I solemnly bear that witness, and I know it is true. Richard G. Scott was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when this fireside address was given at Brigham Young University on 3 June 1990. I don’t like to tract.” This great leader responded: Oh, is that so? The successful learner develops the capacity to identify fundamental principles and truths, to record them, and to apply them. You will be used as an instrument in the hands of the Lord to do his work, beginning now. One of enormous worth is the greatly enhanced probability that you will find an eternal companion who will walk with you along the path you have chosen. Do they continue to center on service, or are they drifting toward selfishness? Discipline is another fruit you harvest through obedience. . By His obedience, God’s gift—His blessing of righteousness was bequeathed to you. . Free Access to Sermons on Fruits Of Obedience, Church Sermons, Illustrations on Fruits Of Obedience, and Preaching Slides on Fruits Of Obedience. Avoid prayers that appear to be a set of instructions to the Lord—do this, bless that, change this, help me with that. I have not visited Utah Valley Community College, but I imagine one would have similar feelings there. He has worked conscientiously to discipline his mind. You will be trustworthy. The university is a workshop—both in the classroom and out of it—where you can test the validity of the principles with which you will guide your life. It was a beautiful watch. We operate on light. Oh, how the world suffers today because of dwindling integrity. If you stay in the light, you will not have that challenge. They should not become ends unto themselves. As you live a high standard of performance, publicly and privately, and even under great pressure adhere to it, you raise the vision of others. Some years ago, I received an unexpected high school graduation present. He was younger than usual. If you are willing and obedient, you’ll eat the good of the land. The challenge is to be able to identify fundamental principles. . Choose from among the student body, the faculty, and your priesthood leaders, from those like yourself who are wise enough to keep order and restraint and use time wisely. On March 16, 2020 March 16, 2020 By frstephenpowley In Uncategorized. How can you keep your resolve? Anyone who has studied chemistry, physics, and mathematics knows that if a basic principle can be mastered, then the solutions to a full myriad of specific problems are assured. The challenges of life are not thoughtfully sliced into discreet subject matter. Don’t cheat yourself by taking dishonest shortcuts in any phase of the learning process. I pause here to emphasize this great secret in his life so you may use it to bless your own. Students who go astray generally choose the other kind of friends. When I am in a foreign country, it wakes me at the appointed hour and does a lot of other useful things. BYU and UVCC are prototypes for life where you can be schooled in a controlled environment. They served one in need. I was in a mission president’s seminar where one of the Brethren stood to introduce the next speaker. Now I can observe him more closely. So you don’t like to tract. Your example encourages others to realize more of their divine capacity. I speak to you who are automatic, who in your lives have decided that while you will work to obtain enough for the needs of a family, you will not set your hearts on the acquisition of wealth and power but will serve and be led by the Lord in all you do. I would walk about two miles down the railroad to get there. There are no convenient answers in the back of the book. . At this time of transition where you have complete control of your life, you will make decisions wisely because of your unwavering determination to obey the Lord. . Are you making progress toward them, or have you begun to wander down paths that distract you or deflect you from meaningful purposes? They are often not easy, but they are always beneficial. Don’t be satisfied with memorizing or learning by rote so you can press a mental button and discharge memorized facts to pass an examination. Our obedience bears the fruit of increased intimacy with the Lord! Create an atmosphere of freedom of thought through self-control. I awakened this morning with an amazing peace of soul. His Abba, taking a piece of dry wood, planted it and said to him, ‘Water it every day with a bottle of water, until it bears fruit.’ Well, for heaven’s sake, what do you like to do that will pay dividends? A second fruit is integrity. I found that the work at the dairy wasn’t easy. He can’t do all of the things he used to do, but what he is has remained unchanged, unaffected. . The helmsman noticed they were at a slight up-angle, so he tilted the bow planes down. Explain to those who are undecided some of the harvest of blessings you have tasted because of your mission: the joy of service; an appreciation for integrity, discipline, and hard work; the value of worthy companionships; the strength and peace from prayer; the power of love; the ability to act on faith; a heightened capacity to discern the promptings of the Spirit; and a love for the Savior and appreciation for his atonement. Lord, why …, Continue reading "When God Doesn’t Speak", I tried to write this post sooner. It is used when challenge is upon you. We had pity on you. Then the things we acquire are used as tools to help our own families and others. He reached in, turned some switches, and reserve power came on. He had been given a basketball when he was one-year-old. I would hold up my hands above my head as we walked so that the weight of the blood in my fingers wouldn’t crucify me. FRUIT OF OBEDIENCE. You will be ready because of the quiet resolve and determination in your life to live worthily as you learn from this prototype experience. maybe I can do it. He asked why and was told, “You’ve got greater capacity than this, and if you don’t do your best, you will receive a low grade every time.” His world seemed to be shrinking, but not his resolve to live righteously. This to me is the essence of learning: You must integrate information from all different fields of endeavor into a set of principles and standards that will serve you throughout eternity. Some cut a field of grain with a scythe or a sickle, bind the stalks into sheaves, and carry them to the threshing floor where the chaff and straw are separated from the grain. ; Commentaries Get indepth analysis of Bible verses and how you can apply them in daily living. The whole course of your life may be altered for the Lord’s purposes. Every branch of mine that bears no fruit, he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes that it may bear more fruit. That is why he can be trusted as the prophet of the Lord. We need a constant renewal of light. My message results from much thought and prayer over an extended period of time. Integrity is the hallmark of a righteous man or woman. As teachers, we have to have obedience in order to conduct a class in some reasonable, effective pedagogical manner. What you see; and 3. Every branch of mine that bears no fruit, he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes that it may bear more fruit. It is not likely that the most treasured truths you will carry away from this educational experience will be found at the feet of a master teacher; rather, they will be distilled from many careful observations and crucially important promptings that can pass unperceived or unrecorded in your consciousness unless you watch for them. [D&C 43:16], Noting President Harold B. Lee’s explanation that the phrase “sanctify yourselves” means “keep my commandments,” this verse reads: “And ye are to be taught from on high. The more fundamental they are, the more generally applicable they are to a wide variety of circumstances in life. Wednesday, December 25, 2019. From then on he used his energy to keep the resolve, not to reanalyze it repeatedly under every new circumstance. When you are given a problem in mathematics, physics, or chemistry, discreet boundaries are identified. You will learn much as feelings distill in your mind and heart.
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