Courses. Juice Concentrate is a condensed frozen form of fruit & vegetable juice from which the most of the water content has been removed. CONCENTRATION AND DRYING OF FRUIT JUICES. The concentration process is carried out under low temperature, effectively avoiding qualitative change. By comparing these fruit juice concentrate process technology, we can figure out their advantages and weakness, so as to apply them better in juice processing. From this first processing phase the result is a paste that passes on to the evaporation process where water is reduced from the paste and thereof the name of concentrate. Since fruit juice is mostly made of water, in order to concentrate it, you’ve got to remove a lot of water. While fruit juice concentrate is often delivered in bulk containers, juice for the production of high quality not-from-concentrate (NFC) is usually supplied in frozen form to maintain quality and freshness. After completing the press filling-up cycle, pressing takes place. Purees are made by straining fruit and vegetables with sieves. Puree Concentrate. Cream or concentrate processing lines start with the fresh fruit or vegetable washing, leaf cleaning, boning, enzyme deactivation and aseptic processing. Removing the rotted fruit, the disease and insect fruit. And it guarantee the consistent quality of end products. With less volume, it contains soluble solids of 65%-70%. After dosing the solution, a feeding line is rinsed and fining agent preparation station is automatically switched off. B&P Engineering delivers and installs both types of unloading system at the customer's site. Laboratory tests the extraction, acidity, NTU and colour on the basis of intermediate tank sample. It's an added ingredient in many food products, from orange juice to granola bars. This animation shows one of our turnkey realization, with we make four our client in Poland. Complete line for production of juice concentrates and NFC juices from apples.jpg, Turnkey projects and greenfield investments, Equipment & machines for production of juices and concentrates, Subcontracting services - construction of machines and industrial equipment, Download: Complete line for production of juice concentrates and NFC juices from apples.jpg (2,71 MB), Extended functionality of the devices used in the production of juices and concentrates, Increase in the consumption of NFC juices - investments and modernizations of fruit processing plants, MONA System – effective elimination of ACB bacteria from concentrate, automatically controlled water cannon used for rinsing fruit from a car, operator's rooms with control and pneumatic cabinet for system operation, bucket conveyor for vertical transport of raw material and separating water, floatable chute with draining devices which accepts raw material from bucket conveyor and the flap system directs it to respective silos, hydraulic tipper for vehicles. 24 April - 30 April. They are distributed in certain proportion and constitute flavor of various fruits. After ultrafiltration process, juice is fed to fined juice tanks and it is taken again to evaporation station in order to condense it. Freeze concentration means lower the temperature of fruit juice to ice point. The first one is to extract and separate aromatic matters and add them to concentrate fruit juice. After reconstitution with clean drinking water there will be a fruit juice with 100 percent fruit content again. As for heat pump concentration system, it uses the heat generated by refrigerator as heat source, and inflated refrigerants as cooling agency, representing higher heat utilization.
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