Elicia currently works as the Career Outreach Specialist at Maryville College where she serves the student body by engaging with local organizations to facilitate partnerships and opportunities for students. A portfolio of applicable outputs. More. ... Twitter and Instagram. Functional Our website uses functional cookies. Immediate Start, For At Least 3 Months. Wholesome is a smaller account I would assist on, I worked side by side with the Senior Art Director on the day of production to execute the vision they had planned out. Team: Creative Director, Kenny Friedman. Unleash creativity and design beautiful social media content with the super easy, step-by-step editor and pre-made templates. Sourcing props, models and locations and direction/styling the scene as needed. 221 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159557. Date Listed. Typically, Social media is part of a more elaborate strategy, so talking about the campaigns objectives and the impact of social media can help to demonstrate the positive effect of your expertise. Additionally, Elicia manages incoming and outgoing communications from the college's Career… Team: Senior Art Director, Dana LaCoco. Content Creator responsibilities include producing marketing copy to advertise our products, writing blog posts about industry-related topics and promoting our content on social media. August 11, 2017 August 11, 2017. Social Media. Planning their social media content throughout the month. With my determination, problem-solving and leadership, I am capable of enabling your brand or idea with tools to reach its potential. 04 Dec 2020. I learned about how different brands work and what different audiences are looking for. Servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Adelaide, Canberra. Content creation tools enable you to make engaging, unique content that delivers your message to your target audience. Marknadsföring på sociala media & Marketing på Facebook Projects for $30 - $250. They can also create offline content such as brochures, client packets and so on, but today, we’ll be focusing specifically on digital content creation. I am a freelance content creator and work with multiple media. ADVERTISING. We sold around 250 tickets via social media. Location Name. Photographer/Art Director/Stylist, Gloria Cristina. Allowance / … Intro to ANNA ANNA is a service in the world of business Fintech, helping small businesses spend less time on their financial admin. When I get asked to assist on Starbucks, Branded Solutions I am presented the concepts and it is my job to produce and photograph the task at hand. Photographer, Art Director, Producer & Stylist. In addition to working on events, I have worked on the company's rebranding, website and social media for Facebook and Instagram accounts. SCHEDULE&PUBLISH created content to multiple Facebook and Twitter Pages, save it to a gallery, or PUBLISH directly to Instagram. Map. Team: Senior Art Director, Hannah Lesko. Being a Social Media Content Creator means I am a Photographer, Art Director, Producer & Stylist, I create premium content on limited budgets and quick timelines. I am capable of enabling your brand or idea with tools to reach its potential. FestiGals is a three-day women's weekend in New Orleans that also conducts events all year around. I am ready to share my marketing talents and ideas with more brand to help share their unique story. PORTFOLIO. Content Creator Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview. I wanted to add new content to my pages other than just selfies. Here are a few tips for creating this section of your social media portfolio. After college, I started as a marketing intern for a holiday festival called NOLA ChristmasFest. I ran Facebook ads and created original content to sell tickets. Content Portfolio. | LinkedIn | Instagram. Social media is part of a larger, integrated strategy, so talk about the campaign objectives, and how social made an impact. Yes, this is the right place! With my determination, problem-solving and leadership. Content is posted once a day (at the most optimal time), 7 days a week. I work with to tell stories. I created blog posts, social media content, e-blast and content calendars. . Melbourne. Influencer Media Kit Content #2: Your Social Stats . My name is Allena Natchez Fleming. Brands and businesses are much more likely to appreciate an honest portrayal of your social stats. Entry Level / Junior Executive. Content Creator Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in English, Marketing, or a similar field. Midol ROLE: copywriter & social engagement supervisor | CLIENT: Bayer. Content Creator and Social Media Expert. (including design, writing good english captions and basic copy with hashtags), and helping to schedule the posts on our facebook and instagram channels-> 20-30 posts per month. Then I had the luxury of working with an amazing food stylist who cooked and styled everything on the plates themselves. This allows us to increase your social presence and keep your audience engaged. We created tutorials, animated gifs and had the final beauty shot for each individual pizza brand. Job Type. Team: Senior Art Director, Dana LaCoco. Elicia is a budding content creator and a veteran social media manager and community organizer. It has given me the freedom to try different methods. In college, I started an art festival where I became responsible for marketing and digital media. June Laves, Strategy & Design. BLOG. Senior Copywriter, Sunshine LeMontree. Later, I created a page called @nolasocialgirl to share my experiences in New Orleans, LA. I thrive in combining visual strategy with copy to create compelling stories for brands, in addition to strategically planning content. PEOPLE. Perhaps one or two that showcases social media engagement and denotes the metrics that followed. Working on this project opened my mind up to creative brainstorm methods and creating reliable content for your audience. My passion for content creation was realized through my personal Instagram account and blog site. They provided me brand guides and  mood boards, with this information I came up with the concepts and executed all of production on my own while having Rythm/GTI members overseeing the whole project. 1/9. Keeping emotional appeal in mind, try and decide the best format to tell the story of the project you are presenting. If you’re interested in working with me please feel free to shoot me an email, glocris89@gmail.com Shorty Award 2018, Pinterest: TAZO JOY Board. In our social media proposal template, we break this out into an overview of the client’s needs and your planned work, the social media goals you intend to hit, and an overview of the project timeline. Australian content creators, videographers, photographers & social media managers. A mixture Provide social media content … Junior Art Director, Brigita Zabulionyte. I work with the social media team on content, website management, marketing strategies, e-newsletters & online ads on a daily basis. Content Creator and Social Media Expert.
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