September 1-30 (4-5 day hunt) Triple Three Outfitters leases some great Wyoming properties to bow hunt pronghorn antelope. Traditional blinds on waterholes (pre-rut). We specialize in archery hunts providing hunters with opportunities to harvet 70+ point Pope & Young bucks or better. Guided antelope hunting in Wyoming with Table Mountain Outfitters provides you with the best possibility of harvesting a trophy animal. Experience the thrill of a lifetime while hunting Wyoming antelope here at Bar Nunn. Decoying is probably the most exhilarating way to hunt for antelope. HTTPS://WGFD.WYO.GOV/HUNTING/PREFERENCE-POINTS. We hunt antelope in many areas of central and eastern Wyoming and the Red Desert of Wyoming. Methods of hunting archery. Eastern Plains Outfitters offers plains elk & antelope hunts. Our pronghorns are from the mid We have great success rates with many trophies making Pope and Young. Most hunt areas also provide reduced-price limited quota "doe/fawn" licenses ( Type 6, 7 or 8 ), which can be obtained separately or in addition to a full-price license. Wyoming Archery Pronghorn Antelope Hunt Timberline archery antelope hunts are from mid August to mid September. We have access to over 50,000 acres of private land. Our archery hunts are favored among many. "-i;0=>i;1-l=i(rof}}{)e(hctac};l=+l;x=+x{yrt{)611=! Average antelope bucks harvested will score between 67-74″. We offer both archery and rifle hunts during the antelope season. Call Todd 605-892-6961. The majority of archery antelope hunting is done using blinds over waterholes. Hunting in the 900 series archery hunt is restricted to archery equipment only and runs August 15 to November 10. You will find that there are very expansive chunks of public to hunt. //
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