favourable country to dissociate the … Obviously, most expenses of federalism must have to come from people’s pockets. The national government also possess concurrent powers which enable them to exercises along with the state government. Since there is an overlap of boundaries within the national and state governments, it had become tricky to … NeAt present about 28 countries of the world is having the federal system. On the other hand, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, one of the nations with ethnic-federalism, is seriously struggling for economic growth. National Why the MCC compact courted controversy in Nepal Politicians are divided over the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s links with the US’ Indo-Pacific Strategy and provisions that say the agreement will prevail over Nepal’s laws in case of conflicts. Disadvantages Of Federalism 725 Words | 3 Pages. Bastora (India), Nepal’s Foreign Policy: Issues and Interest, Aggressive Delhi confronts Beijing in Kathmandu, The Governance of Natural Resources in Nepal- 3, The Governance of Natural Resources in Nepal- II, The Governance of Natural Resources in Nepal- I, A ‘dossier’ that proves India a terrorist State of South Asia. It is noteworthy to observe our neighboring nations of India and China for their political structures and their recent economic development. Few points that will point out its importance are mentioned below. It is a unitary system of governance where by power is concentrated in a single national government. We will write a custom Assessment on Federalism System, Its Advantages and Disadvantages specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page. IvyPanda. What’s your deadline? Not having a national majority of any ethnic or linguistic group and the imposition of ethnic federalism was perhaps the major cause of Yugoslavia’s eventual disintegration. Corruption and briberies have become so rampant that even the Chief of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority has been caught red-handed recently receiving 78 lakh rupees bribe. There is no doubt that poor economic conditions are one of the major causes of political unrest, upheavals, and revolt in Nepal. Throughout history, it has been a political system where 2+ governments share … However, the sub-national governments were able to spend less than half of the allocated funds. Prof. Durga D. Poudel, USA: On August 2, 2009, I published an article entitled “Federalism in Nepal: Issues and Concerns” in one of the online portals in Nepal, stressing a need for a thorough discussion on advantages and disadvantages of federalism before adopting it in the country. This normally causes disintegration and internal conflicts among different states (Dye, 114). Federalism test policies and training of leaders. States that are better endowed with natural resources and better economic policies and programs would prosper more than those with a lower natural resource base and incompetent developmental endeavors. While India is a federal nation with federal states based on languages and ethnicity, China is a nation with a unitary system. The database is updated daily, so anyone can easily find a relevant essay example. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Some of the issues and concerns regarding federalism in Nepal are as follows: The issue of national disintegration is perhaps the most important and frightening one. History: Federalism has evolved over the course of American history. Prosperous states still need federal funding for their further development. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and George Washington were advocates of the federal system. In Chapter 11, Marcus Brand summarises the historical context in which the debate on federalism in Nepal emerged after the decade-long armed conflict that ended in 2006. A disadvantage of federalism is the lack of accountability. Each entity is given the power to share control over the same geographic region as another entity. 1. State’s laws guarantee the application of the best strategies to meet the needs of citizens, e.g. 3. IvyPanda. The writer has purposed ethnic based 11 federal states in Nepal based on ethnicity showing his concept of federalism stood up from the “Tamra Patra” agreement between King P.N. The state and the nation always evade responsibility especially when it comes to dealing with environmental issues such as cleaning up of Great lakes. See: List of 7 States in Nepal. Federalism is a type of government where the power is divided between local governments and federal governments. Thus, there exists a twin problem of finding large amount of funds to meet the expenses of federalism and meanwhile developing efficiency that is necessary for productive spending of the money. The amendment was the first document to mention Nepal officially as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. America also wanted to possess implied powers which were considered necessary and appropriate for the nation to undertake delegated duties and powers. Marshal Joseph Broz Tito, the communist leader of Yugoslavia, acted on the devolution of powers from central government to ethnic and linguistic communities through the 1974 constitution. How would provincial and local governments build their capacities for planning and development? If the policy proves to be beneficial, then it can be expanded to be used nationwide. It envisioned federalism as a prominent feature for a new Nepal.. Hence, national government still has to continue its heavy involvement of infrastructural, industrial, educational, and socio-economic development of the nation. 150 Arab was transferred. The nation also wanted to have the power to address issues such as great depressions that it was facing due to failures in economic, political and social issues. The disadvantages are that it can set off a race to the bottom among states, cause cross-state economic and social disparities, and obstruct federal efforts to address national problems. Federalism, mode of political organization that unites separate states or other polities within an overarching political system in a way that allows each to maintain its own integrity. This is IvyPanda's free database of academic paper samples. Essay on disadvantages of social media for students. 1. At different points in time, the balance and boundaries between the national and state government have changed substantially. In the absence of appropriate capacity-building, enforcement of strict anti-corruption measures, and the availability of necessary financial and technical resources, ominous signs are already visible in the society that federalism is resulting in more corruption, misuse of resources, poverty, and social unrest. A federal state without access to a sufficient natural resource base would undoubtedly lose its competitive edge for economic transformation. Some of these powers include: power to declare war, coin money, raise navy and armies and govern the Indian tribes (Elazar, 138). Many segregationists have argued states’ rights for the avoidance of federal laws that was designed to guarantee equality among citizen and prevent discrimination. History. Retrieved from Federalism in Nepal – Major Discourses and Key Challenges. Federal System of government, I think, is actually not suitable for a small country like Nepal but as for now let us assume that it is important. It is important to understand the ethnic and linguistic composition of Yugoslavia prior to its disintegration. Limitations of the study American Federalism: A View from the States. Most qualified and dynamic individuals will congregate in the state(s) that can provide the most attractive benefits while other states may lack the trained manpower for even minimum fulfillment of states services such as health, education, engineering, etc. Although initially federalism was envisioned as a weak Center, and more power was vested among the states, it is not presently happening. If you are the copyright owner of this paper and no longer wish to have your work published on IvyPanda. The national government in American Federalism has delegation powers which are always given to them by the constitution. The state government has the mandate of conducting elections, establishing local government and rectifying and amending constitution. My family essay quora intro words for essays, essay format guidelines, sample personal reflective essay importance on federalism nepal of in Essay, essay on favourite family member, ib tok essay guidelines nature and nurture debate essay write an essay advantages and disadvantages of using the internet. Government expenditures for the purchase of 1,600 vehicles, salaries and allowances for elected officials under federal system, and expenses on office buildings and spaces specially provincial and local governments include just some of the expanded governmental expenses due to federalism in the country. Unfortunately, your browser is too old to work on this site. ©  2020 Telegraph Nepal | All Rights Reserved. Feb 14, 2019 Feb 14, 2019 by Editor in Chief. (2019, November 23). By Swikar Dahal 2. This system is in practice in India, the USA, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Australia, Ethiopia, South Africa, etc. Federalism is a system of government where power is divided between several different entities. Both nations are becoming the global hubs of science and Information technology. History: Federalism has evolved over the course of American history. Conflict of Authority The biggest problem that arises when you have two bodies in power is the power struggle. Restructuring of the state, that has been under the unitary system of governance for the last 240 years, on the basis of ethnicity, language, or even natural resources will obviously pose a great challenge.”. By Swikar Dahal 2. But after facing the challenges of the federal system in Nepal, We will get benefits of the federal system in Nepal. Federalism is a system of government. Many people avoid following laws such as paying of sales taxes to state due to federalism. Variety of federations •25 countries and 40% of world population and 50% of surface of earth. Conflicts in resource ownerships and utilization among the central government and the federal states may often be very serious and complicated. How does federalism ensure this very issue of equitable resource allocation among the Nepalese from Terai to the Himalayan region is extremely challenging. Some of these questions include, how justifiable is this enormous expansion of government size and related expenses for a country that is increasingly experiencing trade deficit, unemployment, declining agricultural productivity, and rising public debt? Not all the federal states will emerge as equally prosperous. It is obvious that additional governance mechanism will increase the cost of governance. This is because most people after they have committed a crime in a particular state, they escape and move to other states. While this type of practice has its upsides, it has downsides as well as alternatives. The benefits of federalism are that it can encourage political participation, give states an incentive to engage in policy innovation, and accommodate diverse viewpoints across the country. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. This assessment on Federalism System, Its Advantages and Disadvantages was written and submitted by your fellow student. 23 November. Federalism no doubt has many positives vis-a-vis communism or imperialism but still, some political scientists often raise questions about its advantages. This simply proves that federalism is too costly for Nepal. November 23, 2019. Supporters of federalism state that this form of government can be viewed as the most suitable form to address the interests and needs of diverse groups of people. Such fragmentation may threaten the indivisibility and integrity of a country. There are widespread reporting of cases of malpractices, corruption, misuse of resources, encroachment of public lands, illegal logging, bribes, killings, rapes, human trafficking, over-extraction of natural resources, and social disorder in the country. Disadvantages of Federalism. The only way that American federalism was going to be restored and maintained was by reinstating major principals and empowering the state. America wanted to control all the economic activities of the nation and raising the national government powers would enable them achieve it. The federal system of government is where a country is divided up into several different regions, each of which is able to govern itself, to some extent. Global regents thematic essay belief systems of federalism nepal Essay in. Each sector wants to assert their power over the other. professional specifically for you? What is the common underlying factor between the two nations that has caused both to successfully achieve magnificent economic growth? Federalism brings in different states, different states means separation. Persuasive essay topic questions write an essay on unification of germany. Reader analysis essay. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and George Washington were advocates of the federal system. While the nation is starving for resources to supply food, medicine, hospitals, and other critical facilities, how logical will it be to embark upon a system that results in a substantial increase on administrative budgets and expenses due to federal infrastructures and logistics? Summarizing and responding essay explain the overall tone of the essay essay nepal in Federalism short, define tone of an essay. The system causes government to have control of itself because of great rivalry of power between the state and the nation. Federalized administrative structure also requires high level of capacity-building at the local, provincial, and national level for coordinated planning and development, policy decision-making; project formulation, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation; and for overall development of the nation. 3. Consequences of Federalism • Legal • Different laws on many things • Political, states have different electoral laws, different candidate selection processes, punch cards, touch screen, parties are state based • Economic , complex tax system • Regionalism, distinct cultures-can block federal … Federalism System, Its Advantages and Disadvantages, “Anti-Anti Migration” a Article by Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco and Carola Suárez-Orozco, Methods of Dealing with Problems of Federalism, National and State Powers in American Federalism, Reasons for increase in the Powers of the Nation since 1788, The ‘Peopling’ Process of Australia since 1788 with Influence of Racism, Federal versus State Regulation of Insurance Industry in United States. This was due to several reasons such as: Dye, Thomas. 2019. 800 Arab for the development of basic infrastructure to start federalism in Nepal, while World Bank estimates 3-4% of Nepal’s GDP per year, which comes to be another Rs. There are increased interstate conflicts due to federalism. It means dividing a nation up into various zones. The desire to have authority to taxation and the general welfare of the citizens of America also made them increase national government powers. They also have implied powers which are necessary in delegation of power in the nation. IvyPanda. The U.S., India, Australia, Russia and Brazil are some examples of federalist countries. How would you ensure fast-paced economic development, good governance, social justice, and socio-economic transformation of Nepalese society? Disadvantages of the Federal System (Federalism). Each state will receive 22% to 28% funds annually to spend in development. In the United States, a system of Federalism is in place because laws can be passed by a local government, the state government, or the national government. Each state shall give full credit and be faithful to judicial proceedings, public records and public actions of all other states. I believe even if the interim constitution declares Nepal as a Federalist nation, it is still worthwhile and not too late to debate the pros and cons of federalism and take the right course of political action that ensures national integrity, empowers the people, protects our societies, enhances prosperity, and promotes our culture and traditions. It is their embracement of globalization, development of private sector for economic growth, generation of employment, political stability, peace and security, and governmental commitment. This chapter also outlines the debates within the Many of these states have gone through ethnic violence, chaos, and finally disintegration. This means that the citizens always have political responsibility to both governments who also secure their rights in the country. This was meant to re-establish proper rule and national governance. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must. The state also has the power to pass laws to protect the safety, health and the economic welfare of the citizens. Elazar, Daniel. "Federalism System, Its Advantages and Disadvantages." This eventually resulted in ethnic tensions and the disintegration of the state. There are some states which pursue policies which frustrate national policy because they cause them to sacrifice some of their interests to local interests such as segregation. However, the question remaining in many Nepalese minds even after several years down the lane is how is it that we ended up with the declaration of the federalism in our interim constitution without having sufficiently debated or discussed the viability of federalism in Nepal? (2019) 'Federalism System, Its Advantages and Disadvantages'. Each entity is given the power to share control over the same geographic region as another entity. Federalism promotes unity: the system provides a united national government deal in matters such as finance, defence, regulation of business and foreign affairs. All in all, I think our system is superior even to the parliamentary and cabinet system found in the United Kingdom, as well the confederation system found in Canada, as well as the one preceding our present system. IvyPanda. In this context, there are many questions in relation to federalism that Nepalese society is seeking urgent answers. "Federalism System, Its Advantages and Disadvantages." Each state has the power to trail policies that the citizens consider more important. Although there are some challenges of the federal system in Nepal and Nepali is ready to face the challenges of the federal system in Nepal. Skilled manpower will have a similar scenario. There are those who purchase goods in neighbouring state to escape sales tax in a particular state. It is difficult to enforce law on criminals because of federalism. This means even if we embrace the ideology of the autonomous state or empowered state, in the absence of significant involvement of the central government, there is no possibility for the states to develop. Regionalism Over Patriotism Federalism—the devolution of responsibilities and powers of the national government of the dictatorial presidential system : a strong president vested with enormous powers short of a dictator king. You can use them for inspiration, an insight into a particular topic, a handy source of reference, or even just as a template of a certain type of paper. Cause and effect essay on rising college costs, essay writing topics for capf exam. It also offers opportunity to test the courage of selected leaders and to prove whether they are responsible. November 23, 2019. Supporters of federalism state that this form of government can be viewed as the most suitable form to address the interests and needs of diverse groups of people. Copyright © 2020 - IvyPanda is a trading name of Edustream Technologies LLC, a company registered in Wyoming, USA. November 23, 2019. I support the system of federalism, agreeing with the benefits, and doing my best to give counterarguments to the disadvantages, in order to negate them. In the aftermath, Tharus houses were burnt in the presence of … The Disadvantages of Federalism. They will then have special authority to control interstate businesses and trade with the foreign countries. Whether it is China or the United States, major environmental programs, infrastructures, natural resources conservation and development initiatives, socio-economic transformation agendas, welfare programs, and research and development activities are increasingly federally funded and managed. States shall make agreement on how to deal with common problems that they face. At different points in time, the balance and boundaries between the national and state government have changed substantially. […] Thus, the once kingdom of Yugoslavia (1918-41) has now turned into seven different nations (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Kosovo). Last but not the least, Nepal Finance Ministry had estimated an initial cost of Rs. Federalism and Nepal 1. Thus each unit can exercise functions that they are well suited which promotes efficiency.
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