Antique Boat Center Launches New Water-Ready Certified Program! The peace of mind and beauty of a lightweight plywood hull. Wonder if it was her fault?!? When the boat is in motion, and also for winter use by those who prefer a "cleaner" alternative, try using moisture-removal products made for houses, basements, boats, and so on. But wet or dry rot can affect larger expanses than is obvious from the surface. Here's the basics to varnishing wood on a boat: Complete prep work: remove old varnish by sanding, rinse down your boat and tape off your area. Call a poison hotline immediately following and ingestion event. Be sure to dry out your carpeting, sails, life-jackets, cushions, and any other wet equipment before putting them into storage. A veterinarian should be called if a pet is affected. Damn those logical women, well, the few that are first mates apparently are. The Chris Craft site is down for a major update so Matt will probably need to fix the linking whenever the new one appears. Do that by scrubbing it with detergent, water and a little bleach. The revolutionary structural moisture removal process. Lager boats with heavy planking might need a more through soaking before launch day. Allow at least two weeks for the CPES™ carrier solvents to evaporate away. As an example to help you understand how weight is a consideration when choosing fiberglass, if you wanted a natural or bright finish on a small wooden boat, you need to use 4 oz. The fact is, most have moisture levels which are higher than when the stringers were installed. Before 5200 bottoms i would stop On the way to Dora at the rest areas and put 10-20 gallons of water in the bilge at the RV dump area. Its not uncommon at lake Dora to see boats taking on water and bilges running batteries down over night. Turn the fan on full and leave it overnight. Adding Masthead Light for a 1953 Chris Craft Conqueror. DRY YOUR BOAT. Attach the hinges to the fan and hang your boots on the flap lifting the tongue upwards. The planking is not as good as it originally was. When wet, it’s easier to sand your wood to lock in a smoother finish. Pets, children and adults can have adverse reactions to the ingestion of the Borax solution. 2) Dry - heat those areas for an extended period, check the moisture content to see that they are dry. Thanks TomStatisti […], ISO: strut for Contessa. After the borate chemicals have soaked into the woods end grain, allow the wood to dry in the shade. Anyhow, when I acquired the boat last year, there were a few cabin roof and deck leaks, including one … But its the best advice I have gotten over the years, and makes sense. On the first boat I rebuilt the foam was actually dry, but water had gotten into the transom and stringers because of some improperly installed hardware. With DRYBOAT®, we’ll have you back on the water at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional repair methods. And to dry it you must expose as many sides as you can to moving, dry air. How to Repair Wood Rot in Walls. Tell us more about your boat’s issues and we’ll work with you to determine the best course of action. fiberglass cloth because it turns completely transparent when wet out. If they're all soggy, they probably aren't very strong either.

On lots of boats, the wood in the stringer really only acts like a mold for the fiberglass matt that covers it. There’s an old method of shipbuilding that requires you to wet wood to make it malleable. This may cause the hull to warp out of shape. But put fans on it, and under the area in the basement too. Dry rot may seem like a problem for wooden boats, but many boats, including those with fiberglass hulls, have wooden stringers and wall studs that can be affect by dry rot. I know this is all subtle stuff. Wet rot, very simply put, is a natural decay of timber in the presence of high moisture. Try and avoid running it or trailering it in its dry state. Given the right conditions they can grown and multiply rapidly. How to Dry Wood Slices and Discs Prior to getting started, we recommend picking up a moisture meter at your local hardware store or online. Any ideas are helpful. I used some EG on my Formula 242 bulkhead repair to treat some of the structure that was wet, but still useable. Re: gluing wet wood with epoxy.. G-flex is a toughened epoxy from WEST system that has shown really promising adhesion to damp and hard-to-glue woods. I have to Contact Bud @ it.Statistics: Posted by pet […], I have a studebaker banjo steering wheel on my riviera. Re: How long to let wet stringers dry? Traditional boat building relies upon the swelling of wood to create a watertight seam. As mentioned above, wood shrinks as it dries, so make sure to leave a bit of leeway when cutting fresh wood. The alternative is to lay the dry material directly on the boat or mold surface and wet it out there. Wood drying (also seasoning lumber or wood seasoning) reduces the moisture content of wood before its use. Quick, put on another couple of coats of bottom paint, maybe the buyer won't notice ! When the wood is soaked up, the boat is tighter and stronger. By midnight we had a new pump installed, and she made it thru the night ok. Remove any carpeting covering a wet hardwood floor. Spraying the solution on the wood is one option. If you plan to paint over the wet wood surface (or a wood that is still damp and not completely dry) with regular paint the paint may eventually peel off very soon. Here's the basics to varnishing wood on a boat: Complete prep work: remove old varnish by sanding, rinse down your boat and tape off your area. A bit of moisture is okay, for there are carrier solvents to help displace them. So glad that wasn’t “Storm Duty”, wasn’t she yours? The moisture meter readings are still as high as ever." Paint may be bubbly. The most common of these wet rot fungal species is Cellar Fungus. Naturally she thought I was crazy. someone smater than me needs to let me the square footage of 87 gallons of water at .75″ thick, i think its way more than the plank/bottom area of a 20’er. Guaranteed. I note that Tennile is nowhere in sight. The old timers say to park them in a barn over gravel so the mosture stays in the boat as much as possible. This will prevent mold from growing. Surviving wooden boats are seeing a new resurgence of interest. Traditional double rail racks are fine for fiberglass hulls, but do not support wooden boats properly. But in other cases, exposed wood may only appear in random instances where protecting the wood is possible. Does this intake differ substantially between fresh and salt water? That is totally different than bassackwards. But confusingly that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a wood that is hard to the touch. A paint like that does not exist. Take care to prevent rot and the boat can live on. If that were the case, then most every boat with wood stringers would be junked. When wood has been wet for an extended period, you'll also have to clean mold. A leak can dampen household plywood and increase the risk of mold. Years ago I bought a 1955 CC Continental in Michigan which had been garaged for several years and trailered it back to N. Virginia. Borax is a poison at concentrated levels. Took Miss Conduct, our 30 ft Constellation, to Florida and launched last week, ready for the St Johns River Cruise. Make sure the hook is large enough and sturdy enough to hold your boots. Wood drying (also seasoning lumber or wood seasoning) reduces the moisture content of wood before its use. You don't want to have open buckets of calcium chloride sitting around on the boat during the active season, however. But put fans on it, and under the area in the basement too.
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