Ceanothus thyrsiflorus repens is a very small evergreen tree with panicles of pretty blue flowers that are popular with bees. Discover Ceanothus. repens is one of the hardiest ceanothus. Whether growing a free-standing or a wall-trained shrub, a deciduous or an evergreen, here's all you need to know to get the best from your plant. Crocus. Ornamental gardeners hold the Blue Blossom Ceanothus in high regard for its abundant bright-blue flowers - a rarity in the ornamental garden. Ceanothus 'Concha' is an evergreen shrub, with arching branches with narrow, dark green leaves and lovely clusters of deep blue flowers in late spring. Height 100-150cm. £5,95* (inc vat). Ceanothus is known for its wide spreading habit, so it will need to be positioned to allow for growth. Ceanothus and Mahonia. There is new darker green foliage growing. Is this normal? Palm Trees. £12.50. Same day shipping (order before 09:00) Money back Guarantee. Northern England . When planning, the easiest thing to do is to divide plants into specific size groups and then choose these groups in the following order. Northern England . When we talk about medium sized shrubs, we mean plants that reach 1 to 1½ metres in height and therefore plants that are suited to small & medium sized gardens. Ceanothus 'Blue Mound' Californian Lilac. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about ceanothus? Keep an eye on the plant for the first few months & make sure the soil never dries out. £5.95 . A small, but vigorous evergreen shrub of low, spreading habit, but taller when grown against a wall. Ceanothus, also known as Californian Lilac, are very popular with bees and butterflies due to the mass of flowers that cover them. This cultivar has a dense, … A vigorous dwarf creeping evergreen shrub with clusters of bright blue flowers in late spring and early summer. It’s a low-growing, evergreen shrub which, in May and June, is smothered in fluffy, powder-blue flowers and and assortment of pollinators. More View Wishlist. These wonderful shrubs enjoy the sun and should also be planted on a well-drained site. It flowers through spring to early summer, whilst the glossy green foliage provides interest throughout the year. Before back filling, ensure the plant is both level vertically & also level with the surrounding ground. There is new darker green foliage growing. Under £15 (7) £15 to £30 (26) £30 to £45 (2) £45 to £60 (3) £75 to £90 (2) Browse By Shop (12) (8) (8) (4) (4) (2) (1) (1) Ceanothus Concha £21.99. The foliage is green but that's about it. Hello there Plants will shed leaves when they are stressed in some way. Order Shrubs and bushes online Large assortment of over 3000 plants Courier delivery within 2-3 days Proven quality with grow guarantee Buy Californian Lilac Plants Online. Ceanothus, commonly known as California Lilac, offers almost everything a gardener could wish for in a shrub: free-flowering, lovely foliage, ease of cultivation, drought and salt tolerance. There is a large number of Ceanothus varieties but this article sticks to the ones popular and common in the UK. The size of the planting hole should be about twice the width of the plant’s container & 1½ times its depth. Ceanothus 'Blue Mound' Californian Lilac. Fast growing, these desirable shrubs draw attention with their stunning flowers. Standards. Grasses. Once you are happy, you can back fill the soil & then press the soil in well with a strong tap of your foot.AftercareThe immediate after care of your plant is simply to water it in. £8.99 £ 8. Buy quality plug plants from our wide range available for sale online in the UK. SALE% Flowering Shrubs Hedge £17.95. 4.6 out of 5 stars 64. How to grow Ceanothus. Everything you need to know about choosing the right Ceanothus for you. Your selection of plants should combine & contrast well to create an interesting & harmonious scheme.Once you are happy with the choice and position of your larger plants you can move on to planting & preparing your soil.Preparing Your SoilTo ensure your plants settle in quickly & start growing as soon as possible, it is important to handle your plants carefully & provide your plants with the best soil & growing conditions.Firstly, you can dig out a hole for your plant. ceanothus. Ceanothus Snow Flurries. Facing. Fast growing, these desirable shrubs draw attention with their stunning flowers. Shipping cost £5,95* Customer reviews: Delivery Info Add to Wishlist. Promotion Available. repens. 4.1 out of 5 stars 208. These wonderful shrubs enjoy the sun and should also be planted on a well-drained site. repens is a low-growing evergreen shrub, covered in late spring and early summer in small light blue fluffy flowers. A chance discovery in Ireland, this wonderful plant is just starting to become available. A easy to grow compact evergreen shrub with clusters of rich blue flower heads in late spring. Delivery Cost. Quick Overview. Details. SALE% Cortaderia selloana Pampas Grass White £3.95 £4.95. Acer. Ceanothus should either be planted in a sunny, sheltered position or given some winter fleece protection. Ceanothus (California lilac) is a beautiful shrub that will reward you with the most glorious lilac/blue/pink/white racemes of flowers in the spring and summer, depending on the variety. The genus is restricted to North America, with the majority of its distribution is in California hence its common name the “California Lilac. £19.99. C. arboreus ‘Trewithen Blue’ AGM Deep blue clusters of slightly scented flowers in April and May. At this point you can also add a small amount of fertiliser, for medium plants you can add 35 grams of growmore plant food.PlantingHandling your plants with care is very important, your plants will already be experiencing the shock of being moved which will lead to a stunt in plant growth. Out of season, we should be getting more very soon. Quick Overview. Also known as California lilacs, which tells us their country of origin, ceanothus shrubs come in a range of sizes to suit most gardens. Surcharge areas: Isles, Highlands of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Plant shrubs that have nectar-rich flowers that are good for insects in spring, and berries in autumn that attract birds, e.g. Californian Lilac hedge (Ceanothus 'Yankee Point') description Whilst Ceanothus 'Yankee Point' is an evergreen species, it can lose some leaves in winter. Autumn Sale - 20% off; Autumn Clearance 50% off; Camellia Yuletide 3 yr £41.00 save £8.50; Rhododendron Wine and Roses £37.50; Large Daphne 'Spring Beauty' for £51.00 ; Camellia 2 yr for £30.00 inc c&p & giftwrap, save £8.00; Medium Magnolia - £67.50 Save £7; Burncoose Website Gift Vouchers; National Garden & Burncoose Tokens; Gift Wrapping; RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2020; … Ceanothus Dentatus or Californian Lilac, commonly known as, differs from other ceanothus being slightly smaller in stature, and is broad and compact which makes it ideal for the smaller garden. Ceanothus Puget Blue, California Lilac Plant Plant in 9 cm Pot 4.0 out of 5 stars 17. 1 X CEANOTHUS 'Yankee Point' California Lilac Evergreen Shrub Hardy Plant in Pot. Ceanothus Victoria Californian Lilac Shrub 20-30cm Supplied in a 9cm Litre Pot. A vigorous dwarf creeping evergreen shrub with clusters of bright blue flowers in late spring and early summer. Ceanothus 'Gloire De Versailles' Plant (2L Pot), Spirea Japonica 'Big Bang' Plant (2L Pot), Phormium Tenax 'Tom Thumb' Plant (2L Pot), Potentilla Fruticosa 'Bella Lindsey' Plant (2L Pot), Saxifraga 'Floral Carpet' Plant (11cm Pot), Latin Name: Delileanus 'Gloire De Versailles', Foliage: Broadly oval, light green leaves to 8cm in length, Flowers: Large panicles lilac blue blooms, Flowering period: Lilac blue flowers from Summer into Autumn, Will require protection in very cold Winters, Low growing habit should be planted with tall & arching plants for best effect, When designing & planting a scheme, these larger plants are the first plants to choose & position, Ceanothus companion plants include Sage, Yucca, Perovskia & Choisya Sundance, Kerria Japonica, This service guarantees that any order placed before 4pm will ship from our depot the same day on the next day delivery service *, This services comes with text alerts and timed delivery slots which the customer can change to suit themselves, UK shipping fee covers parcels up to a total weight of 20Kg, Note: There is no free delivery for Western Europe Deliveries, Bulk bags & large orders are shipped via pallet couriers on a rigid lorry, If road access to your site is tight, then please advise us before purchasing, Please Note: We cannot guarantee next day delivery on pallet deliveries, Also, we cannot guarantee delivery on a specific day (Please allow 1-3 days for delivery), It's always best to order well in advance to avoid disappointment, Cancellation of pallets when items are already in transit will incur a 40 euro per pallet cancellation fee (To cover return delivery costs), Where pallet delivery can not be made due to site access, a 40 euro per pallet cancellation fee will apply (To cover return delivery costs), Please note max weights below, heavier orders may require additional payment, We will contact you to discuss, if max weight of order exceeded, The shipping fee is fixed for an order, regardless of the number of items bought, All courier orders require signed proof of delivery & the customer must be contactable by phone, We do not offer a weekend delivery service (Mon-Fri Only excl.
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