Actualizers are perfectionists who exactly know what they want to have and how to achieve it. For them vanilla crème between 2 cocoa sandwich meant only Oreo and this is the kind of Brand recall associated with the brand. © 2016 - 2020 AlphaGamma. They stand for something bigger than a product itself; they have a mission – whether it is to entertain, educate or inspire. Receive the latest articles, news, events, business & career opportunities to your inbox! The brand’s creative agency, 360i, designed the packaging and also a video based on the show’s opening sequence. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The answer is that 360i is creating a brand personality and is bringing it to life via social media. Ogilvy was founded by … •happy and delicious when eating Oreo Self-Expressive •satisfies nurturing by feeding children nutritionally balanced cookies •satisfies the imitation need that kids watching the Oreo ads on TVs while the •other kids are enjoying " Twist, lick, Dunk " 10. During this campaign Oreo published a new picture every morning for 100 successive days. For more business tips, check our entrepreneurship section section and subscribe to our weekly newsletters. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Oreo tweeted the following message: And in a brilliant counter, AMC replied with three simple but effective words: Since then, AMC’s tweet has been retweeted more than 500 times. js = d.createElement(s); = id; We like to think that his success is down to his playful, irreverent and funny personality (as well as his musical talent, of course)—which makes him a perfect fit for the Oreo brand. The short video alone wracked up to over one million views on YouTube. Brands with a personality have a design, a tone of voice and a presence. Our website uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Brand personality, content strategy and cookies that talk. AlphaGamma is the place where young professionals look for information, innovation and inspiration in the fields of entrepreneurship, business and finance. “You couldn’t even look deep inside them and see what they stand for.”. After all, it took the brand one viral tweet to show its customers that it intends to be there for them, even when they least expect it. They sometimes get political Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to be the first to know about the most exciting business developments, trends in finance and career opportunities. Overall, I truly love watching how Oreo has grown from America’s favorite cookie using traditional TV advertising to a cookie that’s Wonderfilled that can be explored across the social web. The brand also introduced the Oreo Music Box—a miniature turntable that plays music when you put an Oreo cookie on it. Oreo set a new world record. Oreo has a very strong brand whose brand personality are the kids enjoying Oreo moments with their parents. By continuing to browse further through our pages you express your agreement with our privacy policy. Oreo has been able to achieve a phase of engagement where consumers are so excited about the product and the brand that they actually want to create their own content and post it on their own social media pages. Mondelez International’s global head or marketing Bonin Bough. The secret to Oreo’s Instagram success is using the cookie itself as a blank canvas that the brand isn’t afraid to mess with. The Social Feedback Cycle is the new way marketers must target to their consumers. Mina holds an MA degree in Media & Business, and is particularly excited about the new trends in digital journalism. Oreo is clearly expressing their brand personality on Vine and YouTube through their few second clips that related to every holiday and major calendar event. As stated before, Oreo has different strategies for each social media platform that affects how they engage with consumers therefore placing the brand between the curation and creation steps of the engagement process. Seth Adler: It's also an experience in and of itself, to- Since then, Oreo has continuously been able to use social media as a tool to reach and connect with consumers. The one thing we know for sure is that Oreos were conceived of in 1912 at the National Biscuit Company (Na-Bis-Co) — as a competitor to the then-popular Hydrox cookie, made by Sunshine Biscuits (via CNN Money).But the brand, now owned by Mondelez International, has kept Oreo's origin story close to the chest. It was strange not to find campaigns like Wonderfilled and Snack Hacks after typing Oreo. Oreo is also able to respond and interact with the other brands via Twitter. Put simply, a personality makes it easier for consumers to identify with a certain brand. Therefore, consumers are creating their own original content about Oreo and accomplishing the creation step of engagement. A content strategy is to be executed on an ongoing basis, thus always keeping a brand fresh in its consumers’ minds. And a birthday cake flavor and a … Therefore the new sources of information—consumer-generated content and opinions posted on social media—are referenced alongside traditional media in order for consumers to make and fully commit to purchasing the product. Finally, collaboration is when the brand and consumers work together to design and create something. Below are descriptions of Oreo’s presence on these individual platforms. With that said, the brand has done a excellent job of getting consumers excited about the brand and product through the brand personality that they’ve developed across all platforms. In my opinion, I think Oreo has done a great job relating to consumers via social media. And although this interactivity with other brands is a novel and amusing experience, it’s the personal and immediate engagement between Oreo and consumers that has increased brand followers and brand loyalty. By typing Oreo on the search box, Google’s predictive results are the following: oreo, oreo brand personality, oreo balls, oreo truffles. Level 3: making sensible decisions, get out of hardships and exploring new ways to avoid issues going deeper. Change ). In addition, their social media platforms are used to build out the brand personality by posting bizarre and interesting content that consumers want to see and will break through the clutter. Some of the social media platforms Oreo is utilizing are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Vine and YouTube. The key to consistency lies in establishing and implementing a convincing content strategy that brings everything about a brand’s personality – appearance, tone of voice, and expertise, among others – into one coherent whole, and spreads it across multiple communication channels. Ogilvy, the world’s best advertising agency, is known for its peculiar brand personality. He says that there’s a loop from expectation to trial to rating to sharing the actual experience, which are all now apart of almost every purchase and conversion decision. You decide). Here’s the scoop. By continuously releasing humorous and creative media, Oreo has associated itself with playfulness and witty commentary. Kraft, which owns brands like Velveeta and Oreo, is making the announcement at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York Conference, currently taking place in Boca Raton, Fla. Marketing Mix of Oreo analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Oreo marketing strategy. On Instagram, Facebook, and Vine many consumers are in the curation step because they’re simply liking and sharing the brand’s posts. I always look at their Instagram posts a little longer because they’re unlike anything else I see or follow.  On Pinterest, Oreo has a modest following of about 18,600 followers and 200 likes. Personally, Instagram is the social media platform where Oreo had gained myself as a follower. In fact, let’s be real: cookies are quite low on the food chain. After analyzing Oreo’s social media strategies, we see that much of their success stems from producing culturally relevant content posts that are also spontaneous and unexpected. Unlike a product brand personality that typically relates to consumers and user imagery for a specific product brand, a corporate brand personality can be defined in terms of the … Instead, they've infused the brand's social media activity with personality. And not just that. (function(d, s, id) { The campaign was super successful because each picture merged popular culture and advertising in real time by taking the current news on that specific day. Twitter has truly become the home of Oreo’s marketing strategy. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Mina Nacheva is a freelance journalist and content strategist, working with startups and small businesses from around Europe. In fact, brand followers and consumers are often looking for more than just a mere product or service, she says. Therefore, “why not offer content that educates, informs and helps your audience develop holistically, creating a one-stop digital media empire they can’t turn away from?”. Although, as a very inquisitive math class found out, Double Stuf actually equated to about 1.86 times the amount of cream of a regular Oreo and Mega Stuf holds about 2.68 times the amount, according to CNN. I think that it’s important for brands to have the relationship with consumers the way Oreo has created with their own followers. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. After looking at the four-step engagement process, Oreo’s engagement is between the curation and creation steps since consumers are interacting with the brand differently on different platforms. Oreo has got a very distinct and unique brand personality. Oreo has been having all sorts of fun on Instagram both with the product itself and their followers. ( Log Out /  As a result from the brand’s effective use of social media, Oreo has seen a doubled return on investment in digital marketing. On the social web, engagement means that consumers are taking the time and energy to converse with the brand. They're made with pink-colored Golden Oreos and green-colored creme, and have embossed designed inspired by … On these platforms consumers aren’t really creating their own content about the brand, which could be a issue that Oreo can look into in order to encourage more engagement in the future. There is one cookie, in particular, that has made its way to the hearts of many around the world, and that cookie is Oreo. Oreo’s famous tagline “Milk’s favorite cookie” has been used in their campaigns for years. Oreo If Oreo is the king of agile marketing, then Twitter is its crowning gem. Before that, she was the managing editor of a startup magazine in Austria. Before you get your “101 best jokes” book out and call yourself a comedian, take a look at brands who have already mastered the art of comedy though social. Think back to Oreo: a cookie with its own black-and-white look, a unique voice and a memorable personality. If brands achieve this creation step of engagement then I think brands will be very successful on the social web, like Oreo has, because those consumer-generated posts will reach networks and networks of friends that the brand alone would never be able to reach. One of the first posts in the series was an image of a multi-layered, rainbow Oreo in celebration of Gay Pride week, which earned tons of media coverage and appreciation from fans. which have helped the brand grow. It is not often that cookies have something to say. After all, it took the brand one viral tweet to show its customers that it intends to be there for them, even when they least expect it. Oreo – My Topic. The key to a strong content strategy, and as a result to building up a coherent brand personality, lies in the ability of the brand to always be there for its customers – whether in words, videos or images, on their own site or on social media. On Vine Oreo has 63,000 followers and about 4.5 million video loops with just 66 posts. In an era in which brands were told they should be acting like people, Oreo had suddenly developed a real personality. As of 2020, there are several marketing strategies like product/service innovation, marketing investment, customer experience etc. (Pun intended? ( Log Out /  Two chocolate disks with a crème filling in between has inevitably become the number one selling cookie in America for decades. Above all, brands with a personality aspire to build relationships with the consumer, and in so doing, their number-one priority is to be consistent. And while no one expects a bite-sized dessert to actually come to life and hold a conversation, brands with a personality tend to possess certain human-like characteristics that consumers – the target audience – can identify with. Oreo’s presence on Twitter so far has resulted in over 805,000 followers with 22,900 tweets. So how does the Social Feedback Cycle relate to Oreo and their social media strategies? SUSTAINATOPIA 2021: The global ecosystem of social, financial and environmental sustainability & impact. It also created an Oreo DJ Mixer that works with Double Stuf cookies. In 2011, the brand was the first to attempt a record for most likes on a Facebook post in 24 hours . Although most of the images have been shared through the brand’s other social media channels, Oreo has been able to collect all their content on this single platform. Oreo’s Facebook page is used as a platform for daily cookie and brand updates. One of their many big successes utilizing Facebook has been the Daily Twist campaign for the brand’s 100th birthday. They have certain traits, as they can be anything from funny, quirky and exciting, to honest and inspirational. OREO by you. And these conversions will end up impacting their purchasing decision. Simply put, they have found a way to express the brand’s characteristics and values in a conversational way. ( Log Out /  So, it might seem like Oreo is coming up with wackadoodle flavors out of left field but, in reality, they're counting on the novelty of these flavors to solidify their fan base. In the article, “Social Media and Customer Engagement,” the author Dave Evans describes the social web as a game-changer because it’s no longer just about social marketing and advertising. The 34-year-old pop star teamed up with Oreo on the limited-edition snack. I enjoy seeing the brand’s colorful and interesting pictures. In regards to YouTube, the brand has been taking creative risks to push the Wonderfilled campaign on this platform. The Oreo catalog extends far beyond the ordinary—the Nabisco brand frequently updates its flavor catalog with new, seasonal, and limited-edition options. “I think there are a lot of cookies that don’t have much personality at all,” Jill Baskin, head of advertising for Oreo, said in an interview for Fast Company. Level 4: Life experienced at the moment, one day at a time. Level 1: the feeling of boredom, fatigue, and apathy. js.src = "//"; They accomplished this by building a brand personality that took Oreo from being an old school advertiser to a modern content creator. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; In 2013, Oreo changed it’s image and marketing strategy in order to give America’s favorite cookie a “personality.” After this Oreo became the standard for delivering real-time marketing .The new brand personality was definitely shown in the famous Superbowl 2013 Blackout Tweet, which presented the essence of this conversational, in-touch brand. They’re round, they’re square, they’re delicious. Well, yes and no. And each brand has posted another reply, too: Why This Rules, aka The Power Of Personality Brand Evangelism– The basic positioning is that of a biscuit for ‘good times with family’. Consumption in regards to social media is the downloading, reading, watching, or listening to digital content. “Developing a content strategy that exceeds the expectations of your audience is vital for you to stand out among the best in your industry,” writes Te-Erika Patterson. This video , which features animated Oreo cookies and “Game of Thrones” music, includes a shot of the limited-edition packaging.
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