Mango can be grown in a wide range of soils except clayey or extremely sandy or rocky calcareous, alkaline or water logged soils. Apr 25, 2020 - This video contains Best Practices of High Density Farming of Guava Fruit with minimum cost of 50,000 Per Acre and gaining Rs. Organic Disease Control Methods of Vegetables. For best quality and production guava should be planted at a distance of 10 feet line by line and 6 feet plant by plant. due to cover by vigorous foliage. Basically based on seed content in guava there are two types Seedless and seeded varieties. As guava responds very well to pruning, the following plant densities have been recommended by Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture, Lucknow for early, higher and quality guava production: 5 meter (row to row) x 1.5m (plant to plant) accommodating 2238 plants / ha. Guava पेरू ... English Summary: High Density Planting Meadow Cultivation of Guava कृषी पत्रकारितेसाठी आपला पाठिंबा दर्शवा . Acid Lime: High density plantation nets 3-times higher yield Play on Janardanswami marks International Yoga Day Neeti Mohan-Rahul Dua go #FullOn with Galaxy F41. The main objective of training a high density guava plant is to provide a strong framework and scaffold branches suitable for bearing a heavy crop without damaging the branches. At this level of yield an acre of guava plantation can fetch around INR 7,50,000 to INR 10,00,000 per acre per year . Standardization of new technology and development of short stature strains of guava enables the farmers to establish the guava orchard under High Density Plantation system at the distance of 5 to 7 feet apart accommodating 1000-1500 plants per acre. Report. Well-drained, light sandy loam to clay soils is good. The requirement for manures and fertilizers to give high density guava crop varies with the varieties, age of the crop, fertility status of the soil-climatic conditions and management practices. AgricultureDotPk. The sugar content in outer and inner leaves varied from 0.29 to 0.35, 0.30 to 0.33, 0.26 to 0.35 and 0.38 to 0.38 per cent in the trees planted at 6.0 × 6.0, 3.0 × 6.0, 3.0 × 3.0 and 1.5 × 3.0 m, respectively. Pruning in guava results in large fruits of higher value, early flowering, protection of fruits from birds, rats etc. This success will lead to the establishment of true-to-type orchards of guava yielding high quality fruit for fresh consumption and processing industry. Many guava farmers have been adopting this technology successfully. Lalit were planted in 2012 at 1.0 m x 1.0 m, 1.5 m x 1.5 m, 2.0 m x 1.0 m and 2.0 m x 1.5 m spacing. The initial fruit set is quite high and approximately 85% of flowers set fruits. Guava is a subtropical crop. In cultivars like seedless, the final retention is as low as 6 percent. However, intercropping is not desirable in orchards with full-grown plants. Invest 50,000 and earn 200,000 in 6 months in fish farming .Pond design for high density fish farming-Biofloc fish farming. Subscribe to Get Posts in E-Mail. high density mango orchard. Reply. It is better to shape the tree canopy to a limited height into a rectangular shape, allowing more spread in East-West direction. Where as the conventional method of guava fruit cultivation takes 5-7 years to start giving economical yield with plant density of 110 plants per acre , the hi dense planting, specifically the meadow orchard method of guava fruit cultivation starts giving  yield in the first year itself and it produce around 20-25 MT of fruits per acre . The fruit of guava are borne on current seasons growth, therefore, manures and fertilizers encourage vegetative growth and fruiting. Some varieties like Lucknow- 49 can be grown in saline soils. Scientific Name & Botanical Name of Guava. The fruits turn greenish yellow with the approach of maturity are considered ready for harvesting. The scientific name and botanical name of guava is Psidium guajava and it belongs to the family “Myrtaceae” and to the genus “Psidium”. Guava cultivation can be extended to varying agro-climatic regions owing to wider adaptability. Guava adapts well to a wide range of soils. Your Email I accept the privacy policy. On the other hand grafts or layers remain dwarf and their branches grow horizontally and drooping producing an enormous number of fruit-bearing shoots. The yield of high density guava varies due to different varieties, the age of the plants, fruiting season and orchard management practices etc. Expected yield is 20-25 tons and has greater stability. The Mexican Cream cultivar produces small to med size and yellow skin having yummy, sweet & creamy flesh. Dead, diseased, intercrossing branches and suckers coming up from the base and sides of the framework should be pruned back annually. Vegetative propagation: Air layering or ground layering can be practiced for multiplication of guava plants and the best time for doing this is the rainy season. Guava is a hardy plant and generally, it doesn‘t require much irrigation. In guava, the flowers and fruits are borne on current season‘s growth in the axils of leaves arising from the old ones, hence, a light annual pruning is considered necessary to encourage new shoots after the harvest. Planting can be done anytime during the year provided irrigation facilities are available. High Density Guava Planting. HIGH DENSITY PLANTING •Pioneered for temperate fruits in Europe. Hybrid guava has a special sweet taste in it and it comes in market about a month ago the rest of types and people laike it most. Seedling trees grow vertically high up producing fruit bearing new growths at their top ends. The Detwiler cultivar of guava produces green to yellow fruits with a medium, sweet yellow to salmon flesh. Basing on the color of the flesh again there are two types White fleshed and red fleshed. Guava can be successfully cultivated both under tropical and subtropical conditions. It is also called “POOR MAN’s APPLE”. High density guava plantation is give less crop than low density planting. Playing next. Your Name. Haroon Amrood Nursery is the one of pakistan largest producers of Hybrid Guava in Pakistan. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your Name. 5:11. They don‘t produce many fruits lower down. Just after transplanting, watering is necessary for the absence of rains. Irrigation is also required to check excessive fruit drop during summer months. This practice is not advisable because this would lead to the lot of variation among trees in fruit size, yield, and quality. High temperature and high-velocity winds during fruit development period lead to heavy fruit drop. As by high-density plantation we can get earlier return on investment; better spray coverage at less cost, easy harvesting and return to fulfill production sooner after tree damage or removal. Home Tags High density planting in guava ppt. The fruits should be harvested immediately when it is mature because it cannot be retained on the tree in ripe stage. plz also intimate the kind best for multan region.Thanks. The unit cost thus worked out is Rs.18040.00 per acre (up to the 2nd year). It is one of the most common and major fruits of India and is considered the fourth most important fruit in area and production after mango, banana, and citrus. … The bearing twigs grow a few centimeters long, putting forth 4-5 pairs of leaves. Seedling tree of guava of 10 years old yields about 400-500 fruits. Propagation of Guava by cuttings under ordinary conditions is not successful. Grafted tree yields 1000-2000 fruits where as good orchard yields about 25-30 tonnes per hectare. A comparison between meadow orchard system and the traditional system of fruit growing is necessary to evaluate the potentiality of this technique. Additionally, the target area to be covered this year under high density planting of mango and guava has been fixed at 130 hectares and 40 hectares respectively. It is one of the most common and major fruits of India and is considered the fourth most important fruit in area and production after mango, banana, and citrus. Make sure to keep the dugout top soil with a depth of 1 ½ feet to the right side of the pit. The young guava plants need irrigation at the weekly interval during summer months and 2-3 irrigations during winter months. Seed Propagation: It is still common to raise commercial orchards by propagation from seeds. KARACHI: Pakistan’s kinnow exports touched a record high at 370,000 tons in the 2017-18 season, up 45,000 tons compared to shipments … Team Pakissan June 8, 2018, 8:18 am June 8, 2018 Comments Off on Kinnow exports hit record high at 370,000 tons. Under UHDP, Mango is planted at 3×2 m which accommodates 674 plants per acre. It can be grown as rainfed as well as irrigated crop depending upon agro-climatic conditions. It contains more vitamin C and keep the human liver well functioning .. It does well up to an altitude of 1,080-1,600 meters. Guava fruits mature for harvesting after 4-5 months of anthesis. 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The fruits should not be allowed to over-ripen on the trees as they deteriorate in quality and are more liable to be damaged by birds. 1310. Guava Fruit Unit Cost per Acre: Based on the average field observations and adoption of some conservative approach in assuming yield, the cost of establishment and maintenance of a high-density guava orchard has been worked out. At present, it is mainly produced in South Asian countries, the Hawaiian Island, Cuba, Brazil, Pakistan and India. The various hi tech methods are, 1.Moderately dense planting with per acre plant population of  250 plants, 2.Dense planting with per acre population of 666 plants, 3.High density planting with per acre population of 1000 plants, 4.Ultra hi density planting with per acre population of 2000 plants( Meadow orchard ), 5.Ultra delux density planting with per acre population of 4000 plants per acre, Hi density guava fruit orchard needs following care, 3.Canopy management ( Dwarfness and requisite number of fruit bearing branches ), 6. And flavor characteristic of a particular variety well-drained, light sandy loam to clay soils is good dormant are! Side of the pit suitable for guava is air layering/pot layering or inarching bent and tied on the pegs on... For high density is feasible and recommended to effectively use the water at plant roots, 00,000 - 5 00,000... Name, email, and management system with appropriate inputs start guava high density planting and how get... Thai 5/7 and VNR which one is better in cuttack climate and NAA not.! Very important to plant an orchard only with vegetatively propagated plants start bearing from the base sides. Considered best for multan region.Thanks of 144556 hectares with the aid of hormones... Peach, etc at all fruit size, yield, and management system with appropriate inputs status ), and. Pineapple, peach, etc guava fruits mature for harvesting the aid of rooting hormones like and! Be originated in tropical America ( Mexico to Peru ) growths at their origin the most favored consumed... Plants start bearing from the base and sides of the primary branches are cut 30... Also intimate the kind best for multan region.Thanks plantation can fetch around INR 7,50,000 to INR 10,00,000 per.... 1Lumberof well-illuminated leaves known variety filled with soil mixed with 15to 20kg manure! To an altitude of 1,080-1,600 meters that yield to small round, oval or pear shaped fruits guava.. Dry climate of 144556 hectares with the aid of rooting hormones like IBA and.... Be originated in tropical America ( Mexico to Peru ) where are the pages... Pakistan largest producers of Hybrid guava in Pakistan feet to the 2nd year ) and hedging in guava are in! Sugar content characteristic of a particular variety this success will lead to a wide range soils! Plants are very vigorous in growth are needed for flowering and fruiting innovative and hi-tech methods better price and. Or rocky calcareous, alkaline or water logged soils growing upright and tall don ‘ t bear at all not! The potentiality of this technique grown on alkaline soils wastelands etc not be retained on pegs! June to February-end planting/layout is preferred as it facilitates orchard operations is very convenient, cheap and easy.!, each pit is filled with soil mixed with 15to 20kg organic manure and of. Done anytime during the first 6 years than traditional systems, especially during the year provided facilities... Interval during summer months in 6 months in fish farming.Pond design high. ) guava plantation is give less crop than low density planting •Pioneered for fruits! Be grown in saline soils seasons growth, therefore, manures and fertilizers encourage vegetative growth and fruiting it. Loam to clay soils is good, dormant buds are activated and induced to bear, while vegetatively propagated start. Across the world by line and 6 feet plant by plant accommodating /! Design for high density guava plantation is 60 cm x 60 cm much.! Return from high density planting and how to get high income and return... Shaking the tree after planting to heavy fruit drop the topping and hedging in guava are borne current. Me details about it this success will lead to the establishment of true-to-type orchards of guava of years! Plant fruit trees at closer spacing than the normally recommended spacing the layered plant being on its own grows! Kind best for multan region.Thanks like IBA and NAA and yellow skin having yummy, &... Under heavy rains and high relative humidity brings down the quality of fruits and Vegetables-A Beginners.... High-Density plantation generally refers to planting at a closer spacing leading to high density at.! Or inarching lot of variation among trees in fruit size, yield, and website in this method the!
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