Country Common name Scientific name Picture Ref. Flowers of Baobab Tree. Senegal: Baobab: Adansonia digitata Serbia: Oak, Serbian Spruce: Quercus, Picea omorika Slovakia: Small-leaved Lime/Small-leaved Linden: Tilia cordata Slovenia: Tilia (Linden) Tilia South Africa: Real yellowwood: Podocarpus latifolius South Korea: Hibiscus syriacus, Pinus densiflora: Hibiscus syriacus, "Pinus densiflora" Sri Lanka: … National Map Of Senegal National Flag Of Senegal Flag Description: three equal vertical bands of green (hoist side), yellow, and red with a small green five-pointed star centered in the yellow band; green represents Islam, progress, and hope; yellow signifies natural wealth and progress; red symbolizes sacrifice and … Jump to navigation Jump to search. It was adopted in 1960. Dakar, city, capital of Senegal, and one of the chief seaports on the western African coast.It is located midway between the mouths of the Gambia and Sénégal rivers on the southeastern side of the Cape Verde Peninsula, close to Africa’s most westerly point.Dakar’s harbour is one of the best in western Africa, protected by the … Some national flowers have cultural or religious roots that go back hundreds or even thousands of years and may or may not have been officially adopted. National flowers thus, are important elements which, in a way, symbolize the nation as a whole. Republic of Senegal République du Sénégal (French) Flag Coat of arms Motto: "Un Peuple, Un But, Une Foi" (French) "One People, One Goal, One Faith" Anthem: " Pincez Tous vos Koras, Frappez les Balafons " "Everyone strum your koras, strike the balafons " Location of Senegal (dark blue) in the African Union (light blue) Capital … Jun 16, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by your own Pins on Pinterest Examples. National Flowers are symbols representing a country. Discover (and save!) For detailed information and pictures of each country's national flower, click on the country name. National anthem of Senegal‎ (3 F) R Roundels of Senegal‎ (1 F) T Things named after Senegal‎ (2 C) Media in category "Symbols of Senegal" The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. List of national flowers. National Animal of Sierra Leone Lion (Panthera leo) Lion (Panthera leo ) is an animal groups in the family Felidae; it is a strong, profound chested feline with a short, adjusted head, a diminished neck and round ears, and a … Senegal provides an excellent representation of many of West Africa’s native ecological communities. DakarBaobabLion.jpg 1,024 × 768; 416 KB. Lions are the national symbol of Senegal, but these feted creatures have almost disappeared from the country. A floral emblem is a flower or plant that is chosen by a country as a symbol or emblem for that country. You can think of an African baobab tree (Adansonia digitata) as a self-indulgent plant, with flowering patterns that suit itself, but not the desires of people.For one thing, baobab flowers are stinky. National Anthem "Pincez tous vos koras, frappez les balafons" known also as "Le Lion rouge" is the national anthem of Senegal. This, combined with their tendency to open only at night, make baobab flowers difficult … The lyrics were written by Léopold Sédar Senghor, who became Senegal's first president. Every country has its own criteria to choose their national flower. Portail-senegal.jpg 398 × 178; 31 KB.
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