$2,499. Browse our selection of renaissance lutes, baroque lutes and theorbos. 5 course Medieval lute c1480. Mediaeval lute music was generally played with a plectrum, on an instrument with five ‘courses’ or pairs of strings. 6 Course Medieval lute after Gerard David. The bridge has a sheesham base with lacewood top; the ornate sheesham mustache stands out against the light spruce soundboard. €2,093.97. Eight course renaissance lute in G after the work of Venere (2019): This lute has a 61cm string length. The 8-course lute is ideally suited for a beginner lutenist wanting to play a wide range of solo repertoire as well as lute-songs.It is also perfect for continuo playing! As with any plucked-string instrument, wolf tones or dead notes (step one in trying out a new lute is to play every note on the fingerboard, paying close attention to comparative resonance, e.g., the first course is nice and bright--except for that c-sharp on the 8th fret. This item is expected back in stock soon and can then be shipped immediately. The shipping costs are calculated on the checkout page. When played on a 5-course lute with the 3rd placed between the second and third courses (e.g. History. The scale length is 660mm.2. Building a 13 Course Lute, Start to Finish, 4: Gluing on the Neck Hi, and welcome back to the series! In this instalment, I want to detail how I re-fit and glued the veneered neck to the body of this 13 course lute. Use the Hertz values and pitches shown above in the diagram to tune each fundamental and octave to the proper pitch. Sound, of course, though that's subjective. Later the strummed chords were combined with "lute … €2,504.31. The term, Descant, refers to its size; placing this lute just above the alto lutes. For courses 5 – 8 (on LSA rental lutes), remember that the fundamental bass string is one octave lower than its companion octave string. It has a plain yew bowl with sycamore lines and a walnut neck and pegbox. String length: 59.5 cm. Baroque Guitar Baroque Guitar. Tiger maple Vihuela, 58 cm mensur. Typical string arrangements for the Baroque guitar were 5 double-string courses; in some cases the pairs were tuned in unison and others in octaves, similar to its ancestors the lute and vihuela. The renaissance lute evolves . For most of the sixteenth century a lute with six courses, in a tuning close to that of the modern guitar, was used. The number of strings and courses on a lute can vary alot. 1 - Peartree Lute - 10-courses (modern copy of a 17th-century 10-course lute)-Finished on the 17th of August 1984 by Luc Breton of Lausanne, Switzerland.-This lute is primarily built of pear tree wood, ebony veneered neck and pear pegbox.-The front is un-polished Spruce with an intricate carved rose soundhole. 8C English Shaded Yew alto lute . New! Reduced plan image and accompanying article appear in Historical Lute Construction. 5° Course. Ebony or African blackwood fingerboard with fingerboard points. 1 offer from $1,650.00. In stock within 6-8 weeks. In stock within 6-8 weeks. 7-C viola da mano with Ziricote multi-piece back and sides. New! My own design, based on the woodcut frontispiece of the 1536 Marcolini edition of Francesco da Milano, and also drawing from elements of the back cross sections of the 9 ribbed Laux Maler lutes in Nurnberg and Prague, and the 9 ribbed Magno dieffopruchar 6 course lute in the Beare's collection. 2) Roosebeck Deluxe 8-Course Sheesham& Canadian Cedar Lute. ... 5 Course Baroque guitar, Acoustic lute guitar from Quality 1 Trader Ltd1. 3.5 out of 5 stars 5. • The lute is a much smaller and lighter instrument, with a bowl‐shaped back, but with a wider fingerboard, which many guitarists may find disconcerting at first. Thomann Pro Medieval Lute 5 Courses. The Baroque guitar replaced the Renaissance lute as the most common instrument found when one was at home. £1683 inc case, Sold, but can be ordered from www.jminstruments.com. There were several sizes, and by the end of the Renaissance, seven different sizes (up to the great octave bass) are documented. A course is usually two strings, but may be three on certain instruments. New! String length 64 cms., f# tuning. Our instruments are perfect for beginners, with hand-made instruments also available for the more advanced player. for the 5-course guitar was entirely strummed and the basic sequence of 5-part chords includes several which will have the 5th of the chord as the lowest note; which ones depends on the method of stringing selected. 2) 6 course g' lute, 9 ribbed back Modern pitch g'. 9 ribs in plum; neck, fingerboard and pegbox of plum, rosewood pegs, pearwood bridge, … There are 9 nylon and 3 wooden frets.3. 6 course lute (#382) Six course lute in g'. Find here Descant Lute for Sale Ennis, Irish Descant Lute Ireland, Walnut And Lacewood Descant Lute. 5. I also build this model with six courses as a late Medieval or early Renaissance lute. The soundboard is a fine grade Alpine spruce and the bridge, along with the pegs, is made from plum. 5) 7-course lute after Hans Frei (Warwick County Museum Nr. the upper five courses of a lute in G: c-f-a-d’-g’ or, probably more common in the 15th century, in A: d-g-b-d’-a’) it turns out that every note and chord of the tablature is playable without much effort. Lute lessons are available at both Saltaire and London and we have specialists on … Eight Pieces for 5~course Baroque Guitar, arranged from Scottish lute manuscripts by Rob MacKillop Only two torn manuscript pages survive for the 5c guitar in Scotland: Panmure 5. The Descant 7-course Lute is an ideal choice to be played at all events. It has one soundhole in the center of soundboard which is exceptionally ornate, 4 layer deep, parchment style rosette.” Vihuela/ Viola da Mano, 58 cm mensur This instrument is built using 50 year old German maple for the back and sides English Yew back, pear wood neck, peg box and pegs, parchment rose with pear wood, alpine spruce soundboard with sycamore edging, double fretting. The tuning pegs are sheesham. The neck is lacewood with a sheesham finger board. Audio CD. 11-Course Lute after Tielke 70cm Mensur, built for Miguel Yisrael ("Brotherhood of Maple") - tiger/birds' eye maple back. Lute | Medieval 12 string (6 course) (First digit is string number from top) The frets on the neck are tied nylon, there are 6 sheesham frets on the spruce soundboard. One in particular, which may be seen in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford was made in 1627. 5 Course Baroque guitar after Alexandre Voboam. It has 13 nylon strings in 7 courses with a scale length of 23.6" (60cm). ... Roosebeck Baroque Guitar 5-course GBSR5C Product information Item Weight 2 pounds Product Dimensions 39 x 9.6 x 4.5 inches ASIN B01ENW3SX6 Item model number This lute is the treble for the alto/tenor Venere lutes in the 7, 8 and 9 course lute section. or 60 cm. A version of this magnificent somewhat larger instrument offered as a 7 or 8 course with a minimum string length of 66.5 cm for 8 tied frets on the fingerboard. Ten course lute in the style of Venere. Here are five of the more common forms of tuning. 5) 6 course Treble lute, C39 Venere Low pitch d". (Originally published in American Lutherie #14.) It has 5 courses of 2 strings each (course 1- 3 nylon and course 2 - 5 nylon & silver wound). The bridge is drilled with two sets of holes which allows for easy string changing and the instrument comes with two nuts for the different tunings. 7-cs Renaissance Alto Lute, Venere 1592 (Erlangen Lecture Series Plan #5) Drawn by Robert Lundberg after the style of W. Venere; 58.4CM mensur. The body has a classic bowl back fashioned from lacewood staves. Over time, the number of courses (pairs of strings) and the overall range of notes increased: from the medieval 4 courses to 5 in the 1420s, then to the renaissance 6 courses in 1481 (though, as we see above, some were still playing 5 course lutes into the 16 th century). • The pegbox is bent backwards to retain tension in the gut strings. This lute features a 4 nylon wound strings and 11 rectified nylon strings in 8-course. Body of 19 heartwood yew ribs with black stained sycamore spacers. Once you have the lute tuned, We have included the strings order number, starting from the top for a better and easier overview. Read User Reviews & Check Price On Amazon. 8 Course Venere, 60 cm mensur. 5 course Medieval lute c.1470, with gut strings in g’ at 440Hz, 52.5cm string length. The lute shown above is a five-course Medieval lute. Medieval lutes were 4- or 5-course instruments, plucked using a quill as a plectrum. $2,989. Neck and pegbox veneered in ebony. It is strung in Nylgut with Aquila CD loaded basses. String length: 44 cm. 5-course medieval lute after iconographical sources, 54 cm SL (string length). Based on the 7 course treble lute by Vvendelio Venere in the Kunsthistorischesmuseum in Vienna (C39). 5. The remainder of the manuscript is of lute music, and includes one untitled piece, known elsewhere as 'Lady Lothian's Lilt'. Body of heartwood yew with sycamore spacers. Luc Breton 1984 - Lute No. Our own range of lutes were completely re-designed in 2015.There were many issues with our old lutes, for example the string-spacing and action. I particularly like the rounded body and the use of all light colored woods. SKU Name Gauge Length Price Buy; 85HL: 85HL - Oiled smooth gut string: 0.85 mm: 120 cm ... 150D - Wound string for lute: 1.5 mm equivalent gut: 105 cm 13 Course Baroque Lute 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. 24" × 54". [BAROQUE-LUTE] Re: Johann Christian Hoffman n, 14 course swan-neck lute in Leipzing David Van Edwards [BAROQUE-LUTE] Re: Johann Christian Hoffman n, 14 course swan-neck lute in Leipzing Mike Peterson [BAROQUE-LUTE] Johann Christian Hoffman n, 14 course swan-neck lute in Leipzing Luca Manassero [BAROQUE-LUTE] Regarding: Moravsky MS (CZ. The earliest attestation of a five-stringed guitar comes from the mid-sixteenth-century Spanish book Declaracion de Instrumentos Musicales by Juan Bermudo, published in 1555. 11 ribs of figured maple, Ash, plum, yew or pear. Roosebeck Descant Lute, 7-Course, Nylon Gig Bag The Roosebeck 7-course Descant Lute is a beautiful short necked lute. Recommended quantity: 2pcs. The soundboard is spruce. The No Darkwoods Lute A 7 Course Mateus model. New! This lute model can be strung as a ten course renaissance lute or an eleven course baroque lute by simply changing the upper courses. 10-course "Double Luth" - d'apres Marin Mersenne (after M. Mersenne) New! • Five of the six courses shown here are double‐strung. It has 5 courses of 2 strings each (course 1- 3 nylon and course 2 – 5 nylon & silver wound). This 5-course guitar designed by Zachary Taylor is based on the instruments made by Giorgio Sellas. Muzikkon Descent Lute 7 Course Lacewood option or go with the Muzikkon Descant Lute 7 Course Variegated Walnut and Lacewood that has the perfect combination of both wood types granting their sound boxes to resonate efficiently. My model is from the Hans Memling alterpiece, shown at the right. The price in USD is a guideline price only! 162). Another great choice is the Roosebeck Deluxe Lute. New!
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