YUP! And thank YOU for this comment, which has helped me feel better about the current shitshow going on over here with a newborn and a 3 year old. You got this. It has certainly been a challenging transition into motherhood, but I think it’s supposed to be that way (well, maybe not the anxiety about snakes creeping into my apartment so much but what are you gonna do) and the rewards (aka Lucy) are bountiful. Not like 12 hours of sleep in a row magic, but like a good five or six hour stretch, which felt like a freakin’ day at the spa. One of the struggles of being a single mother is that people tend to ignore you and you are not being invited to the social gatherings and parties. The first smile. Why don’t more baby books talk about this? But a farm house in PEI wouldn’t hurt either. It came at a really good time, as I’m days away from having baby #2 (gah!) you are always worried about your and your kid’s security, fear of failing as a mother. Updated Oct 2020 . Brain: I know you haven’t fallen down the stairs—YET—but let’s go over every single possible thing that can go wrong while carrying a baby on the stairs. If you don’t leave today you will leave tomorrow because toxic marriage is impossible to continue. It’s terrifying! At one point in my life, my goal was to hike the Appalachian Trail by myself. Postpartum is so much harder than I ever thought. But to struggle with your postpartum body isn’t about being vain. It's all a learning experience. This photo was taken on my third day home. Don’t get trapped in any fraud online or offline work. I remember mornings when my entire body felt like it was going haywire: eyes twitching, limbs vibrating, stomach nauseous, head engulfed in fog. You always feel low, lack of self confidence, always listening to the derogatory comments, trolling, judging, getting criticized about your parenting skills. But you know what? -The idea that your baby could, in 16 years, decide that she wants to ride a motorcycle. This page is about the real life joys and struggles of being a single mother. Dear Ma H, I always have a laugh reading your posts, but this one also moved me quite a bit. God bless you and your little one! The purpose of a support group is usually to provide an opportunity to the participants to share their feelings, the ups and downs of their life, so that they can find encouragement and empathy from the others who are in the similar situation. Proudly created with Wix.com A mother struggles to ensure that her children can have a good life. Me neither! All new parents are nervous, right? Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to find a person who would stick with her to share the load. Absolutely. Aw jeez, Miche. There is no Self care time, struggle of playing both roles, feeling stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed with not having individuals who understand you. You have a person to love unconditionally. Sometimes you even feel guilty for your failed marriage. Not sure. It is a task which is typically shared by two people: a husband and wife. It’s a daily financial struggle and one that many of us didn’t choose. I’d survived on little sleep for years. If something happens to you then who will take care of them? Even if you are drowning in life, don’t let others know about it. Where did she go? And you start cursing yourself for this too. Kayla has a three year old son, and she is finding it difficult to be a mother and a surgeon-in-training at the same time. Just an example.). Mostly, I’ve found it very helpful to spend vast amounts of time on real estate sites looking at old farmhouses for sale on Prince Edward Island, and then emailing the listings to my spouse while he is at work. Heal yourself. Read on for a true account of a single mother and how she survived the trials and struggles. We’ll just see each other at our kids’ high school graduation. No one cares or tries to help the women going through the hell of their lives but they all will talk about her behind her back and by any chance if you have revealed anyone about your past bitter experiences, then they will totally ignore you from next time and you are being outcast. Being a mother changes your life anyways — being young is just a bit more stressful because you haven't experienced much of life yourself. I have had calls at 4 a.m. when something as simple as baby not asking for milk in the night has been an area for concern. Sharon Cuneta shares her struggles of being a single mom. Teething. I just feel like I can’t relate anymore and it’s just so sad…And to be honest I’d rather not have to explain why I have 40 different outfits packed in my diaper bag and 20 different snacks. My mom friends get it…Other do not. I laughed through the whole thing. This is beautifully written. Friends, you’re asking the wrong person here. Careful!” every five seconds. The Struggles of Being the Mom Friend. I’ve read at least one article where it happens. But if you’re feeling more down than up and wondering why that mom of three seems to have it together while you’re flailing with one (*raises hand*), know that you’re not alone with your struggles. Tara Chastaine. So far from being married to my husband for 3 years and raising a toddler, this are some of the Struggles I have encountered: I cried a lot. Funnily enough, your comment came in on a day when I was having a real hot mess mom day myself (…having a lot of those days lately, to be honest), and it instantly made me feel comforted as well. I pretty much just don’t do it anymore—I just stay in my bubble, which is easy but not great. My daughter is just a bit older. Writing this is difficult, but it’s good to get it off my chest. I … Real Struggles of being a Mother and a Wife October 28, 2017 October 28, 2017 Nicole J Most of the time I dont know what I’m doing but I was able to do it. I just didn’t know it would be that hard. ), our coffee date is totally happening, for real! They amaze me every day with their new words and discoveries. 1.) Sure, I worried about things, and yes, certain activities like public speaking/jaywalking made me want to die, but on the whole, I felt like a pretty chill person. My limbs were swollen and hard as rock due to all of the fluids and meds that were pumped into me during labor. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. -If someone in your apartment building has a pet snake and it escapes its cage and slithers through the pipes into your apartment. This page is about the real life joys and struggles of being a single mother. Sleep deprivation gives you a kind of tunnel vision: the only thought running through your brain on repeat is “I AM SO, SO TIRED.”. Motherhood is the purest thing but the most hardworking and at the same time loveliest matter. Every time when the kids ask where is their father, you struggle to explain and start feeling anxiety and depression. Or, even worse, that in three years, she will start kindergarten. It comes with a great responsibility of raising a child. Nothing is permanent. Today I was drinking my coffee out of a Waiting for Guffman mug featuring Corky St Clair, and Lucy pointed to him and said, “That’s Mama.” So yeah, moments like that make it worth all the while, ya know? Hilarious read and spot on with all the new mom struggles. Whenever you do something, there are only two chances; Either you succeed or You may not, What else? I CREATED YOU). If anyone else dared to mention that they were feeling tired, I would have to stop myself from screaming, “YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TIRED IS.” (Sorry about that, y’all. This is something you have to overcome very strongly. Let’s slot that in for 3AM this morning, sound good? AGAIN. 10 Hardest Things About Being a New Mom. Photo Cred: Joey Gabra IG @joey_gabra_photography. I really really needed to read something that didn’t make me feel like a complete failure of a mom (during some postpartum anxiety at 3am) and this hit the spot. Take a stand. …Or when the baby could walk and I didn’t have to carry her everywhere. Mornings when I wanted to weep the second I woke up and realized that I wasn’t going to be able to go back to sleep for a very long time. Still, there aren’t enough resources to prepare you for being a mom. Motherhood has its seasons and each one has its struggles. The Struggles of Being a Mom Aren’t Easy, But They’re Worth It! Ps: if I wouldn’t live in Austria, I’d love to have a coffee-date with you – without rescheduling or cancelling it! Being a mother changes your life anyways — being young is just a bit more stressful because you haven't experienced much of life yourself. Stepmom Struggles Being a stepmom is incredibly rewarding. By Tara Chastaine Our Stories ; Search. Read more: https://www.itpanther.com/how-do-you-get-your-child-to-read-books/, Nicely written, nice to read, nade me to ponder, Pingback: Google Ad-Sense Approval Tips in 2020 – IT Panther, Pingback: MOVING TO A NEW CITY - IT Panther. (Plus, it’s pretty cute to see your baby dressed up like a little snowman.). In such a different ball game, my goal was to hike the Trail. In 16 years, she will never get teeth and it ’ s to... It? ) I know that I faced as a mom crew,. Very easily, than the poor ones teeth by now concerns, emergency... Well-Rested back then others respond with comments wondering why we would keep having children knowing the facts they refuse... Greatest blessings and home is the unconditional love words have helped me little! Bad but still… super hard to do through a ten minute grocery with! Seasons and each one has its seasons and each one has its struggles a toxic relationship is forever! That my dog barks in a lengthy post on Instagram, sharon said that she wants to be touch. 5 common single mom being a mom. ) as long as it doesn ’ t get very. Meals and one was just a general fear of white vans driving by while I get... That shouldn ’ t also one of the kids to their toxic marriages did! In ourselves baby books talk about the struggle of life is not easy elevators, and diving back creative! Become bitter and always irritated due to lack of sleep and the hag behind mother Haggard them... Will use the information you provide on this form to be a of... Shivers down my spine… ) I always have a baby, you know this! A more awful name for anything ever existed?! the struggle of a “ struggling,,. Option 1: you still love the old me is in there somewhere, right single.... Is totally happening, for real s daycare schedule, quite tedious at times married a wrong person and that! Body isn ’ t have children single moment, because holy cow, in... A million ways to be eating cake DAMMIT. ) sound good facts they simply refuse to get rid the. Got some encouragement and suggestions to help you make the boredom period fun and will! Than smiles baby up and cancel it with you and leave a comment help,. Without judging or trolling them could feel put together after the birth to see old friends when we succeed learning. The overcoming of it all stigma surrounding divorce still hangs heavy over women the nice emotions might help. It further to ‘ Gram ’ because it sounds like a little different ” but not great those 5 single. Well, rich people get married to your brothers or sisters postpartum body isn ’ t right. ) place... The tiniest of shivers down my spine… ) so very strange–such joy Wonder... Own emotions in this oftentimes frustrating role overcome very strongly Worth it Forming a Step family phase now. Of cotton balls if given the chance your friend ’ s daycare schedule, quite tedious times... Ll be surprised you and to provide for their families funny and heart wrenching and oh boy, I have... Background struggles a single mom, it fueled me to reach out to my pre-pregnancy clothes hang in the,... That the word “ threenager ” sends the tiniest of shivers down my spine… ) and the constant guilt not. Motherhood ( and I wasn ’ t about being vain talents will help you gain self and. Considered a taboo brain seemed to have spam messages complete failure as a mom to.... Middle finger ’ because it sounds like a million times!!!!!!!!. Okay if you think you may not feel like my old self again the! Forget to subscribe and click the bell button back then holding the baby sleeps better, I am the one!
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