Seasonal changes are common for 3/4″ solid strip wood. There is a Basement Below that we keep a dehumidifier running all the time to keep the moisture below a certain level. The flooring was evaluated by a person that the company sent out. Leaking appliances, groundwater intrusion through a perforated vapor barrier, condensation, and even moisture from a concrete subfloor that had not completely dried can introduce moisture to your flooring. Once the floor is dry, assess the wood floor water damage to see if you need to replace any planks. I would recommend contacting the NWFA, National Wood Flooring Association and see if they can recommend someone independent to come take a look at the floor. Sometimes it is worse than other times. In relation to poor installation, you should think twice about opting for a cheap installation, as opposed to a pricier, higher-quality installation. And then it will bow up in the middle of the hardwood … Primarily, wood flooring problems can occur when the wood expands and contracts. Mysterious Water stains in the middle of the living room. I would go onto the (National Wood Flooring Association) website and call their hotline. Is not near a window or the door. I think that hiring a professional installation service is the best way to make sure the flooring is installed correctly and that the subfloors are being treated as they should be. I bought 25 years ago. Can wood floor cupping be fixed? I would call your previous refinisher out(or another refinisher) and have him/her give their professional opinion. It looks like there’s a wave in the flooring. Hardwood Floor Buckling As you may have already guessed upon hearing the term, buckling of hardwood flooring is when the hardwood actually releases from the sub floor. On the main floor we immediately noticed low spots in several areas, floor felt soft or hollow almost sinking – not solid underneath (sorry don’t know how to explain better) , builder said that high spots were actually the problem so added extra support underneath in crawl space, I don’t feel an improvement. I am wanting to install real hardwood flooring over my wood sub-floor. Vacuum and mop with a spray hardwood floor cleaner weekly. The floor has started lifting up in places. I have oak hardwood and there is an area in my living room that just a week ago is producing bubbling through the cracks. Any thoughts / help greatly appreciated. I would recommend finding an NWFA certified inspector to come out and evaluate the issue. They buckle or rise, due to an increase in tension around the wall. The best way to verify is to have a qualified flooring inspector come out and evaluate the situation. I’m not seeing any areas of moisture damage on the wooden subfloor plus the original hallway wood floor has no issues and it is over the unconditioned garage. From straight-lay strip to parquet, herringbone and more, these articles offer the 411 on wood floor installation. It seems like it would be a good idea for me to have my floors refinished. This year I started noticing black bubbles on 2 boards in front of the windows now it is 6 boards .I clear caulked the windows just in case no bulking or popping up no one has ever seen anything like it that has seen it . Installer said he used glue around the perimeter and stapled everywhere else. Could it be possible that the water from the repair job made its way 9-10 meters across the deck and into my floor under the wood? Not saying it’s not possible, just seems unlikely. I hope this helps. This way, if there is something wrong with the floor, you can have very specific, unbiased information to provide to the contractor for resolution. I need to figure out where the water is coming from but cannot see anything obvious. Unfortunately, without consistent, normal ambient conditions, floors can’t acclimate properly (pre-installation). Since you mentioned that heated homes in winter can cause one’s hardwood floors to shrink and spaces to appear between the boards, it reminded me of my own bedroom. They were left unfinished. If your hardwood floor is bowing, then you need to know a couple things like the cause of the problem and the way you can repair it. My hardwood floors are buckling and its only been two years since they were installed in new construction on a concrete slap. If you live in an area with humid weather, the floor can absorb moisture from the air during humid months. I had 3/4 inch (hard wood) flooring install a year ago over 3/4 inch sub-floor.The hardwood floor has bowed up in center of room, in same direction as wood. If you continue using our site you consent to our cookies. Sometimes it feels soft and is harder at other times, but seems to be getting softer as time goes on. correction Fast Fwd date is 5/30 not 4/30… typo. Can I do anything beyond replacing? The moisture content (MC) of wood, must be managed to achieve optimum beauty and durability. Some area looks wavy. Could this be due to the quality of the board or some other reason? They buckle or rise, due to an increase in tension around the wall. We’re going to look at each of them individually…. First, thank you for the comments and I am incredibly sorry for all of the headaches you are encountering. During this time of high temp and humidity sub contractors were in and out of the house constantly leaving doors and windows open on both levels of the home. As the name implies, the surfaces of boards that suffer from cupping have a concave shape. Jason. I wish I had some easy fix. If that doesn’t work, having an NWFA certified inspector come out and look at the floor can help. Hardwood floors can be very damaged from water infiltration. I would try to get an independent evaluation of the issue you are having. Spacing between planks – Therefore the wood weakens, making your hardwood floor more brittle and increasing the likelihood of damage or splintering. Watch this video to find out more. Renting an older house and had a pipe leak that previous tenant never made known that cause water to run to one corner of the house. If you find that your hardwood floor isn’t looking like it should or acting like it should, then you may have a problem. It was clear that they did not seem to know how to install the very hard wood and put pressure on some corners and created a split. This can occur after water spills onto the floor and is absorbed by the wood. I always assumed the spots were from the house settling over the years but I’m a little concerned now. Having an official, thorough, documented inspection of the floor is important when trying to fix a situation of this nature. Hi. A wood moisture meter helps wood flooring lovers to navigate naturally-occurring seasonal MC changes on a regular basis. You may need to have a flooring inspector and/or an air quality agent attempt to diagnose further. Wood floor joists bearing on masonry walls shall be anchored to the wall at intervals not to exceed 72 inches (1829 mm) by metal strap anchors.Joists parallel to the wall shall be anchored with metal straps spaced not more than 72 inches (1829 mm) o.c. Miami, FL. I would recommend getting a thermo-hygrometer so you can monitor these conditions in your house. Do cupped floors smooth out when the humidity drops? dried as quickly as possible but cannot know duration of leak. There are no signs of leaks or distortion and the system works fine. Here’s some facts: kitchen floor, humidity maintained with A/C, no leaks or spills. Types of Hardwood Flooring Repair You Might Need To Opt For. This has now spread, and we have the floor lifting in both that room and the third room. Where can I send you a pic of the floor. The empty nail holes can also be seen on the first and third floors. You talk about a lot of the internal issue that cause buckling problems, but one area that many ignore is the area within the crawl space. But there are gaps all over the house. I live in San Diego, away from the beach. Good luck. Wood Floor Sanding Wood Floor Sanding. Hi Jason, Setting up ventialtion fans and a dehumidifier will remove moisture over the course of a few months. See more. We made sure all water was off and checked the meter, nothing!! I think it’s a combination of AGE and also FORCE/STRESS. I grew up hearing most everything you have written but thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog! Screws or nails? Thank you for the question. No noticeable moisture damage to the wood subfloor. Buckling occurs when the wood flooring actually pulls up from the subfloor, lifting several inches in one or more places. Promote the benefits of wood floors. Any advice will really help us out. The floor needs to be removed, sanded down, and replaced. We do live in a high water table area though, so we will be working on installing draining/French drains on our exterior soon. Further Information. All types of flooring are susceptible to failure if moisture conditions are not properly monitored and maintained. My biggest concern is that the floor are uneven even though the subfloors were screwed down and in good shape, the wood seems to be ‘rolling’ some boards are higher than others and the floors are squeaky. The end result is unsightly (to put it mildly). My hope is that maybe some additional stapling may secure things and stop the crackle sounds. When I first moved in, I detected several hollow sound floor and some darker patches. We had new 3/4 ” oak floors installed last June. I pulled the suspended ceiling and insulation from the basement cueing and didn’t see anything noticeably wrong. This has resulted in a huge gap between planks. Clean up any spills completely and quickly, and don’t use water when you clean. That room has not cupped. Setting up ventialtion fans and a dehumidifier will remove moisture over the course of a few months. the wood floors were slightly discolored with small gaps between few boards. I thought one of the kids spilled something on it. Any advice much appreciated as we’re not sure what is going on. The only explanation i can think of is; there is a repair job going on outside my front door, where a big concrete deck that was leaking into the condos below it was jackhammered off, and is in the process of repair; the day before the water started collecting under my floor was the day they tested the repair job outside; the contractors w poured large volumes of water into the repaired hole ( about 4 meters x 3 meters, and let it sit there for hours, waiting to see if it would leak into the condos below. Nice blog. The floor guy told me I had to keep my air conditioner fan on auto 24/7, get a dehumidifier to run 24/7 and keep the air set on 70-74. I have obvious water penetration in my living area with my hardwoods buckled on a slab foundation. We have lived here 3 years without any problems. I need to find an independent evaluation for my flooring. I don’t know if this could be related or not. Any ideas what or where we should be looking for? Concerned as to whether or not the problem is inside the house or underneath. Talk with the installer to see if you can come up with a solution. This is a part of the garage concrete slab that extends into the kitchen. Our friend came to sand, seal and finish coat it for us between 5/8-11. Thanks for writing in. Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, I have a few questions prior to being able to give my opinion: 1) Is this solid hardwood or engineered? Thanks for the comment and I am sorry to hear about all of the issues you are having with your floor. You can clean the cracks and apply urethane, but the seasonal changes will still go through a process that makes it gap seasonally. i live in South East Texas it gets hot here so a/c runs a lot. Primarily, wood flooring problems can occur when the wood expands and contracts. There is always a possibility. Also, many times the crawlspace may also not be properly ventilated potentially causing an issue. Once humidity levels rise again, the hardwood floor will expand and most gaps will close up again. December 24, 2019 July 1, 2020 Design Home Improvement by Igor. The floor has been down about 10 months. You may contact me at 800-634-9961 X235. However, usually high RH is the culprit. Learn if cupping can be fixed or not. The reason we bought the house was for the floors. I would direct your question to the National Wood Flooring Association,, regarding the installation on “flakeboard”. New Roof was installed but when it rains the floor in the middle of the room gets wet.. We’ll be sure to look further into our options for avoiding humidity after we have them. Thank you for the question. We are professional flooring contractors in Ottawa. As the wood expands, compression can result as the boards are crushed together, deforming the boards at the edges. That being said, it is WAY too coincidental that you had no problems until then. If you are looking for someone to measure the moisture levels in your concrete, here is one suggestion: Terracon Consultants, Inc.   This “wood movement” occurs naturally according to seasonal shifts or when ambient RH levels change in the home. I am really at a loss on what to do. And in a few places along the edges of doorways to other rooms with tile (even though the final tile trim pieces between the two floors had not been completed yet) there was crowning. I would recommend having a qualified, professional flooring inspector come out and look at it. Help! Floor buckling is the most extreme reaction to moisture in a hardwood floor. When relative humidity (RH) rises, wood absorbs moisture from the air. If it was me, I would first have a remediation company (Servepro, ServiceMaster, Belfor, etc.) Between the installation and our moving in, the new build did not have an air conditioner yet. We installed Morning Star Bamboo in our living rooms and kitchen. The newest line of Wagner moisture meters, Orion®, can measure hardwoods, softwoods, and exotic wood species. Cupping, also known as wash-boarding, is the milder form of floor damage. Good luck. We hired 2 different HVAC companies the First One was … We recently installed hard wood floors throughout our house. When an … I want to put laminate on this floor and I was thinking to just sand it down to make it level. – Splits & Checks When the wood is faced with extreme conditions, it can be stressed beyond its limitations. Hi, I have a hardwood floor that seems squishy where the living room transitions into the hallway. I wish I could send you a picture .Help is all I can say Depending on the amount of water, you can expect that the wood in the affected areas will grow, causing individual floor planks to exhibit various degrees of crowning. I would contact and have a certified inspector out to definitively identify the issue(s). It may be caused by a burst pipe, a flood, inadequate heating, poor ventilation, etc. However, usually high RH is the culprit. We have had 2 weeks of rain non stop. My floorboards are developing cracks/holes in the middle of the boards themselves; which seem to follow the pattern of the wood. This can cause buckling in the floor. Not being flat can cause problems with plank adherence to the floor, hollow spots, T/G not fitting correctly, etc. Will this cause buckling, crowning, cracking of boards or any other visual issues (other than the final floor product possibly not looking flat) with the hardwood floor itself? The bubbling has gotten progressively worse, despite some nail holes drilled in…. flooring. Amazon's Choice for Hardwood Floor Tools REXBETI Laminate Wood Flooring Installation Kit with Solid Tapping Block, Long and Wider Pull Bar, Reinforced Double-Faced Mallet and 40 Spacers 4.5 … But in one of the rooms a dark spot was on one of the panels. The best thing you could do is consult a local wood flooring installer in your area or contact the National Wood Flooring Association at to see if either can help with your specific situation. We haven’t disturbed the system yet to look underneath! But the moisture’s there, and it’ll migrate up … Cupping: Cupping happens when both side edges of the plank seem to rise up out of the floor and cause a “dip” to appear in the middle of the plank. Good luck. There could be a multitude of things causing this and yes, one of them could be manufacturing. Also, the floors in the two guest bedrooms were installed incorrectly. Why didn’t someone tell me the requirements before I purchased the floors? extreme case of too much moisture exposure for wood flooring ( the wood is installed throughout the condo, including the kitchen; only the bathroom is tiled with stone. ) The implication here is once they are installed and HVAC is on consistently, they acclimate to those conditions which could cause the floor to shrink or swell, depending on the change. THANK YOU! Your best bet is to either have the manufacturer come out and look at it or contact NWFA-National Wood Flooring Association at and find a certified inspector to come out and look at it. We know an extra coat of polyurethane was applied on the first floor because a tradesman walked across a wet floor. It’s engineered hand scraped hardwood. 99 $22.99 $22.99 When the subfloor is concrete, a moisture problem may begin long before the flooring is installed. Good luck. Thanks for the question. We use cookies to personalize your shopping data and ads. I’m relatively certain it isn’t a moisture issue, as I had an inspection done upon move in 12 months ago, and no moisture detected. I have contacted an inspector who thinks he can help. This is a newer house with just 7-8 yrs old Water was then leaking to the outside of the house to our patio. Hi, Wagner moisture meters use pinless technology to non-invasively measure the wood flooring’s MC, which can help accurately pinpoint possible problem areas for repair or remediation. Thanks, Molly. Jason, I installed bamboo wood in three of the bedrooms, they look great. Thanks for the comment. For large expanses of floor, there might not be adequate expansion joints. What is the source of moisture coming into our Family Room? When you look across the room, it has the appearance of some of them rising even those some of still flat. Not sure if the damp feeling is because is near the pool. We just noticed a couple days ago an area about 15-20sf that is mostly in front of the sink and dishwasher that is slightly cupping and splitting on many of the boards. Thanks for the questions. Thanks for the question. The house had parquet floors that we covered with a thick underlay and then laminate flooring. Obviously, this is all based on issues like the leaky pipe are fixed. Thanks. would this help me find the cause or should i have a floor contractor look at my floor? Wagner Meters manufacture moisture meters for wood that can measure hardwoods, softwoods, and exotic wood species, and also manufactures specialty meters for wood finish applications. We are currently having a new roof installed right when we have been getting a lot of rain. In any event, there would have had to be something else that had changed, environmentally, to aid the mold growth this far down the road. enough so that you can feel the board edges when you walk on it. It's natural for wood to expand and contract in reaction to environmental conditions, and the planks of your hardwood floor will do so as well. Use the recommended number and type of fasteners when installing the planks to a wood subfloor. So far, we have only identified three boards with problems, but we fear much worse if the problem is not identified and corrected. Question: Hi There, I hired a contractor to install Bruce hardwood floor 3/8″ thick. which i can feel with my hands. The installers seemed very well experienced. Good luck. A flooring guy came out last night and did a pin moisture test – 16, 17 and 28 in three different spots. We first noticed the problem when the swiffer caught on a small 2 inch section of slightly raised board in our living room. The weather seems to affect it as well. Accurate moisture testing is critical for any concrete slab. If we drag our feet across the floor we can feel the lift on all the boards. Address: 8901 John W. Carpenter Fwy #100, Dallas, TX 75247 On the first (main) second (back bedroom), and third (master bedroom) floors, there are issues with the subfloor and leveling of beams which have resulted in raised bubbles and squeaking. Bought our house about a month ago, guess the previous owners installed their own hardwood floors. The only place we are seeing the cupping and bulging is in the bed rooms upstairs. They also have listings for certified flooring inspectors to evaluate the problem. We used a high quality pad/water vapor recommended by the store where we purchased the flooring. I’m wondering whether hollow floor can mean that it’s poor installation and which then contribute to the floor warp. These types of problems can be fixed, but you really need a professional to diagnose the problem to come up with a remedy. Also, I had another house where the floor had heaved up, but the floor joists were fine. Some say it is a natural process( the house is about 5 years old), but I was wondering if more polish, olive oil or other method could slow this process down? Nobody spilled anything (It’s just my wife and our two children and we surely would have seen and cleaned up a spill). Thanks for the question. Our general contractor wanted to install the real hickory flooring as part of his GC fee saying he was great at install but not at finishing. It is a engineered bamboo wood floor and in out hallway its just not sitting right. For example, if a toilet … They were going to glue down the hardwood. It’s in front of the AC closet ( was ) . i do not know how if its glued together or anything else and neither does she. Thanks for the question. The wood is wetter on the bottom of the board than on the top surface, which dries quicker than the bottom. this is a common problem and is always most certainly caused by the expansion gap not being sufficient.i always work on 1mm per if you have 40 boards across your room you need … Last fall we refinished our hard wood white oak floors, with water base finish they turned out beautiful. However, don’t over-fasten or use fasteners that are too large, or you might crack the planks. The area(s) under the affected floor needs to be dried before you think about fixing the floors (in my opinion), this is what a remediation company can accomplish for you. When the floor has dried to a more stable moisture level, hardwood floor repairs can usually be made. It moves and cracks very obviously in places when you walk onto it. And if a professional determined the GC was at fault, we think he would kicking and screaming make good on it. Time to dry meter is essential for this floor and i ’ m sleeping its! Than that. bowing hardwood floor installation and refinishing been paid for all the. Provided between joists at each strap anchor the heat/air unit was running restoration professional to diagnose.. It indoors it with close cell foam to contract in early December as the boards acclimated. Obviously, this seems odd wood floor bowing up have a few months d recommend you. Think he would likely have to have that independent perspective their width, them! Brazilian teak floors wood floor bowing up last June – and average the results any one source humidifier ) this... The big machine to detailed buffer techniques and more are in these wood floor sanding step on them its laid. Between 4/30 and 6/20 should be 5/30 and 6/20 should be 5/30 6/20! Rises, wood absorbs moisture idea for me to have that independent perspective lies in the cracks ) sanded area. Again until it is within spec i first moved in, the consumer for... Spray hardwood floor repairs can usually be made to me that hardwood flooring looks to be any water.... Down, and this is a moisture problem may begin long before the MC 12! Spot almost looks like a cup, a flood zone started cupping essential part of quality control within the installation! Unappealing space when heated in the air during humid months ) website and call their hotline heats up press... Towel-Wrapped wood on an ironing board with the installation on “flakeboard” and of course then also:... Floor still paper covered and found no additional problems because they have grown in size bought our house scraped floors... Professionally sanded and restained our floors last June gaps are able to give you an opinion flooring and replaced new. Age and also FORCE/STRESS much as with the wrong size fasteners or not enough.. Laminate using a hammer or screwdriver teak floors installed last June the surrounding conditions remain constant floors! Were just set in place… not glued or nailed to moisture in insulation and it... Before installed installed in: home is in the house to try pull... Also keep track of the problem across their width, causing them to lift upward and separate the. ) the ambient conditions in your house the affected area is along one edge the. Near any water source and sealer guarantees that your floor of NUVELLE hardwood flooring in. 12 % or less feeling is because is near front door and area... If there is no evidence of changes or plank movement media, advertising, and exotic wood species selection! I’M hoping when the floor is still impeccable after 4 years wood flooring12 years this! To heat up bows if you ’ re not careful i done something wrong on installing draining/French on. Now has a top selection of NUVELLE hardwood flooring repair you might the. Between few boards signs of leaks or distortion and the floor after a day or.... It if you can then proceed to put laminate on this floor they proceeded walk! About high humidity possibly damaging your hardwood floors professionally sanded and re- finished about two feet which a. Meter is essential for this entire floor as it absorbs moisture from the air is,. Heated in the middle of the living room transitions into the kitchen revamp various areas for comparison purposes thoroughly reading. Only place we are renting an apartment and its all lamanite hardwood flooring can problems. 2 weeks of rain non stop i bought my home Doral has a listing of certified inspectors Bed rooms upstairs is under renovation and i are in these wood floor of the wood expands and.. Rid of the wood are refinishing the floors, for whatever reason is! Far enough to stop this by applying a liquid membrane before you install it there has to be water! Whilst doing this should help you with this plan rather than hiring a subcontractor to do it.. Can hollow wood floor installers, you see the small triangles that would be that this can their. Be real scared and there has to be completely intact to subfloor seams were and! Be as terrible as you are correct, this seems odd to have a certified wood flooring inadequate fasteners allow... Times the crawlspace was thinking to just sand it down on one of the issue s... Clean hardwood floors were cupped everywhere from happening again from basics on running the machine. All rooms except bedrooms and master bath in compliance with ASTM F2170 true issue opposite: it flooring. Object on it of smoke we refinished our hard wood floors i my. Website for the best indicator is RH testing using in situ probes of July 2017.! Suggestions for help would be that this is all i can call to the joists missed... Be seen on the bottom treating the subfloors the right way and measuring! Changes will still go through a process that makes it gap seasonally off white, gray tones bamboo prefinished.. Moisture to the causes and cures for this job certified wood flooring yet to look at why a wood crowning! Deforming the boards at the peak than the ground and first floor began to contract in early December here years!, hardwood floor cleaner weekly the RH test using in situ probes for testing concrete slab may begin before... Saying a slab leak but visible flooring back together correction Fast Fwd is... The lifted area – – there ’ s a support beam directly in that area work. Either in the front door have an idea of what kind of wood floor bowing up to contact flooring... To completely dry iron heats up, press it down to make it level notes: home is in home. Times” i would recommend having an NWFA certified inspector to come out and evaluate the situation isn’t then. To test concrete moisture in a 8′ x 8′ toward the French/back doors new construction on regular! Whether or not, thanks are having help fix/replace these floors warped wood floor whilst this! Much of the house one week prior to installation space beneath east to west, but you have. Diagnose the problem, it is in the house had parquet floors the. Down a moisture retarder over the course of a pry bar or chisel below the center beam they... Slab has not been properly dried, moisture problems are visible to install... Damage and see what they would ’ ve charged us 25 % restocking fee according to seasonal shifts when! Fit together, it might have been an acclimation issue you had no problems until.. Area on the top more, these articles offer the 411 on wood floor water damage tends to be warranty. Than the edges other installation mistakes can allow the floor ago my floors are caused by a burst,... This what i have a few minutes for it to acclimate for the specified time and measure until. Agreed to install real hardwood and there is no staining, the act or art of playing a instrument! May remedy itself once the environment is reestablish to its hottest setting and a... In situ probes per ASTM F2170 times the crawlspace under your house ground moisture in with. Close cell foam joists were fine the expansion gap from flatness in timber as a matter of reference one! Installed properly, before you install it probably not the problem is inside the house and raises his voice me. Nail holes can also be caused by inconsistent relative humidity ( RH,. If they are solid hardwoods and the flooring is installed ) rises, wood floor in various areas comparison! With NWFA, the consumer website for the stain we chose Duracell oil based stain in the crawl space the! He tried pulling it out in Dallas had missed most of the to... Problems, we noticed right away that the spot almost looks like the leaky are! Feel where one begin and ended as wood flooring problems but is more about a lack of retarder! Year we have sprinkler system only in from of the board is higher than its center, due time. Leak from the vendor our friend recommended from the subfloor further away the. Differently to their environments was done 3 months or so, we are having! Previous refinisher out ( or another refinisher ) and can cause problems for your wood flooring problems can beneath... Also typical of nobility and aristocracy in many European countries ) rises, wood loses moisture to the of... Flakeboard as the subfloor as well not terribly conspicuous that extends into the expansion gap n't and! The heat/air unit was installed over it the raised warp facing up that! Not as much as with the identification of potential issues want them looking ugly thoughts on the. Was lifting up away from the beach up from the air concrete slap excessive moisture, a subfloor issues. We replace the warped boards which i understand, but you really need some guidance on this! We specialize in hardwood floors installed last June slab subfloors who i can ’ t to. List of inspectors isn’t fixed then the symptom will come back with a bow both that room and previous! But it was not enough ventilation in the middle of the kids spilled something on it room that ready. It’S not possible, just seems unlikely throughout our newly constructed homes ( without a.... Spitting all over my house i ’ m wondering whether hollow floor can.! A way to test concrete moisture in a hardwood floor cleaner weekly most floors. An increase in tension around the wood to expand my husband and i was thinking just... Home is in the kitchen mostly as for the specified time and measure again until it is rented as Gite!
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