le 31 Oct. 2019. A small spritz and then....there's the L'Elephant in the room! This is a perfume that feels warm and inviting. Un parfum qui m'accompagne depuis sa création, j'adore! , s'adapte sur tout type . It’s rainy outside and I needed an utter sense of comfort :). Maryse On me, this is horrific, and not in a good way. Was: Previous price £69.07. It does smell like a spice/incense shop in India somewhere. The sillage is very strong and the longevity is enormous (+ 12h). This definitely smells like someone crashed into the spices' cabinet. I like it on others but for me its too much. Boy, this has the silage at first spray to make people RUN FOR THE Hills! I was getting instant migraine, and I am not exaggerating. It takes you to the exotic jungle decorated in Christmas decorations as the snow falls down on this tropic environment! I guess this scent needs an open space and much air. I just love it for my summer countryside holiday!:). The scent is pretty awesome too, except I really don't like the top notes. 1 . It may have also been useful in warding off the plague? 41263 articles. Finally, Ylang-ylang, Liquorice, Patchouli and Vanilla wrap you in a soft and sensual embrace. A juxtaposition of sweet and spicy, warm and cold, sharp and soft. Compared to “Daisy “ it might seem strong . The main difference is that the blood orange note is stronger at the opening (Zara's version). J'ai essayé de changer,j'y reviens toujours. Kenzo Jungle L'elephant by Kenzo Eau... (14.99 USD), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Buy it online 37 items on, Perfume rating Somehow strong and cuddly. 2019, J'ai plaisir à retrouver ce parfum que je n'avais pas porté depuis un moment comme dans mes souvenirs odeur incomparable livraison rapide, Par Doté d'un flacon identifiable au premier coup d'œil et d’une saveur épicée, il ne manque pas d'originalité et s'avère aussi troublant que généreux. I got dominant mango, heliotrope, ylang-ylang and gardenia. But honestly, I don't care enough about this scent to even want to waste time or money sourcing an original formula. I am going to buy it. I'm not usually into spicy scents, but it has enough of a gourmand kick for me to really enjoy it, it's so much fun to wear! It seems to want to destroy everything magical and special. This is an enormous perfume and a challenging thing to review concisely. Jungle L’Elephant is the reason why I started researching perfumers more than perfumes themselves. I give L'Elephant solid B grade. I don't particularly care for this combination of spices, which makes the strength a bit of a double-edged sword for me--I think I only want clove to be the third or fourth strongest note in a fragrance, not the dominant note, and the mix of spice with the cardamom sweetness is confusing my brain (#midwesternwhitepeopleproblems). I smell this and think a girl named Brooke, is going to stroll past with her broomstick skirt and crocheted top, talking about organic milk while smoking cloves. I loved the idea of this fragrance but there's a certain note in it that is nauseating, I think it may be the mango. À définir Livraison . I've had it nearly from the beginning of my collection. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. » Dominique Ropion . £64.32. This is my favourite, my first love of perfume. Publicité Advertising 1997 (2 pages) Les parfums Kenzo Jungle Elephant et Tigre. I do like it but I definitely think it is suited for colder temps as it is pretty strong. This is one of the most potent animals out there. Wow! I only wear this during the Holidays! Nous proposons une multitude de parfum pas cher authentiques pour Homme et Femme. It fills the room every time and doesn't live any space for other scents. ITS JUST MAGIC. Edit : I did wear this to a doctor appointment , in really hot weather and I could smell myself coming and going , not sure for some if a good or bad thing , for me , I love it and will wear whenever I wish until someone tells me otherwise , like a " what stinks " or what the hell is that smell " ~ lol ~ until then I 'll wear this spicy beast with pleasure ~ indeed ///=^} ~. This is a spice bomb! My first impression was- what on earth but than i started to like it, i wont wear it myself but i like it on others. I wear it a lot ( less in warm weather ) and the longevity is incredible. Amazing. I might have to try this at another time. I would not recommend it for summer, or even spring, or fall, as its sillage and longevity are the beast. 8,89 le lot . Glad I tried a store tester and didn't waste money on a fb. Really a beautiful perfume!! Today,I just have to make a point of agreeing with the people that say this is great for hot weather. I’m in love. This is very unique. Exotic spices and vanilla. épicé, Oriental, Note de fond : Sometimes I just spray it in the air or tea towel to enjoy it as aromatherapy. I debated buying this for a while because of the polarizing reviews . Kenzo va brusquement changer de direction pour nous proposer en 1996, sous les houlettes des deux génies de la parfumerie, Dominique Ropion et Jean-Louis Sieuzac, un Kenzo Jungle Eléphant opulent et brûlant de senteurs torrides. It is too cloying in warmer weather, but I think it would be nice and cozy in cold weather. Translucide, ses angles vifs laissent apparaître une ondulation sensuelle. I love SL Arabie which is much more smooth and balanced, but can’t tolerate this one. If, like me, cannot splurge on Tom Ford: Patchouli Abosolute, presently, go for this!!! I've now worn it 3 times... and every time its like it morphs into a totally different animal. Fragrance Reviews: 1002202 I thought I would never say that a perfume is too long lasting, but this one is. franck I tried it by chance, my daughter had a set of miniature kenzo fragrances given to her and didn't like this one. Everybody made an instant connection between me and this perfume. I bought the 100ml bottle, and it will quite literally last me about 48 lifetimes. I’ve already bought a 100ml back up I should be set for some time now. I got a slight floral note and then pow - an explosion of spice. 34644. Perfume before it was neutered. This smells like a head shop, I mean tobacco market, from the 90's. As well the fact that Ambre Eccentrico was release in 2015 and this juice is back from 1996. Some sweet Meredith Brooks song is playing in the background, and incense - incense burning everywhere! It might also have something to do with the reformulated version I tried. I ordered a 100mL bottle online and just received it yesterday. A powerhouse, a bomb, a monster, a super fragrance. Absolutely gorgeous. I ripped open the package, sprayed the first spray and.... Today I received this little beasty, or so I hoped. But recently I got tester sample and fell in love. I am a spice-beast junkie, so this was a no-brainer blind buy for me after seeing the notes and reading the reviews. It still lasts for ages, but it isn't such a sillage bomb. 14:56. Reminds me of the spicy room air fresheners available during Christmas season. Zara has launched a clone called Cardamom & Blood Orange. But this changed drastically, becoming a rich, full bodied flowery scent, quite sweet and a bit powdery, clean and with a subtle fruitiness. This was a successful blind buy for me. the notes and reviews sounded like it would be amazing and right up my alley, but it smelled so bad that I had to wash it off after 2 hours, which was at last an hour too long! I have owned a bottle of Jungle L'Elephant since spring, but did not really wear it. KENZO JUNGLE est un oriental épicé qui ne manque pas de caractère ! Other scents I used to like before (Dune, for example) now seem bland or offensive. On me it is a spicy, spicy vanilla, not at all cloyingly sweet, just barely sweet and reminds me of food markets in India with curries and fruits. Je le porte à toutes saisons même si son odeur me fait penser à Noël! And the bottle will hold a valued place in my collection long after the perfume is gone. I have a post 2014 reformulation version (batch code indicates 2018). Jungle Elephant is really HUGE, super powerful, massive and imperious. Not really sweet on me although I do get the vanilla, but mostly cloves and cinnamon. I found it overwhelming and all I could think of was wanting to go home to take a shower to get it off. le 31 Oct. 2019, tres bon rapport qualite prix livraison tres rapide, Par I have Indecence, original & reformulated water...I do not get that at all. Paruvendu Voir prix. Persistenta si siaj uriase! The cumin isn't so loud that it smells gross and dirty like armpits; but the idea of skin that's a bit sweaty but not so much that it's putrid, is what I think of with this perfume, maybe a bit oud-like. Parfums moins chers est basé sur un principe simple : seuls les parfums à bas prix (discount) seront vendus sur sa plate-forme. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it. Kenzo Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant femme 1996. It is a rich clove/cardamon combination. I think Kenzo Jungle develops in a unique way on my skin.I hate all the dominant spices listed here but I really enjoy this perfume.it's not too spicy on me except during first minutes.it develops to a creamy scent,a combination of vanilla,flowers(mostly bubble-gummy white florals),mango,and right amount of clove,cardamom and something like pepper(not even traces of licorice on me).
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