e-bikes fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Enjoy your commute as the pedal-assist technology amplifies your efforts. We let him know it's not his fault. But, it saves you the hassle of forgetting the charger at home. The very next day I realized the I made an error on my order. The brake levers here are full 4 finger levers and even have ball ends, a safety and comfort cue taken from motorcycles. You can purchase their models at the factory or you can order online… which comes with a bit of added cost. To its credit though, I will say it boots up very quickly and has a many different readouts and features. Can't wait for my next bike ride! Bike is extremely well made & arrived in perfect condition. We LOVE our new e-bikes. WONDERFUL and thank you EBC!! The bike handles well and took the hills near by with ease. Does this seem like a good fit? There are a few trade-offs here with the lack of bottle cage bosses, mid-mount kickstand that gets in the way of the left crank arm if left down, and protruding power cable from the right side of the hub motor, but overall the bike just works, and these are not unique issues to EBC. With everything going on in this world, its a great way to unplug and getaway from it all. Ships fully assembled, 100% ready to ride on day one. The motor on the Model C and S is pretty strong, so even with a single speed drivetrain, it was possible for me to climb by either maintaining speed when going into a climb or helping out by pedaling just a bit. Notice how all of the metal parts are silver? I am also loving the gears, the pedal assist variable and the throttle. For example, there is a temperature display that will either tell you the ambient temperature outside, or you can cycle it to read out the temperature of the motor. This is definitely one of the most, if not the most, powerful 500 watt motors I’ve tested thus far. It makes for a fun ride and as much exercise as you want to get! Wow what a ride. I hope this helps, and I hope you’re happy with whichever product you decide on! Purchased the Model S. The box it came in was huge & was very well padded. This is a single-speed electric bicycle with the option to add your own derailleur post-purchase. I appreciate it. It’s the best thing since sliced butter. Excellent company Excellent product.. My husband and I purchased two bicycles. I was lucky enough to check out the actual local paint shop they use to get the custom colors on the bike frame and applicable accessories. I was surprised at all the options and colors, the wife wanted a purple one and the only place was Electric Bike Company. If you like this style of bike, I think it’s a good choice for a variety of terrain because the tires are larger and the long handlebars and sprung saddle will absorb some of the trail bumps. Yeah, I think geared hub motors are great for throttle operated bikes when you want some torque and zip. Operating the bike is a bit of a trick. Their bikes tend to be feature-rich cruisers with powerful hub motors, higher 360 lb max weight ratings, and single-speed gearing. It was a success, by the time we got back from riding the bike trails. I love this bike and love this Company!! The bike arrived much earlier than promised and it is a QUALITY piece of equipment. Whether you’re a casual rider, a commuter or more of an adventurer, our high-quality, easy-to-ride Go! I just love how low that saddle can go, and appreciate how comfortable the bike felt, even without a suspension fork. Both levers have motor inhibitors that instantly cut power to the drive system when activated.
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