That data, captured with other reviews we have read, make up our answers to the Best 2019 USSSA Bat. So, you might do better by sizing down an inch to the 28/17 instead of the 29. A 31 is the longest bat he’s swung so far – at 31-21 (Prime) in Little League and 31-23 (Velo) in USSSA — so I’m a little nervous about going up to a 32, but based on the size charts I think that’s probably what he should be swinging in the spring? And, turns out, it’s a legit option. The Baseball Bat Bros test out the performance of BBCOR (high school) baseball bats vs. USSSA (youth travel ball) baseball bats. Both the Mako and Cat Composite do just fine. We know that buying a bat might not be easy, but we are here to help! Easton’s MAKO XL Beast, Marucci’s CAT 7, or the Voodoo Insane are big-time drop 5 options. My son is 13 and will need a -8 or -5 in the spring. You can find this bat everywhere for a pretty low price, and as a drop 11 it should be useful to the beginners. In terms of those particular bats, we think that the 9u age group generally prefers two-piece bats, and the Beast Speed Hybrid would be a decent choice in a 29/19. We’ve hit with them and think they do a great job of meeting performance standards. But the 2017 model claims to have fixed that, and our players have had great success with the drop 12 VELO. Those on a budget, or looking for a real value buy, should like the Easton Ghost Speed. To the contrary of what many vendors often erroneously claim, a bat with an end load does not also have a high swing weight or MOI (mass moment of inertia). There is not a ton of tech on this bat as it is, a good old fashioned single piece of aluminum. Would love your thoughts, please comment. We most likely earn a comission from companies we link to on this site. Marucci has a new USSSA bat called the CAT 9 Connect. (Looking for the 2020 USA Marucci CAT review?). USSSA Baseball Bat Standard. Expect a focused barrel and a super smooth feel. My 8 yr old son has a few bats I got used. Instead of where the load is found in a bat is only one of many factors that determine swing weight—the most important of which is arguably the total length of a bat. If you want something cheaper, then check out the 2019 Rawlings 5150. This is the standard bat for seniors. Thanks. The Drop 5 CF7 from DeMarini may be our favorite bat of the year in any category. Gold level bats are also recommendable—although maybe not to as big a range of players. The drop 8 CAT 7, however, does. The order by popular brand goes like this: DeMarini and Marucci dominate the USSSA market. These rarely have any tech that helps dampen sting. However, there are a very few differences between the two bat. Fastpitch Softball Bats have a barrel diameter of 2 1/4 inches and a length to weight ratio or "drop" between -8 and -12, with -10 and -11 being the most popular. Bundle this with other eligible items or purchase two or more to receive extra savings in your cart! DeMarini has dialed in the feel and barrel performance better than anyone in the USSSA space. Great prices on baseball bats and best selection of -8 length to weight ratio bats. The 2020 CF Zen (-8) bat sets the bar when it comes to two-piece composite bats. I have noticed in slow-mo video that his bat slows on contact with the ball. I’m a 5 hole hitter and I dont know what to buy between a cf zen black and Cat 8. The average 11-year-old is swinging a 30/20. The bat swings well, and it benefits the player who has good bat speed. But, if you happen to be in a 31 or 30-inch, then moving up an inch is about the equivalent of dropping to the 8 from the 10. Comparing the two 2020 Easton Maxum's (bbcor and usssa) to see which performs the best and The drop 10 is brilliant. Would you agree with that? We got that too. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. So, in theory, at least, a kid swinging a 32/22 drop 10 might feel like a 30/22 drop 8 is about the same swing weight. I am ok with older models as there are more reviews but will pay for the right bat. See our 2017 DeMarini Voodoo review. Best Fastpitch Softball Bats 2021 Reviews Jamestown 2020-11-19T15:11:35+00:00 If you are a hitter choosing which bat to buy is a crucial decision. ... Anderson 2 Axe 9 DeMarini 4 Easton 11 Louisville Slugger 6 Marucci 10 Mizuno 1 Rawlings 6 TRUE 4 Victus 1 Viper 2. He bats lead off but isn’t really your typical lead off hitter, he punches balls in gaps and occasionally puts balls over the wall. What’s the Best USSSA Bat 2020? Heat Rolled Drop 8 USSSA Baseball Bats from ProRollers. Otherwise, consider the above the data the most up to date information we have on drop 5 bats. It comes in a 2 3/4 only but has a super light swing weight. We are confident there is not a kid in the drop 10 ample barrel space that will dislike the 2017 Easton MAKO Beast. Looking for USSSA advice. Here’s what we did to find the best USSSA bat for 2020. It does not come in a 2 3/4 version (only 2 5/8), but we stand by our earlier claim: if you can swing it, you should swing it. Series. I know there are a lot better bats out there, but the bat with the most pop in the world will not make up for a reduced swing. The PXT is the newest addition to the Louisville … We admit this choice is predictable, but how do we leave off what is probably the most popular bat off the best bat list? Easton Speed (-11) USSSA Junior Baseball Bat - 2019 Model by Easton $39.98 Original Price $59.99 You Save 33% Easton ADV 360 (-8) USSSA Baseball Bat - 2020 Model by Easton The most comparable bat in a USSSA would be something like the CAT 9/8/7 etc. Those are also great feeling bats with outstanding performance. The USSSA Baseball Bat standards have not changed since 2005. The question of which one among them is See our swing weight charts. The only thing we don’t like about the Beast is the price—but welcome to youth baseball. As it is a bit chillier in northern Illinois this spring, he get hand sting when he swings hard and I notice him letting off with all but the attack. There are a ton of reasonable drop 5 bats on the market. The other part of the reason we think it is the best drop 9 big barrel today is that it is just about the only one. But the big barrel 2015 XL1 drop 8 is the perfect bat for a heavy hitter who isn’t quite ready for a drop 5 yet. Review The young player will be amazed at how this bat feels, especially this model in a drop weight of -10 or -11. The most comfortable choice on this list is the 2018 Rawlings VELO for the best drop 12 bat. Very hard to find at any level of a discount. It’s got a big barrel, swings light, and probably has better durability than the CF. It wins our best youth bat of 2020 award as well as a diamond status bat—with only one other in the USSSA bat world. The limit is ensured to prevent injury of the players and maintain consistency of performance between different types of bats. My son is a 12-year-old and playing up in the 13-14 division. The drop weight of a bat is simply the size minus the weight of the bat. Lots of good options in the USSSA Drop 5 … However, Considering BBCOR bats have been around for quite a while, and many companies have created barrels that perform at peak velocities along their length, we’d bet one would have better success with a good BBCOR bat over a good drop 5 USA Bat. 2020 USA Best Drop 8 Baseball Bats Review The decision and process to buy a bat for the young baseball and fastball players are not simple. USSSA Big Barrel Baseball Bats -- Closeouts : *ƃuıddıɥs ǝǝɹɟ : Youth Big Barrel baseball bats - Blemished Bats & Closeouts Youth Big Barrel Bats have a 2 3/4 Diameter This is the standard bat for seniors.
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