Guía Dark Souls Personajes Reah de Thorolund . He is first found at the Firelink Shrine, near the lift to the Undead Parish. The Maiden Rhea and her retinue from the Church of Thorolund arrive in Lordran on a mission that will lead them directly into the depths of the Gravelord's Tomb. If you kill him before Reah, Vince, and Nico arrive, they'll be permanently hostile to you. #3. melfice181[paladin181] Mar 17, 2014 @ 2:43pm I would make a decision quickly, or you may find a problem later. Charlie Cameron is the English dub voice of Reah of Thorolund in Dark Souls. He is voiced by Sean Barrett, who also voiced Ingward and Andre; and Grandahl in Dark Souls II, and Andre and Hodrick in Dark Souls III. Hi again! What You Didn't Know: Reah, Prt 1. Nico's headless body had been thrown into this cave before her, and it was the priestesses' bodyguard who had cushioned her fall and imparted a last blessing upon her ivory robes. Reah of Thorolund [DKS Wiki] Comments made to our Dark Souls Wiki 5. Petrus of Thorolund is a Character in Dark Souls.. Information. Fri Mar 27, 2020 4:23 pm. You don't actually have to kill Petrus for Reah to move to the Dukes Archives. Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:35 pm. Yeah, just kill that murderous, cowardly bowlcut since he doesn't sell anything worth buying - Reah sells the spells cheaper and knows more of them, and the talisman he sells is raw (the thorolund talisman does not scale), he abandoned Reah and is going to … What You Didn't Know: Reah, Prt 1. Close. This talisman is only granted to high-ranking Thorolund clerics. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Petrus de Thorolund está en el Santuario del Fuego.Después de hablar con él dos veces recibirás una Moneda cobre y abrirá una tienda. Anonymous. Have you guys tested this? You can even get cool dialogue with Petrus to justify the kill by talking to Lautrec (assuming he's still alive) and paying for his tip. The Weirdest thing has happened to me. I’m a little lost. Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:55 pm:( 0. Otherwise she won't ever leave. Archived. You just have to go talk to her right after the Tomb of the Giants. 1 Location 2 Plot 3 Lore 4 Notes 5 Strategy 6 Wares 7 Character information 7.1 Health and souls 7.2 Defenses 7.3 Equipment 7.4 Drops 8 Dialogue 9 Trivia Firelink Shrine. Nico of Thorolund is a Character in Dark Souls. If you're going to kill him, make sure Rhea is alive. SHOW COMMENTS (0) Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? Reah of Thorolund: 47 ships destroyed and 19 ships lost. Reah of Thorolund VOICE Charlie Cameron. Anonymous. Thorolund is a mentioned location in Dark Souls. Dónde y cómo conseguirlo, estadísticas, cuanto daño hace y todos sus efectos. Rhea of thorolund questline. Kill Petrus of Thorolund? - … Comments Add a Comment. She is the most complicated char to keep alive. He was voiced by Sean Barrett. Anonymous. #4. Reah of Thorolund [DKS Wiki] Comments made to our Dark Souls Wiki 3 . Guía Dark Souls Personajes Petrus de Thorolund . 1 Localización 2 Trama 3 Estrategia 4 Notas 5 Información del Personaje 5.1 Salud y Almas 5.2 Mercancías 5.3 Equipamiento 5.4 Drops 6 Curiosidades Se encuentra en el Santuario de Enlace de Fuego, entre las ruinas que conducen hacia el ascensor de… Prior to this event she has been praying at Firelink Shrine with Petrus dead and I have bought all miracles save for one. Thorolund Talisman is a Weapon in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.. People say you have to buy all her spells (except divine blessing) or kill petrus so that she doesn't become hollow and move to duke's archives. Ships: 47: 319,578: 19: 343,411: 71.2: 319,959; Points: 52: 384,912: 226: 204,111: 18.7 Después de derrotar al jefazo Demonio de Aries, Reah aparecerá en el Santuario de Enlace de Fuego junto con Vince y Nico, todos ellos al lado de Petrus de Thorolund.Rea estará rezando al fondo junto a las tinajas. He is the friend of Vince of Thorolund and Reah of Thorolund.. Encounters. Appears at Firelink Shrine, along with Nico of Thorolund and Reah of Thorolund, after beating the Capra Demon.They are found near Petrus of Thorolund. Vince of Thorolund is a Character in Dark Souls. Después de hablar con ella y sus compañeros, se irán a las Catacumbas cuando tú salgas de la zona del Santuario. 66. This was my interpretation of a Reah build and these are my favorite moments using it this past week. Lore. I was attacked by Reah when I went to Firelink Shrine. 1 Lore 1.1 Connections to Carim 2 Characters 3 References As most high ranking clerics and members of the Way of White seem to originate from Thorolund,1 it is likely to be either the home of the covenant or at least deeply connected to it. Music: Shunsuke Kida - Maiden Astraea's Theme EXPLOD - Maiden Astraea's Theme (8 … Su misión no es otra que la de escoltar a una mujer de la iglesia de Thorolund, a Reah, que ha pasado a ser no muerta y que, por ello, ha de encaminarse hacia la obtención del rito del avivado. She will move as soon as all her Miracles and the Divine Blessing are bought, no matter if Petrus lives or not. ; Appears to be quite simple, will only hum when talked to. I already beat pinwheel and Petrus is now saying he can’t find his lady after I came back from beating lower undead burg and the depths. Anonymous. Is that correct? 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